Alesis Turbo Mesh &Amp; Nitro Mesh Electronic Drum Sets

Apart from the junior acoustic drum kits, there are electronic drum kits that are designed for beginners. The electronic drum set is taking over the music industry because you can easily control the noise, and they are easy to play. You can play them in your apartment without disturbing anyone.

The electronic drum kits for beginners are made of the best material to encourage them to play more. Most beginners get encouraged to play more by the types of drums that they have. Therefore, it is crucial to find the right e-kit for your loved one to help build a strong foundation.

In the current market, several electronic drum sets offer the best sound qualities and are affordable. The price range is not that big when we compare one brand to the other. Therefore, we need to consider some of the best electronic drum kits for beginners.

6 Best Electronic Drum Sets For Beginners

In this article, we will look at the best cheap electric drum sets for beginners. This doesn’t mean that the rest are not suitable for beginners, but we want to shed some light on your choice. The best electric drum kit for beginners are:

Alesis Turbo Mesh & Nitro Mesh Electronic Drum Sets

When it comes to affordability, Alesis Turbo mesh pads and nitro mesh electronic drum sets are the leading. The good thing with these drums is that they feature mesh heads that offer responsiveness that is the same as an acoustic drum kit.

Every beginner needs to know how the sticks rebound off a drum head and affects how you perform rolls, ghost notes, and other incredible techniques. Learning these drumming techniques requires hours of practice that an electronic drum set can only provide.

The Turbo mesh kit has a 10-inch mesh snare and three 8-inch mesh toms, which are tunable and offer you a chance to feel the response of the drum heads under different tensions. Also, the pack includes a 10-inch crash and ride cymbals, a 10-inch hi-hat with a hi-hat controller pedal, and an incredibly expressive kick controller.

You can play different music genres and styles courtesy of 10 complete drum kits, 120 samples, and 30 backing tracks. It also hosts various integrated practice tools and drum pads. The Nitro mesh electronic kit starts with the same key components. However, it adds a kick tower with an electronic kick drum pedal for a more authentic playing experience. It ups the ante with 40 drum kits, 385 sounds, 60 backing tracks, and a robust four-post rack stand.


  • Perfect for beginners
  • Affordable
  • It comes with songs for practice


  • Cheaper quality pads
  • Sounds are not the greatest

Roland V-Drums TD-1K & TD-1DMK Electronic Drum Set

Roland is the best company when it comes to the manufacture of electronic drum sets. We can call them the father of electronic drum sets because they are ahead of technology and performance features.

Roland V-drums are among the most affordable electric drums for beginners, offering the best sounds that the new drummer will enjoy. The kit is streamlined; thus, making it highly portable and superb for tucking away in the corner of your small apartment.

You can even practice with this kit in your office or basement practice space because it is effective for all areas. The most incredible thing is that its height is adjustable to accommodate the kids and the older drummers.

With this kit, you will enjoy 15 stellar V-Drums kits, which are carefully selected to fit most playing styles. Also, you can use TD-1K as a MIDI controller for your third-party drum programs, both stand-alone and instantiate in your favorite DAW.

Moreover, the MIDI connection can help you interface with Roland’s DT-1 V-Drums Tutor and V-Drums Friend Jam Software. The Roland V-Drums TD-1DMK e-kits use the same great module available in TD-1K and surround its mesh heads and a rock-solid rack style stand.

Roland’s mesh heads are tunable with a dual-layer design that offers a lifelike feel and quieter performance; thus, you can practice without disturbing others. It also features a dual-zone snare and kick pedal.


  • It features Roland’s highly-acclaimed sounds
  • Lightweight and easy to move around


  • Not an authentic playing experience without a kick tower

Yamaha DTX402K & DTX452K Electronic Drum Sets

Yamaha is a well-known musical instrument manufacture company. The company’s reputation makes them produce the best electronic drum sets for beginning players. This Yamaha e-kit has an expansive selection of training modes and mobile-device integration.

This beginner electronic drum kit comes at a pocket-friendly price that every beginner can achieve. It features four highly playable rubber pads – snare, two rack toms, and a floor tom. Also, the kit comes with two cymbal pads with choke, dual-zone crash cymbal, a hi-hat with a foot controller, and a kick drum controller.

This e-kits drum module offers 10 preset kits in playing styles ranging from metal to jazz. The inclusion of the DTX402 Touch app for IOS and Android devices makes this Yamaha e-kit different from the rest. The app helps the beginner to fully customize the kits, tune and balance them to taste.

The kit comes with a wide range of comprehensive training tools that will help increase your speed, practice rudiments, and learn how to play in the pocket. Yamaha kit can speed up your training curve and help you capture every concept very fast.

This beginner electronic drum kit has other excellent components that include an 8- dual-zone snare pad, a high-quality Yamaha bass pedal, a sound module, and an upgraded hi-hat controller. This kit will help accelerate your drumming within a short period.


  • It is well-equipped with the best hardware components.
  • They are durable, and they produce high-quality sounds.


