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10 Best Drum Apps for Drummers in [currentyear]

Hey you, welcome to the Zero to Drum drumming blog about the best drum app. In this guide, I will be introducing you to the 10 best drum apps that will help you broaden your drumming boundaries.

The technological development and progress in the music industry have made things really easy.

Drum App Example
Drum App Example

With the introduction of smartphones and tablets, a wide world of opportunities has opened its gates for audio musicians.

Now, there are great apps to spice up your drumming education and experiments while enjoying a lot of fun.  

What is the drum app in [currentyear]?

1.      Drum Knee 3D (iOS)

Drum Knee 3D
Drum Knee 3D

This finger-drum app is the first on this list, but you can be sure it’s the last one too. It is a unique application because it allows the user to play the bass drum machine using their foot.

In terms of functionality, it is pretty simple to use the app for drummers. You place the phone on your knee and kick your foot as if you are stepping on the bass pedal.

I am not sure how this works, but I think the app reacts to the shaking of your phone based on the shake functionality of new smartphones.

Many drum machine apps require that you use your finger to play by tapping. But it seems technology has other things in mind.

The cymbals are dynamic too, which happens when you hold your finger on them while playing—this is a wonderful feature.

The default kit configuration features a kick drum machine, snare drum apps, three toms hi-hat, two crashes, a ride, china, a cowbell, and a tambourine. The app is not designed fully for drumming, but it has very interesting features.

The default sounds are surprisingly good for a drumming app. The tone on the cymbal sounds real, and the drums are functional.

DK audio Music is a feature included in this app. You will have to pay a monthly subscription to access the service.

Generally, this app is a perfect option for kits interested in playing drums. Parents will find it very useful in keeping their kids busy.

2.      DrumTune Pro (iOS/Android)

Drumtune Pro
Drumtune Pro

Not everyone loves tuning drums. There are some who say you must use your ear, but that requires a long hour of proper training. This is why you should never shy away from good tools.

Drumtune Pro is one of the app drum out there. It is compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems.

With this app, you will never tune your drums the same way again. It helps the user tune based on either the center’s overall tone or individual edge frequencies. It allows the easy saving of presets too, which is a wonderful function for many users.

The sleek user interface makes it incredibly easy to use. With all the features and functions you get, spending $8.99 will be worth it. You should never struggle to tune your drums again.

3.      Soundbrenner Metronome (iOS/Android)

Soundbrenner Metronome
Soundbrenner Metronome

Apart from tuning drums, keeping time is another very hard lesson. Those who have trained their ear for this took a lot of time and lots of practice. The rest need a metronome.

And if you feel like buying a metronome is too expensive, or it will be bulky, consider installing the Soundbrenner Metronome app. This is by far the excellent metronome app for iOS.

It features a simple design, which is easy to use. The top section has a ‘Compose’ function, which is the basic digital metronome area. It is complete with tempo, time signatures, subdivision variation, song duration, a tap tempo.

It features four square icons split into three parts (0, 1, 2, or 3,) which determines the beep count of the pitch.

For instance, setting them at position one means the click track will be one constant low tone. You can change the time signature to work with your settings.

And those interested in futuristic technology can look at the Pulse section of this application integration. This is a wearable metronome that vibrates to the beat, just like Apple Watch.

4.      Drum School (iOS/Android)

Drum School
Drum School

Drum school is a neat technology created by musician Ferenc Nemet, for tech-savvy drummers. It is a great tool for both professional and beginner drummers.

The app features four sections: groove, techniques, hits, and practice. Each section is designed to offer specific functions.

In the ‘Groove’ section, for instance, you will find 260 beats of different genres. The beats “Techniques” section has twelve videos showing you how to use drums properly for several beats, while the ‘Hits’ section exposes you to lessons on whatever you need to produce beats. The ‘Practice’ section has more than 133 exercises for improving your beats skills.

You will find investing $5.99 in this application worth every penny with this many beats. There is also a free version for iOS.

5.      Rhythm Sigh Reading Trainer (iOS)

Rhythm Sigh Reading Trainer
Rhythm Sigh Reading Trainer

If you are an iPhone user, this is one of the drum apps you should have. It is a perfect tool for those looking to read music fast enough.

Do you have the right speed to keep up with the pace, or do you lag behind? Well, perhaps the right answer is in investing a few dollars to purchase Rhythm Sight Reading Trainer.

This is an educational tool that has great lessons on staying in beat as you practice. It features various levels from beginner to professional, giving great lessons in sight-reading. In the end, you will be able to manage your pace and time while training rhythm reading at the same time.

6.      Drums! (iOS)


Do you have a drum kit yet? If not, and yet you still wish to learn drums, don’t worry.

Cinnamon Jelly Ltd. brings you an ergonomic that lets you play drums on your smartphone, like a real set.

It does not matter whether to are right-handed or left-handed; the app lets you configure and rearrange the drums to fit your needs. The app exposes you to three kinds of kits covering all music styles and grooves. No better deal sounds like putting aside $0.99 for this app.

