Akg K72

AKG will always maintain the excellent quality of its headphones. That’s why they are one of the most popular brands out there.

AKG K72 is proving how great AKG headphones are. These headphones come with a closed-back design to deliver superior sound isolation and comfort when you’re listening to your favorite music.

This headphone is such a good choice for someone who wants to get a good sound quality with deep bass and clear highs.

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AKG k72 Review

The closed-back design of these studio headphones is the main point of their product. It prevents audio leaking and delivers sound just to your ears. The headphones’ click track won’t be picked up by the microphone, allowing you to mix in peace without being disturbed by outside sounds.

AKG K72’s unique acoustic chamber, which is located between the ear cup and the hinge that attaches to the headband, is responsible for this high level of audio isolation.

Moreover, the design allows you to turn your head in any direction without letting sound in or out. The velour earpads are highly comfortable to use, even for extended periods. Thanks to the low impedance level and the 40mm driver unit, you will be able to hear everything clearly.

The K72 headphones come with a single-sided cable, allowing for freedom of movement without the cord tangling. The ear cups are also adjustable so that you can achieve the perfect fit for your head shape and size.

Overall, the design is great for someone who wants studio-style headphones with lightweight ear pads encircle. Although it has a non-removable cable, its design gives you no worry when you use it in various positions. It’s also perfect for traveling since its lightweight design makes it easy to store and transport.

Besides the tremendous and lightweight construction, this headphone is one of the best headphones that has high-performance headphones sound quality. Its frequency range is from 18 Hz to 20kHz, allowing it to deliver clear sound and accurate bass.

Moreover, its dynamic range of 104 dB allows you to get pristine audio quality every time. The high-performance headphone also comes with a sensitivity rate of 115dB SPL/V

If you’re someone who works in the studio, AKG K72 can be your choice for your professional studio gear.

Compared to other headphones from AKG, like AKG K52 or AKG K371, the downside of this type is its vocals and other mid-led instruments that feel constricted and less cohesive than the rest of the sound. It’s due to the K72s’ somewhat colored and boxy midrange. However, this disadvantage is understandable with how it’s considered to be cheap headphones.


  • Comfortable to use
  • Replaceable ear pads
  • Great sound quality
  • Affordable budget headphones


  • The poor sound quality in vocal and mid-led instruments
AKG K72 introduction

Most Frequently Ask Questions

Is AKG K72 good for mixing?

These closed-back studio headphones will satisfy all typical mixing and recording requirements. Regardless of how neutral they seem, They can produce musical notes as they should sound, and the mixing results are unquestionably great.

Does AKG K72 have mic?

Yes, these closed-back headphones have a microphone. In addition, K72 headphones’ closed-back construction prevents audio leaking and solely delivers music to your ears. You may still mix silently without any outside noise because the microphone will never detect the noises coming from your headphones.


Get ready for an excellent music experience with the innovative design of these studio headphones! These lightweight and durable studio headphones come equipped with encircling ear pads that ensure a comfortable listening experience.

And don’t worry about cables getting in your way – it’s built to stay put so you can focus on enjoying the tunes. With their price and features, it’s not exaggerated to say that AKG K72 is worth buying.