Al Jackson Jr. and The legendary soul label Stax

The legendary soul label Stax has come a long way, thanks to Al Jackson Jr. He is a seasoned drummer who has been celebrated over the years for his contribution to the entire industry.

Al Jackson Jr
Al Jackson Jr

Al Jackson Jr has a unique way of presenting his ideas to the world through music, which got him great admiration all over the world. And until he died in 1975 at age 40, Jackson was a brilliant drummer who knows how to pull everyone along with him.

He stands as one of the most significant figures in a band that took the world by storm.

Al Jackson Jr Perform
Al Jackson Jr Perform

We all try so hard to keep time while playing drummers. Whereas it is a very important aspect of being a drummer, there are many who cannot get it right, no matter how much they try. But to Jackson, time-keeping flaws through his veins, letting the body communicate with drums instantaneously, hence getting every beat on point.

And because of this, he was referred to as “the Human Timekeeper.” It is hard to understand how he did it, but that is one of the things that kept him on the radar as the greatest drummer of all time.

During his era, Jackson was also known for his distinctively swinging but crisp grooved, inspired by legendary sides from Wilson Pickett, Otis Redding, and Al Green.

It is good to note that Jackson co-wrote his hit “Let’s Stay Together”. His reputation grew, attracting many fans and enthusiasts from different genres. Outside R & B, Al Jackson received recognition from great personalities like Eric Clapton, who sort for his percussive genius.

In simple terms, Jackson was able to create the best percussion mixes of all times, combining every possible tune into a harmonious mix. His contribution to the general music industry has been felt for ages.

Jackson was the co-founder and an executive member of Booker T. & the MGs. Here, here played a key role in paving the rhythmic future for funk and hip-hop.

And because of his commitment, these genres have stayed long as some of the top music styles. Jackson was not only a drummer; he took part in shaping the music industry during his era.

Everything he did was crown with a specific purpose for delivering maximum success. No wonder the Stax received a lot of fame across the globe.

His music has continued to ring the ears of many listeners, each time with a certain freshness.

Al Jackson Jr Drumming
Al Jackson Jr Drumming

Sam Moore, of Sam & Dave’s, who played the “Soul Man,” and “Hold On, I’m Coming,” says Jackson is in a class of his own. Perhaps he can only compare to the likes of Ray Charles or Billy Preston. He has a way of turning things upside down and making even the dullest moments turn bright.

Today, Jackson’s music continues to inspire many, not only aspiring drummers but also those who just want to enjoy sweet music. It was in his nature to make light music, yet every time he played, he made fresh moments.

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