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I was recently looking at some great cymbal reviews online, especially for worship, and realized there is no a lot of iI recently looked at some great cymbal reviews online, especially for worship, and realized there is not much information on this subject. On one forum, Theworship community dot com, one gentleman says, “cymbals are subjective, in my opinion, but I would recommend you spend some real money and get quality instruments …”

Well, I would disagree more on cymbals being subjective. However, it is crucial to understand that playing drums for the church differs from playing for a bar or concert hall. There are certain things that one must consider. subjective. However, it crucial to understand that playing drums for church quite different from playing for a bar or concert hall. There are certain things that one must consider.

In this article, I will be introducing you to tIn this article, I will introduce you to the best cymbal for worship.

There are many different products today that choosing the right one can prove a bit overwhelming.

However, it would be best if you had an easy time by the end of this article.

What makes cymbal for worship different?

Best Cymbals For Worship
Best Cymbals for Worship

Let’s, compare the best cymbals for worship to other cymbals that come down to where they are used.

Think about playing a jazz groove from the corner of your local bar and playing a worship song on Saturday or Sunday evening.

These are two situations that are incredibly different from each other. The church is considered a holy place, which means church music is emotionally attached to faith.

On the other hand, playing a gig in a bar is all about entertaining. You want to give people a good time, unlike in a worship song where you are connect worshippers to a higher being through music.

For this reason, there will be slight differences between the instruments and how they are played.

Besides, worship music is often accompanied by group vocals, even the entire congregation. For this reason, the instruments should be well synchronized for that effective performance.

Cymbals, especially, are some of most complex instruments to pick. Compare to the bass drum, for instance. All you need to choose a good kick is to consider the head, the shell material, and the build quality. All bass drums seem to have the same sound.

On the other hand, for cymbals, you have to carefully consider the sound, apart from the build quality and other features.

Also, a church hall is probably a very wide space, and you want the sound to ring out loudly to every corner of the building. Therefore, you should be careful about what you choose.

What are the best cymbals for church?

Best Cymbals For Church
Best Cymbals for Church

 Ok, let’s get back to the main issue.

What is, are the best cymbals for worship? And why are they good for the church?.

I will go back to the forum mentioned above. The comment continues to say, “I’m partial to Paiste (and not only for worship settings. The lower end stuff is pretty junky, but everything Alpha and above is really nice. I’m a big fan of the 2002 and Twenty lines Very warm sound and beautiful overtones. But that is just my opinion, you may not like the sound, or may greatly prefer something else.”

One thing is clear here that the brand you choose and the quality of products you get are closely related. In other words, the best cymbal for church comes from the top lines of top manufacturers.

Paiste has been one of my favorite cymbal makers for years. Every product they make is defined by the highest quality features and delivers incredible service. 

Zildjian is another brand you can never dispute in terms of quality. The Zildjian A Customs are nice cymbals. They are bright in the worship environment, which is to my liking.

Also, you may want to consider the Paiste A and K lines.

And if you need more versatility, Meinl and Wuhan cymbals are not bad either. Or better still, try the Sabian Artisan line of cymbals accessories.

Sabian is a no joke brand. They are better than many other brands you will meet out there. Besides, it one company that delivers true versatility. 

I also sort some answers from Stephens drum shed dot com. One user says, “I think it all depends on the kind of drummer you are what you want out of it. For worship music, I would say that being able to have a nice defined sound and lay in and crash are pretty useful for today’s big modern worship sound. The “bell” is not much use in modern worship, but always nice when taking your gear to the next level ….”

And this gave me another idea about worship cymbals that I was never able to get out. That church music has changed dramatically today. It is not the same sounds that you heard a few years ago. More energy and focus are expected.

In this case, I have been using Zildjian K’s Sweet rides (21 and 22-inch), which have never disappointed me. Also, the 23-inch Sweet rides, crashes, and bells are not bad.

For something that will ring even louder through the other instruments, consider the Zildjian K Light.

I have used the 22-inch K light once in church, and I really loved it.

The hat and ride of the K Light feature such a nice crash that delivers a satisfying feel. It does not have the best ‘bell sound,’ but that does not mean it’s any worse

Another option would be the Phosphorus Traditional 22-inch thin ride. This cymbal sounds incredible. There has almost the same sound quality as the 19”-inch Zildjian A Armand “Beautiful Baby,” which is a versatile product and will not disappoint in your church setup.

Each of these cymbals has something unique to offer, and it’s mainly in the perfection of their sound. You can play them and still feel like you made the best choice.

4 best Cymbals for Worship Reviewed

Playing in a church setting can be a bit different from playing in a bar. I have played different environments in my experience, and therefore I understand what it takes to have delivered what each audience expects.

However, there are some worship situations where drummers play what looks like a rock kit.

Electronic cymbals have become very common in churches. It is mostly because of their portability that they may seem a perfect option for different areas.

Still, you have to consider the church is not like any other place. Consider the volume, tone, versatility, and the size of these products.

Many drummers playing in churches mostly use the following four cymbals, and anything close to them.

Zildjian 16-inch S Thin Crash Cymbal

Zildjian has been making cymbals for more than 200 years. It is one of the biggest cymbal companies on the market today, and it is their top quality that puts them on the favorites of most drummers. 