  • Limited playing experience without a kick tower and traditional kick pedal
  • Features an older style electronic drum pad

Nfuzd Audio Nspire Fusion Electronic Drum Pad Set

To make this list of best e-drums more complete, we have added a bit of an outlier – the Nfuzd Audio Nspire Fusion Electronic Drum Pad Set. The Nspire is an incredible piece of e-kit that can convert an acoustic drum set into an electronic drum set.

It might not be the right match for drummers, but this excellent kit offers an outstanding way for traditional drummers to explore the electronic side of things. It is a way of making them taste the sweetness of e-kits made in this century.

Nspire features highly responsive pads that lay over your drums so that you can keep your preferred spacing. The Fusion set comes with a hi-hat, crash, drum rack, and ride cymbal pads that mount to the existing hardware.

The kick pad trigger is perfect because it can fit any size bass drum and works with all standard single kick pedals. Nfuzd collaborated with FXpansion, a software development company, and they included BFD Eco Nfuzd Edition software loaded with realistic multi-sampled kits that take full advantage of expressive pads. You can also upload sounds and presets to the system’s drum module.

However, it may not be suitable for you if you’re a beginner. Consider getting Carlsbro CSD120 for a better experience.


  • Converts your acoustic drum set into a quieter electronic drum set


  • Not as suitable for beginning drummers
  • Not for everyone
  • Currently out of stock

Simmons SD600

Simmons SD600 is a great electronic drum kit for beginners and low-level advanced players. Simmons is among the legendary names when one mentions great manufacturers of electronic drum kits. The company produced its first mainstream electronic drum set in 1981. It was named SD5, and it had cool hexagonal pads.

Simmons is now aware of the competition in the drumming industry, and they can compete fairly. The SD600 comes with all mesh heads that feel great, but they need a bit of tuning to achieve perfect tension.

Included in the pack is a lovely albeit IOS-only app that offers several training programs and further customization of the kit. The app is designed to be used with an iPad mounted on the available stand.

The module is loaded with 336 spanning sounds and 35 kits that provide budding producers with enough play-around features. The playability nature of this kit and the DAW connectivity makes it an excellent option for those beginners looking for a kit to use as a MIDI controller.

The kit offers excellent durability, and the learner has a chance to capture new techniques through practice. The good thing is that you can use this kit anywhere without disturbing anyone because the pads are designed to minimize noise and they have headphone output ports.


  • It offers great sound quality
  • They are easily connectible to DAW for use as a MIDI controller
  • They feature durable mesh heads


  • You may feel cramped while playing if you’re an older/taller drummer

Roland TD-07KX

When it comes to e-kits, Roland is among the leading in the market now. They offer the cheaper V-Drums that can be less troubling to a beginner who is not yet stable financially. This latest addition to the v-drums family is a compelling offering for getting started or progressing with your playing.

This kit features Roland’s dual-ply mesh heads on the snare and the tom pads. It also features durable mesh heads on the stand-alone bass drum pad and is pristine, offering studio-quality sounds customized.

When you combine the TD-07’S Bluetooth connection for jamming to your music collection and the onboard USB MIDI/audio interface, you will get a fantastic mid-priced kit that will serve you for several decades.

The kit also includes 40 free interactive lessons through Melodics to keep you learning new techniques and prospering in drumming. The kit’s configuration is 4 x  mesh toms/snare, 1 x bass drum pad, 1 x integrated hi-hat pedal, drum key, two cymbals, drum sticks, and 1 x  hi-hat pad.

Roland TD-07KX features 143 drum sounds and 50 kits to help you make your samples after getting new techniques. The connections are available through CD/MP3 aux input, USB MIDI/audio, Bluetooth, stereo line, and headphone inputs.


  • Bluetooth connectivity—perfect for playing along to your favorite songs with Spotify
  • Highly-acclaimed V-Drum sounds


  • Lack of traditional-style electronic hi-hat is a draw back for this price point

Is an electronic drum set good for beginners?

Many people argue that new drummers should start their drumming in the acoustic kits before getting into the electronic drumming world. To some point, that can be true when you have a person to guide you through the different techniques used in acoustic drums.

When it comes to good beginner electronic drum kits, most of them come with learning programs to read and start practicing. Within a short period, the learner would have captured several techniques that can take a lot of time to grasp the acoustic kit.

Also, we all know that parents, guardians, or sponsors finance most beginners. Therefore, electronic drums are a great option because they are cheaper than acoustic drums. Also, beginners need a lot of time to practice, meaning that loud sounds can affect their eardrums. Thus, they need acoustic drums with reduced noise.

With the advancement in technology, many manufacturers have opted for electronic drum kits. Many music genres that are played right now need electronic drum sets; thus, there is an excellent need for beginners to use e-kits.

What’s the best drum set for beginners?

The current market has so many competing electronic kits for beginners and advanced players. It can be hard to say which one is the best electronic drum set. However, there is always one feature that will make one drum kit better than another one.

In my opinion, the best drum for beginner is Yamaha. This drum kit does everything you need and produces the sounds you need while drumming. You can either choose the electronic kit or the acoustic ones. You can even choose the drum pad type, like Yamaha DD75.

The Alesis Nitro Mesh is the best bang-for-your-buck electronic drum set for beginners. It is the top end of entry-level drum kits because it is high-quality, produces excellent sounds, and is available in different sizes that suit different players.