Carlsbro Eda 50

Electronic drums have made creating good music much easier. You don’t need to carry too many heavy pieces around.

However, since they don’t produce sound directly, you will need some crucial accessories to complete your setup. An amp for electronic drums is one of these component accessories.

These are amps specially designed for electronic drums. They can be used as main amps or monitors. Acoustic drummers may also use them on the stage to amply their drum kits.

The amps are tuned especially for drums and percussion sounds. They are equipped with features to meet the daily use of every drummer.

In this guide, we feature the best of these specialized amps based on user reviews this year. Note that finding the right amp is key to making your desired music.

8 Best Amp for Electronic Drums

How do you pick the best electronic drum amps? This question may seem easy, but it’s not. With so many products and brands on the marketing, finding the best electronic drum amplifier can be a bit overwhelming.

But we have put together a list of 8 great amps to make your work easier.

1. Carlsbro EDA 50

When choosing the right amp for your electronic drum kit, it’s advised that you consider the brand. And in this case, Carlsbro is one of the most trusted manufacturers around. It’s known for making affordable amps for instruments.

The EDA 50 is an affordable high-quality amp that has received high ratings over the years. It’s top on this list not only because of its price, but its performance.

This Carlsbro amp comes as a 50W combo amp carrying a 10-inch woofer a 2-inch tweeter. This makes it specially designed for your electronic drum set.

The amp comes with two channels. One has stereo/mono inputs for drums and the other features aux mode. Each channel is connected to dedicated volume control.

If you want to shape your sound, this amp comes with a 3-band EQ, making it all easy. Its audio output makes it a perfect practice amp for band members.

And for those who want quiet practice, the amp has a 1/8-inch output for headphones. It is quite handy if you live in a place that requires silence.

In terms of design, the wedge form factor is suitable for setting on the floor. You can set it anywhere and the amp will perform.


• A good value drum amp

• Big and loud

• Overall build quality is good


• Limited ins/outs


Do you need a loud e-drum amp but don’t have much to invest? This Carlsbro EDA50 should be a perfect machine.

2. Alesis Strike Amp 8

In the world of electronic drum kits, Alesis is one of those brands you can always trust. Before it, there was only Roland and Yamaha on the playing field.

Alesis is known for producing quality electronic drums. The company understands the needs of modern drummers, especially those who use electronic drums.

It’s therefore natural that they would produce matching amps.

The Alesis Strike Amp 8 delivers the perfect tone for the kick, snare, cymbals, and other percussive tunes. It’s therefore perfect for electronic drums.

The amp is defined by a 2000-watt peak power, an 8-inch subwoofer, and a 1.4-inch tweeter. You have everything you need to bring out the natural sound of your drums.

Use this piece as a personal drum monitor and it will not disappoint. It has enough headroom to handle all your needs. It will give you enough power even as the main amp in small venues.

You can either mount or lay it on the floor tilted. Its channel setup features independent volume controls as well as a ground button. Also, features a contour switch that allows the user to sculpt the midrange frequencies.


• Good sound

• Portable

• Loud


• A small subwoofer means limited low-end


The Alesis Strike Amp 8 is a compact drum monitor for those who need portability without compromised quality.

3. Roland PM100 Electronic Drum Monitors

If you have been drumming for a while, or have a great interest in drums, you already know Roland drums. It features top on the list of the best electronic drum manufacturers.

The Roland PM-100 is a drum monitor designed to perform with Roland V-drums. But it can work with any other electronic set, making it a perfect piece for you.

The amp comes with a full-range speaker system and an incredible cabinet. This construction assures a clean full-range reproduction of electronic drums.

The design and build quality of this amp is unlike anything else. It comes with an angled construction that assures direct sound coverage for any player sitting. Its bar handle makes carrying the amp around much easier. It also gives you a straightforward floor adjustment.

This two-channel 80-W amp features a 10-inch speaker and a 2-inch tweeter, a ¼-inch stereotype V-drums in, a ¼-inch line-in stereo phone type, and a 1/8-inch stereo miniature phone type. These, plus a separate volume control offer a great sound control as a stage monitor.


• A lot of positive reviews from users

• An excellent sound quality

• Loud enough with good response


• It might not be loud enough for gigging


Roland is a reputable e-drum manufacturer. This drum monitor presents a similar performance.