The S Thin crash cymbal comes in 14-inch, 15-inch, 16-inch, 18-inch, and 20-inch configuration. Hence, you will not miss anything you want to any music you need to play.

If you want less volume, but with the same sound quality, go for the smaller size. They are already thin, and hence, will always ring well through the mix.

It is designed for professional and semi-professional use.

However, it’s crafted from B12 alloy, which is not as strong as B20. But it delivers well-balanced frequencies, which something you want in a church worship song.

Apart from being B12, there is no other complaint I have on this ride.

Sabian 16-inch Quiet Tone Crash

Sabian is easily the second-best cymbal brand in the world. Their products have been widely acknowledged in different parts of the world, which makes them reliable. 

One thing that keeps them at the top is versatility. And the Sabian 16-inch Quiet Tone crash says it all. It was designed for practicing on, but it can be a real deal in quiet worship situations.

Sometimes, worshipping late in the evening or early morning can disturb other people who are not the system. 

Hence, these cymbals can offer great help.

They are made tough, from a durable metal alloy. Therefore, you can hit them as hard as you want for a very long time without the need to replace them.

Besides, many buyers have loved this Sabian product. It should, therefore, not be a bad idea.

Agean Cymbals Silent R-Series Low Volume Cymbal Pack Box Set

Agean may not be among the most famous cymbal companies, but they make great cymbals. This low volume cymbal park is a good example of what they can deliver.,

It is not the cheapest product you will get out there. However, it comes as a full pack, allowing you to start playing drums immediately. 

They are great for low volume worship scenarios and comes with everything you need in one convenient package.

You get a 14-inch hi-hat, a 16-inch crash, a 20-inch ride, and a cymbal pack. 

What is more, the R series cymbals are hand-hammered from B20 allow in Istanbul, Turkey. They feature holes that are nicely drilled, one at a time to a rich and clear tone.

Play them even at lower volumes, and they will not disappoint. Also, they can turn small gigs into something you never expected.

Meinl CC19ECM-B 19-inch Crash Cymbal

As stated above, sometimes worship songs call for heavy-hitting. In this case, you don’t want a cymbal that will easily break. 

The Meinl CC19EMC-B Crash is a perfect item. It delivers a crystal-clear projection, cutting attack, explosive sound, and beautiful attacks. It was built for aggressive music, and that is what you will have to do.

Even it features a brilliant finish, it’s crafted from B10 alloy, which is not the best quality.

Still, it is heavily hammered and lathed for remarkable quality. Meinl gives a two-year warranty, which is linked to its quality. 

Many users don’t like their sound at first, but they end up falling in love. 

Tips for controlling cymbal Quality for worship

Fi Cleaning Cymbal
Cleaning Cymbal

There are several categories of cymbals. And in this case, I have divided the two main categories.

Sheet Metal Cymbals

Sheet metal cymbals are the cheapest products out there geared towards beginner setup. Therefore, you should avoid them if you want a serious church performance.

Such lines include Zildjian ZBT, Meinl HCS/MCS, and Paiste PST5/PST3. They appear like plastic products, which puts them best in kids’ first kits.

Cast Metal Cymbals

These cymbals are hand-crafted from higher quality material. They are often lathed to deliver their desired tones.

They are also very expensive, but worth every penny if you have the money to invest. Besides, if you have a high-end drum kit, you also want your cymbals to come from the top line.

It would be better if you avoided any cymbals marked as bright extreme, heavy, cutting, powerful, and so on. They produce a ‘slow decay’ effect, which is not good for church application.

For worship, you want cymbals that give first decay so that they don’t hand around, producing bad overtones. Hence, try cymbals that are marketed as light, thin, and dark. They sound incredible when struck and don’t have a long ring.

Now, for cymbals that will make a great worship scenario, try something like Meinl’s Byzance jazz, Vintage, Byzance Dark, and Byzance Traditional. For Zildjians, try the Kerope, Zildjian K, K Custom, K Constantinople, and A series. 

Best Cymbals for Worship Review

Frequently asked questions

What Are the Best Sounding Cymbals?

The issues of cymbals sound is quite subjective. It, therefore, depends on what individual drummers prefer.
However, which it comes to quality, we all want the best. For this reason, the more you are willing to spend, the more you will get from your cymbals.
Sabian Artisan, Zildjian A Customs, Meinl Byzance cymbal, and Paiste 2002s are considered the best top sounding cymbals.

What Are the Best Cymbals for Rock?

For heavy-hitters, go for a cymbal that is heavier and brighter. It would help if you also considered investing in the best material, probably B20. The Sabian Artisan series is my best option.
However, if you are low on cash, consider the Meinl CC19EM-B crash. It is a great cymbal made from B10 alloy, but for heavy hitters.

What Is the Best Zildjian Cymbal Line?

All Zildjian cymbals are good. However, the best ones include the award-winning FX series, Kerope Models, 19-inch and 20-inch K Custom Dark Crashes, 21-inch K Custom Organic Ride, and the L80 Low Volume Cymbals.


So, there you have it, everything you need to know about the best cymbals for worship. If you can get a chance, take your time to try out several products before making a choice.