Akg K92 Closed-Back

When recording or mixing music, you need professional headphones that will give you the best sound quality and comfort too. Also, you might always be on the go and need a pair of fabulous headphones that won’t let you down.

Henceforth, you might be searching for a quality audio experience that would not break the bank for these reasons.

Well, then the AKG K92 headphones should be your perfect choice. These pairs are designed for musicians who need reliable and affordable studio headphones with good sound and comfortable ear pads.

As we know, AKG has been creating history with its iconic sounds since 1947. With these K92 models, AKG wants to deliver the best possible audio experience to everyone at an affordable price.

I bet now you are interested in knowing about these fantastic pair of quality headphones, right? Rest assured! In the following sections, we will give an in-depth AKG K92 Best Review in [currentyear].

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AKG K92 Review

First of all, AKG K92 is a closed‑back, over‑ear reference monitoring headphone that comes with a self‑adjusting headband design. As we discuss the best AKG headphones, k92 has been engineered to deliver quality audio performance for monitoring and mixing alongside casual listening.

Additionally, these headphones come with 40mm for studio reference and accuracy for professionals.

Also, it guarantees an extended frequency response of 16 Hz – 20 kHz that will meet even the most demanding studio requirements too.

With its lightweight design and comfortable ear pads, K92 is exceptionally comfortable to use whether you are mixing or recording music. Its wide range of compatibility makes it the perfect choice for all audio purposes, such as a home studio or mobile devices on the go.

In terms of its construction, the K92 is remarkably sturdy yet lightweight, making it comfortable for extended use. These best headphones are made of robust plastic materials with an aluminum headband assembly for a professional design.

Also, the headband features soft protein leather padding for extreme comfort as it rests against your head and ears.

In addition to these features, the K92 comes with an efficient closed‑back over‑ear design that provides excellent sound isolation from exterior noise so you can focus on your work.


  • Fantastic build quality.
  • Extremely comfortable to wear.
  • Exceptional sound quality.
  • Good Value against price.
  • The design is quite charming.


  • The cable could have been detachable.
  • Little bulky.


Overall, AKG K92 has been engineered for years of professional listening use. So if you are looking for an incredibly versatile headphone that will provide excellent sound and comfortability during your listening sessions, K92 is the perfect choice for you.

AKG K92 Specs

Professional 40mm drivers for extended frequency response

40mm drivers deliver the most comprehensive frequency response and highest sensitivity with accurate studio precision. These headphones are optimized for music and professional applications.

Copper-plated steel connectors for durability

The K92 is designed to withstand the rigors of studio use. The robust construction helps protect the headphone from impact.

Also, the headphones come with a 3.5mm jack with a 3meter cable length and a 6.3mm screw-on adapter. However, it’s a non-detachable type, so try looking for something else if you want a detachable cable, such as Shure SRH1540.

Shock‑absorbing protein leather headband for extreme comfort

The headband on AKG headphones is exceptionally comfortable. The K92 has been designed with protein leather to create this kind of comfort. The leather is durable and remains soft even after intense use or prolonged periods when worn.

The over-ear design gives good sound isolation

The K92 is designed with a closed-back over-ear design. It allows the headphones to provide incredible sound isolation.

For added comfort, these headphones are also padded for hours of listening enjoyment.

Specially formulated neodymium magnets for powerful and clear sound

The K92 is fitted with specially tailored neodymium magnets to ensure the best possible frequency response. Also, these magnets provide a strong magnetic field and reduce distortion.

Built Quality And Comfort

The K92 has been designed with the sturdy and durable build quality. The entire body of the headphones is made up of aluminum alloy to provide strength and rigidity. The golden accents of K92 create a stylish appeal and emphasize the high level of the build quality of these headphones.

For added durability, the shock-absorbing protein leather headband helps keep up the great build quality.

Additionally, the braided cable that comes with the headphones feels pretty thick and robust. It does not tangle easily and does not get damaged easily as well.

It is also quite flexible and can be bent in multiple directions if needed.


These headphones have an exceptionally comfortable over-ear design that provides hours of listening enjoyment.

The earcup is covered by protein leather that is soft and strong enough to protect the headphone from any potential damage.

Also, during intense use or extended periods for recording, these pairs don’t wear out. This protein leather over-ear design makes AKG K92 one of the most comfortable headphones in its price range.


The build quality and comfort level of these headphones are pretty user-friendly and functional as well. Also, as K92 headphones are designed for home use, it serves the purposes pretty well.

AKG K92 Headphones Sound Quality

The K92 headphones provide a robust, clear sound readily available at all volumes. The bass response is crisp and will satisfy any music enthusiast.

Regarding the treble, it is pretty detailed and can be heard clearly all the way without much distortion or clipping, even at high volume levels.


The soundstage of these pairs is pretty good, and there is no sound leakage at any volume. It means that you will hear a lot of sounds coming from ahead.

It doesn’t make the headphones uncomfortable to wear when listening to orchestral tracks but rather conjures up an image of depth and clarity in your mind’s eye.

Overall, the audio quality and versatility of these headphones are pretty good since they can serve multiple purposes by being used in different ways – watching movies, playing games, and listening to music.

They also work great for gaming since you can hear more distinct sounds from the game that you have been playing.

AKG K92 Headphones Frequency Response

The frequency response of these headphones starts from 16hz and ends at 20000hz. Also, the K92 features a rated low impedance of 32Ohms that supports a wide range of playback devices. As a result, you can quickly hear every detail of any music.

Additionally, the frequency response of these headphones is pretty good, with the level of bass being maintained throughout the range.

For example, if you are listening to high frequencies, there won’t be any audible distortion as long as you maintain the level within the acceptable range. It means that you can listen to music at a high volume without any problems.

Is AKG K92 good for mixing?

The AKG K92 has decent audio quality, giving you fantastic sounding headphones whenever you use them.
Thanks to its 40mm drivers, these headphones can be used for mixing sessions, whether at home or in the studio, giving a smooth result from your final mix.

These pairs are pretty good for recording for price and music quality since they provide a full range of sound covering all frequencies.

Also added to this fantastic option is their sound isolation due to the closed-back design, which gives you a seamless listening experience in any condition.

AKG K72 vs K92

AKG K92 Headphone Review

From the sequential model number, the K92 seems an upgrade of the K72 model. But in reality, these pairs of headphones are almost the same except for some minor differences.


K92 features golden accents on the self-adjusting headband, whereas K72 has a regular black colored self-adjustable headband.


The AKG K72 headphone has a sensitivity rating of 112 dB SPL/V. In contrast, the K92 model has a 113 dB SPL/V sensitivity rating, almost the same.


The main difference between those two headphones is the price. The Akg K72 model is cheaper than K92 and comes around under $50. On the other side, K92 headphones come with a price tag of under $70.

Henceforth, both of those headphones sound amazing. Also, the comfort, portability, and features of the K72 and K92 are entirely the same. But in my case, I found K92 has more bass than K72 in general.


After reading the AKG K92 Best Review in [currentyear], we hope you got what K92 headphones can do and what you will get from these pairs.

In general, you may need over-ear headphones for a few reasons. You might be working on several things, such as specific listening during a workout or mixing music at home. To sum up, we would love to say if you are searching for a pair of excellent sounding headphones at an affordable price, then K92 should be your perfect companion for upcoming years.