4. KAT Percussion 50-Watt Amp

KAT Percussion has earned its spot on the market as one of the best brands for electronic drums. It does not come as a surprise that they would have this amazing drum amp.

It does not matter whether you are a beginner or an experienced drummer, this piece is sure to make your day. It’s one of the best amps on this review, and one that has received lots of positive feedback.

The amp comes with multiple inputs and EQ, unlike most electronic drum amps at this price, making it one piece you should have your eyes on. It’s a great choice for small to medium-sized rooms and small auditoriums.

EQ features mean the amp is specially designed for electronic drums. This also provides the option for fine-tuning your sounds directly within the mix. It has space for three inputs, which means can use other instruments too.

In terms of construction, this kit is perfectly designed to fit in any space. It weighs 30lbs, making it quite portable. It’s easy to say this monitor is greatly versatile.

The monitor is compatible with a wide range of electronic drum sets. Hence, you won’t need to spend money on anything else to use it.


• Excellent sound

• Good for the money

• Loud and durable


• Some users have complained about the durability of tweeters.


This monitor promises great value for money. It’s made from good quality material, and therefore, durable. It is perfect for any performer, and it’s not expensive.

5. DDrum DDA50 – Best Amp for quality sound

Ddrum is not a new brand in the world of amps and triggers. They have also been making high-quality drum sets for many years.

The DDA50 is a 50-watt drum amp designed for portability and performance. It’s crafted with a portable wedge-type monitor featuring incredible features. It’s light enough to carry around and heavy enough to give the desired performance.

This monitor is perfect for practice and uses in small setups.

It carries a 10-inch driver, with a 2.5-inch tweeter, creating a perfect mix of mid, treble, and bass. You will find two ¼-inch inputs for connecting external devices.

This piece could easily be the best monitor you can ever have. It promises great sound with heavy lows and crisp pitches.

Its tweeter is bigger than what you will find on most competitors. And that is why you can be sure of excellent clarity to boost top-notch EQ.

It comes equipped with carrying handles. That means it’s no hassle transporting and setting up the amp.


• It comes from a reputable brand

• Designed for durability and performance

• Loud and sturdy

• A larger tweeter


• It may not be loud enough for serious gigging


The DDA50 is a solid product from Ddrum. It ticks every box to make sure it stands out from other similar products. We highly recommend it.

6. Roland PM200 – The best electronic drum amp for the money

If there is one brand that never disappoints with its products, it’s Roland. The company is dedicated to innovation and delivering the best technology for music lovers.

The Roland PM-200 is our best pick overall on this list. It’s a monitor built and released to match their V-drums electronic drum kits. But it’s also compatible with a wide range of other electronic drums.

Roland has included XLR direct outputs, designed for routing and sending sounds to the mixer, interface, or recording machines. That makes the amp a flexible tool for studio use and monitoring on the stage.

Apart from that, it comes with dedicated independent controls for volume, line-in, and EQ. Like the PM-100, the piece is constructed in a way that is directly angled to the seating player.

The most interesting aspect of this amp is its 180W power output. This means the amp can produce a great amount of volume, loud enough for gigs and larger areas.

Also, the XLR inputs are not something you will find on most monitors. They make it easy to use the amp both as a live monitor and for studio recording.

For those who want serious sound from their electronic drum sets, this amp should be all you need. Besides, it’s not heavy, which means carrying it around and setting it in place should not be hard.


• Many positive reviews

• Excellent sound clarity and quality

• A high-quality low-frequency response


• Some owners say the 12-inch woofer is not good enough for good lows.


The Roland PM200 is a good piece for loud gigging and rehearsing. You can invest in it and feel good.

7. Alesis Strike Amp 12

Alesis has been making affordable, high-quality electronic drum sets for many years. They also make good amps that match the same quality.

The Alesis Strike Amp 12 is one of the most powerful e-drum monitors on the market today. It carries a 200-watt peak power that will handle your setup pretty well.

When it comes to clarity and punch, you can count on this amp. This makes it perfect both on stage and in recording environments.

It promises a high-volume capability, good for users for like controllable power. It’s surprising that it took the company the whole summer of 2019 to release this amp considering they have done pretty well in the past. However, when it came out, the amp became one of the highest-rated monitors for a long time.

Many drummers acknowledged is a great addition to their accessories.

One of the main advantages is that it comes with an XLR line out. You can use this for stereo imaging. It has a headphone jack for those who want silent practice.

