Jeff Porcaro, One Of The Most Outstanding Pop Contributors Drummers Across The Globe

In the 70s, 80s, and 90s, Jeff Porcaro one of the most outstanding pop contributors across the globe.

Jeff Porcaro
Jeff Porcaro

He was the start that shown behind many stars, bringing them out into the light. It was dedication and understanding of different drumming techniques that painted him as the most sort after the drummer of his generation.

As such, every project Jeff Porcaro worked on come out as a huge success. Everyone who worked with him states how the drummer approached any set with subtleness, yet strong beats that made the area vibrate. Known as the best Toto drummer, Jeff was always really to inject new ideas into his drumming career.

Michael Jackson is one of the stars who benefited from the drummer. It was Jeff’s fleet stick work that gave “Beat It” much of its bite.


When you hear the instrumentals in this piece, you will appreciate it’s truly the work of master craftsmanship. When the drummer put his head in something, he would not let it go until it came out perfect. Apart from this, Jeff would also be described as an innovator.

Most of his work always had something new and helpful that could be emulated by others who came after him. He never let anything stand in the way of his success, as long as he was helping his clients.

When Jeff was working on McDonald’s “I Keep Forgettin,” it was the part he played that helped the trach simmer wistfully. And for the years that followed, this song has always stood out as one of the most successful projects for any musician.

It is hard to imagine how things would have turned out if the drummer was not behind the wheel. When he laid down the “Rosanna Shuffle” on his own band’s mega-hit with the same title, it turned out to be a hit.

Porcaro’s brother and bandmate Steve revealed to Rhythm in 2013 how the drummer would bring life to all the projects he worked on. “He always had a mega part in making a song a hit,” said Steve.

He worked with such intensity and precision that it “felt like you were capturing lighting in the studio.” In other words, Jeff removed all boredom from the studio whenever he was working.

He was a talented drummer with an eye for new and exciting things. And as Steve Lukather recalls, “he always invested the best parts instantly.” It would feel as though he had played the song for years, even though he just came across for the first time, his mind was always out there seeking and bringing onboard new ideas to make the song sound better.

Jeff Porcaro Drumming
Jeff Porcaro Drumming

He died in 1992, a few months after Toto’s eighth album “Kingdom of Desire,” came to a completion. Before that, he had worked on may other projects, including “Human Touch” by Bruce Springsteen. Allegedly, he refused a million-dollar tour offer from his boss so he could focus on his flagship band.

This is a characteristic of a man whose interest was only in making incredible music.

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