7.      Skills & Fills (iOS/ Android)

Skills Fills
Skills Fills

As the name suggests, this specialized app created by Dennis Tideman exposes you to different drumming skills. It is based on an eBook at the same time and is perfect for both Pros and newbies.

This helps you improve your vocabulary and master new skills infills. Unlike the eBook, the app claims to have less talking and more action.

It features numerous video demonstrations and 80 audio samples. It also features sections dedicated to single and double strokes, bass drum apps, power fills, and linear fills.

The lessons are very useful, each teaching you from scratch using screen texts. Buy this application for both iOS and Android devices for $8.99.

You can start out with the free trial, just to be sure about your investment. This application is one of the best on the market today.

8.      GarageBand (iOS)

Garageband 1
Garageband 1

Garageband is not a new name in the world of audio software. You may have already heard about this cool digital studio by Apple.

It is a free DAW plugin that lets the musician create free musical tracks and podcasts using a huge sound library, built-in MIDI keyboards, pre-made loops, and an extensive collection of effects. It also features many free voice recordings.

You can use this application to step up a virtual drummer track by choosing a drummer from any genre. Every drummer comes with drum apps and presents a unique playing style. You can then go to the Editing section to modify these styles.

9.      TouchOSC (IOS/Android)


Playing along backing tracks has become a normal thing for many drummers today. But starting the show is among the biggest problems these drummers face.

If the band is using a DAW, like Ableton Live) to run their tracks, they can set the show in motion off-stage using this handy software.

TouchOSC is a serious software that works as a MIDI control surface connecting your DAW through WIFI. Many bands use a playback system to help reinforce playing live music. In such a case, things like auxiliary percussion and extra synthesizer are things backing tracks find useful. And TouchOSC is one application you can count on for this.

Use this application to control the start of the show, or use it with your keyboardist to change patches during the show.

No matter what you think about backing tracks, this is something you can use during such situations. From my experience, many touring drummers these days work with backing tracks.

Apart from the applications above, TouchOSC is also useful for those playing via drum apps VST software. The app becomes a wireless MIDI controller, allowing the user to control any MIDI-compatible software.

The app does many things, which can be summarized in controlling a DAW remotely over WiFi.  

10.  Steve Reich’s Clapping Music (iOS)

Steve Reichs Clappingmusic Ios 1
Steve Reichs Clappingmusic Ios 1

Steve Reich is one of my favourite composers of all of them, and I know he is for many other musicians. From ‘Electric Counterpoint’ to ‘Music for 18 Musicians,’ he offers the best musical ideas.

He is the creator of the ClappingMusic application. This tool is one of the most challenging, yet fun too, based on one of Reich’s pieces, ‘Clapping Music.’

The idea behind this app is simple and basic: two performers playing the same pattern. One player slowly offsets it one beat at a moment. Think of it like Piano Phase only without a phasing.

One good way of learning drums is by using play-along songs. This app teaches you to play along with the piece.


Are Drums Better Than Guitar?

Choosing between drums or guitar can be easy and difficult too. Those who are a bit experienced can choose easily, but beginners may need guidance. Both guitar and drummers have unique advantages and disadvantages, which is why it is hard to say which one is the nicest. The right way to pick it is to determine which one you want to focus on. Consider factors like cost, loudness, portability, the demand of the field, and complexity. This way, you will pick rightly.

What Is The Hardest Style Of Drumming?

Opinion varies on this subject. And it all depends on how much the learner is interested in drums, and how much they are willing to learn. I have been a keen drummer for many years, and progressive metal seems to be the hardest and most complex style. It takes time and effort to master it. Styles like Jazz, hip hop, and classic rock are relatively easy. They have fairly clear movements, and mostly involve one bass drum, a few tom, and cymbal.
But the game changes when you branch to progressive metal. You have two, or more bass drums, and a large selection of other components. You will need to play faster too.

Which drum kits are the best?

Drum Kits 1
Drum Kits 1

There is a wide range of drum kits today. For this reason, you may find it a bit hard choosing the right one, especially if you are a beginner.

But you don’t have to get confused, since each kit is unique in terms of features and functionality.

The most crucial consideration for the best drum kit is the brand. The market is full of tons of manufacturers, but only a few can stand out.

Tama is among the big names out there, and many professionals use their kits. A good example is the Imperialstar 6-piece electronic drum set. This value starter kit comes complete with cymbals and hardware.

Then there is a real Drum Workshop. This brand is geared toward a serious drummer with a lot of budget to spare. And there are many options DW Collector’s Series is one of the great sounding drum sets. It is made with the highest quality considerations.

Peal is another famous name for a value app drums kit. The Pearl Roadshow 5-Piece is a wonderful option. It is relatively affordable and comes with complete hardware.

Not far from Pearl is Pacific Drums. Their PDP Player 5-Piece is an excellent drum set for junior drummers. They have many more options too.

Whether you are searching for a beginner or more advanced option, the drum brand you pick can make a huge difference.


Technology in music has made things very easy. With the drumming apps, you will easily learn drumming and all related information. Any pick from the list above will be good.

What do you think?

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