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Playing drums can be great fun. However, the sound may turn out to be a great inconvenience to others. For instance, someone in your home may be taking a nap at a time when you need to practice. Or perhaps they need to study for a big example the next day or don’t like music.

Drums, especially cymbals, can be very loud. And this is one of the biggest challenges that beginners face. On one side, they need enough time to practice their music, yet they don’t want to hear any complaints from family members and neighbors.

Well, this does not mean you have to forget about practicing.

In this article, I have the best solution for you. I will be discussing a bit about the best drum mutes, and mostly on cymbal mutes.

Best Drum Mutes

Drum mutes can help you practice quietly practice at home without disturbing your neighbors and family. The whole neighborhood will be glad you are not making noise to you.

These mutes are made from a non-slip rubber material. They are placed directly over the drum head to reduce the sound.

I recently went online, trying to find reviews on the best drum mutes. I found some helpful information on

One user says they went with Aquarian Superpads because they are some of the best quality products on the market. Well, we all need the best products in the drumming world.

The best silences I have ever used are the SoundOff from Evans. When it comes to choosing the right drum mute, it is always a good idea to consider the brand.

Vic Firth and Evans are the two big names in this industry. There are plenty of other companies, but a wide range of drummers would pick either of these names over any other.

Among these two names, I prefer Evans’s SoundOff. One of the reasons for this is that Vic Firth silencers change how your drums as sound. They also create a good effect on the cymbals. This makes the great dampeners.

However, SoundOff silencers create an environment for quieter practice. Apart from this, they are greatly responsive. In terms of longevity, they will not disappoint you either.

Nevertheless, you will get the best drum dampeners from Vic Firth and Evans. They are both top manufacturers are known what they do.

If you are looking for something by Vic Firth, check out their Drum Mute Prepack. This is one of the best drum mutes on the market today, and they come from a great brand.

They come with pure non-slip rubber, which makes them stick well to the heads of your drums, letting you practice with good. Also, they have good integrity, made from durable material for long drumming sessions.

As you can see, the best way to choose a good drum mute is to consider the brand. These two brands have very good products you can expect from the market.

The best cymbal Mutes

SoundOff by Evans Full Box Set, Standard

SoundOff Mutes by Evans are a very popular option. They come from one of the biggest manufacturers in the world, which is why they are loved.

The company claims that these drum mutes can reduce the volume of your cymbals by 95%. This will allow the drummer to have a non-stop playing experience without waking up their neighbors.

These mutes are made from a rubber material and feature a textured design that will sit perfectly on the drum head. Also, they are strong enough to withstand vigorous sessions,

A standard box comes with mutes for your drums and cymbals. It also includes everything you need to mute a standard kit.

Evans Drumheads is a well-known American company that was founded in 1950. For all these years, they have been making high-end instruments and accessories that are made to last for a long time.

It does not matter whether you work in the studio or you need to practice from an apartment house; they will give you all the control you need.

The mutes are made to sit smugly over the cymbal to reduce its volume. Apart from this, they protect your cymbals from some physical damage.

Cymbomute Pro360º 18/19″ Cymbal Mute

Here is another great product that will help you keep practicing your drums from anywhere. As state above, there are very few companies that make the best cymbal mutes. CymboMute is one of these companies.

The Cymbomute Pro360º 18/19″ Cymbal Mute is among the cymbal mutes that are very popular with many drummers. You will need to grease it down at the centerfold before fitting.

And once you have done that, this mute will stay on the cymbal for as long as you need them to.

If you are looking to enjoy low volume cymbals without using extra gear, these are the best option. They do not come with ‘pad aim,’ which means they will not comprise your playing style and needs.

Another great feature of these mutes is that they are very durable. You will use them for a very long

time before you are required to replace them. Most importantly, they will help you cut through the volume as you protect your hearing during practice.

Your cymbals will become virtually silent, and yet you will still enjoy playing them since they give out just the right sound.

It features a hybrid stretch fabric and silicone material with Silicone Bumper Technology. This is the next generation cymbals mute that stands in its own class.

The silicone bumper is meant to receive the stick impact as the fabric handles sound absorption. You will also find it very easy to set.

4pcs 14/16/18/20 Inch Drum Cymbal Mute Circle Ring Drum Set Hi-hat Practice Silencers

The world of drum mutes has seen a lot of developments aimed at creating the perfect solutions. Here is one such product, designed with the modern user in mind. If you need to practice silently, very few mutes can eliminate all the sounds you need. And you can rely on this hi-hat silences for a good job.

They are designed specifically for noise elimination. The company says you can get up to 85% noise reduction, which good for practicing in a silent place.

They are made from high-quality polyester, which makes them durable as they are useful. And they come in four sizes, helping you choose the size that you are most comfortable with.

The mutes are easy to install. They come at the most affordable price and does not take long to set them on your cymbals and start hitting. Besides, you will feel their effects immediately.

A perfect gift for your friend or family member.

Another thing worth mentioning is the red thickened retractable belt that has a strong elastic and life of service.

Meinl Cymbals Drumhead Pack (MCM-141620)

Meinl has never disappointed when it comes to making the best cymbals and accessories. These mutes are made to sit directly on the surface of your cymbal.

You will love how much these mutes diminish the sound while dampening the vibrations and impacts. They let you practice as much as you want, even if it’s through the night. Your neighbors will not hear the sound coming from your room, which makes these pieces a wonderful option for home practice,

Above all, Meinl is a trusted manufacturer. Therefore, this pack will cover all your cymbals, allowing you to perfect your skills with every moment that counts.

They are cheap but will greatly decrease the volume of your cymbals. They are also easy to set up.


Learning drums is a process that takes a long to perfect. This means you need a lot of time to practice. This was hard from home because of the loud noise drums make.

But now, with cymbal mutes, you can take care of that loud noise as you perfect your skills. You don’t have any reason to disturb your neighbors anymore.

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