Anika Nilles, Beauty Meets Talent on Drums

Anika Nilles is a German drummer, solo musician, and musical composer who has gained world recognition. Her skills as a drummer put her on the list of the few women who have made it in this industry.

Anika Nilles started appearing in public after launching her career on YouTube in 2010. She has released two full-length albums ever since, both of which are very successful.

Nilles’ inspiration and motivation come from her family.

She was born in a family with many drummers. She was already behind a kit by the time she was six years old. In an interview with South African Drummer, she mentioned having two uncles, one cousin, and a father who were all drummers.  It was her father who taught her the grooves as he realized her interest in drums.

She went on to study music, earning popular music and business degrees from Popakademie Baden-Wurttemberg in Mannheim.  Nilles then had a career in social education but resigned to focus on her drumming passion.

Her father describes her as someone who was always outgoing from a young age. “She loved watching me play drums, and she would sit down for an hour during practice,” he said. “And that is how I knew she was going to be a great drummer. And Welton did not disappoint. She put a lot of energy into studying art and become the best female drummer in the world.

She started posting her work with an original composition, “Wild Boy,” in 2013.  In 2014, she uploaded the “Alter Ego.”  Apart from these, many other videos are recording her playing along with other pre-recorded music. In most of them, she has worked with guitarist Joachim Schneiss. Later, she started getting work and viral attention outside Germany. Her tour of Europe, the United States, and China in 2015 sealed her fate as a reputable performer.

Welton’s debut album “Pikalar” came out in 2017, consisting of 10 instrumental tracks. She was the cover artist and interviewee from the Jun e 2017 edition of Modern Drummer Magazine. This was part of her plan to promote the album, and it worked. She says in the interview that Pikalar is a word meant to represent things that happen in life, which are hard to explain.

She embarked on a six-date tour of the US in October 2018. This journey opened more doors for her success. She performed at great venues like the Chicago Music Exchange, Sweetwater Sound in Fort Wayne, and Indiana.

Welton mentions Toto member and career session drummer Jeff Porcaro as her primary influence. Others include Jojo Mayer, Sheryl Crow, and Joe Satriani. She always found a way to look at their work, and it inspired her to become the drummer she is today.

Nilles Welton is one of those drummers who leave a mark wherever they go. Therefore, it is no wonder that she appears on the list of the best female drummers ever, and she is at the top. Her unique style, speed, and agility make her an asset in the world of rock and hard metal.

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