Alesis has built these amps are designed as powered stage speakers, more than a drum. You can pole mount them if placing them on the floor is not your choice.


• Loud enough to use for serious gigging

• A lot of positive reviews

• Delivers a great low end

  • lightweight with a high-frequency driver


• It does not have forward-facing control, which could make adjusting a bit hard

• The 2000 watts is only a peak rating, which could be a bit disappointing


The Alesis Strike Amp 12 is more of a powered PA speaker than a drum amplifier. Anyone looking for extra features will love it.

8. Traynor DW10

Not many people know about Traynor, but it’s a reputable brand. The Canadian manufacturer is known for making high-quality amps.

The DW10 is a good example of the premium quality of amps this company makes. It’s a perfect combination of excellent specs and builds quality, making it one of the best electronic drum amplifiers.

Concerning the design, the Traynor DW10 features a compact design that allows one to place it in any space. It’s easy to set down and connect your drums.

The amp carries a 200-watt peak power, better than the other amps reviewed above. It also comes with three channels, allowing you to connect more instruments and tune much finer. This amp can handle the wide dynamic range of electronic drum kits with great ease.

The three-band EQ and its audio interface create a good link to multiple sound sources. Use channel 2 and channel 3 to bypass the DI output. This will help you monitor the bass guitar, a metronome, click track, and many other features.

The amp comes paired with a 10-inch woofer and a 1-inch compression driver. Its compact wedge form factor allows for one to pole-mount it.

All these features come in a strong plywood cabinet with a metal grille. Hence, it’s a durable amp.


• A great overall sound and build quality

• Versatile amp that works with a wide range of e-drums

• It is PA-system friendly – eliminates unwanted noise

• Compatible with other instruments


• The amp is quite expensive


If you have the money, we would recommend investing in this drum amplifier/monitor. It’s especially good for those who use electronic drums a lot. It’s good for small to medium venues.

Best electronic drum monitor – FAQs

What amp is best for electronic drums?

The Carlsbro EDA 50 is the perhaps best budget amp for electronic drums. It comes from a reputable brand, which makes it reliable and durable. However, its 50 Watts of power may not be what you need for serious performance.

The best amp for an electronic drum depends on how much power you need, portability and features. You can tell from their prices. An expensive amp means it has everything you need to produce good music.

Roland’s PM200 has topped the market for many years as a favorite choice for many drummers. It comes from a reputable brand and it delivers a powerful sound.

A good electronic drum amp should be constructed from good quality materials too. And it should be compatible with your electronic kit.

Can you use any amp for electronic drums?

It is common to find some drummers using alternative amps instead of dedicated ones. Other systems can offer greater versatility. They include:

– Powered PA speakers. These pieces come with only a single channel; they are quite versatile. And they make a high-quality sound.

– Portable PA systems. Portable PA systems come with multiple channels for speakers and can make a good connection for the whole about. However, you should be ready to carry a lot more pieces than normal.

– Keyboard amps. These are the most common alternatives to drum amps. They are designed to handle transient attacks and a wide range of frequencies.

The vintage sound produced by guitar amps could also make a great performance for your digital drums or acoustic drums. They are perfect for small gigs and practicing your favorite songs.

It would be best to use dedicated drum amps. But if you want more versatility, alternatives are still good.

Is a keyboard amp good for electronic drums?

The best keyboard amp for electronic drums can perform just as well as dedicated drum amps. Most drummers go for these amps because they are the best alternatives. Besides, they are more versatile.

Keyboard amps can handle both transient attacks and wide frequencies pretty well. These are features of electronic drums.

Another factor that makes these amps ideal for e-drums is their higher power rating. They can handle the powerful beats from electronic drums very well. Besides, they are commonly used as general-purpose PA systems.

If you must use keyboard amps, make sure to choose something with the right power rating. Not every amp will work for your drums.

How do you hook up an amp to electric drums?

There are several ways of connecting an amp to electronic drums. The process also varies from one user to another.

Using the ¼- inch cables are the most common method. Simply plug one end of the cable to the output jack of your drums and the other to the amp. Then take another wire and connect between the amp’s out and the speaker’s out.

But it begins by learning how to choose the best electronic drum amps. This means looking at all the features, including connections, how much power you need, portability, and positioning. That should help you find the perfect way to connect your electronic drums to the amp.