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Brian Blade, born July 25, 1970, in Shreveport, then New Orleans, is a modern drummer who understands the diversity of the modern music industry. Growing under the influence of Ellis Marsalis and New Orleans Dixie-drum gurus Johnny Vidacovich and Herlin Riley, he was exposed to the best environment, where he learned to discover his own style.

In his hometown, he crafted the unique approach to drums, compelled by the musical heritage of the country’s spirit, resulting in a powerful swing, one that became his trademark. Brian Blade started playing drums at a very young age. He was always fascinated by his mentors in how they played music. He started by teaching himself the skills but was also encouraged by those he lived with.

Brian Blade
Brian Blade

One of the drummer’s greatest works was his albums and tours with Joshua Redman and Kenny Garrett. He has also done more recent records with big-league musicians like Bob Dylan, Emmylou Harris, Daniel Lanois, and his hero Joni Mitchell. Blade has always shown a deep sense of music comprehension. He has an incredible gift for discovery and delivering music in textural smoothness. He has performed both thick and thin styles on different albums with a keen eye on improvement.

One thing that fascinates many who listen to and interact with Blade is his always-evolving style. He has shown his diverse capability on the popular Blue Note debut, Brian Blade Fellowship. The band is composed of legendary performers with musical skills as bandleaders.

Brian’s band has John Cowherd (P), Wurlitzer and Christopher Thomas (B), Melvin Butler (Tenor and sop Sax), Myron Walden (alto sax), Jeff Parker (g), and Dave Easley (pedal steel g. Producer Daniel Lanois worked on this self-titled album too. Daniel was also a guest on the album, working with a mando-guitar and Fender Mustang guitar. Apart from these, there is also Mark Howard, who recorded and mixed the piece too.

Many drummers have worked hard to become legends. But for Blade, it always seemed easy. His keen ear for great ideas has enabled him to stay on top of his game. Over the years, he has been mentoring a new generation of drummers through his works. Brian’s proved just how talented Blade is, and it grew into a highly acclaimed project. He always has an excellent idea for the next big thing, which gives him the power to grow.

Brian Blade Performing
Brian Blade Performing

To Brian Blade, there are no borders in music. He makes it exist beyond what many would imagine. He brings out every aspect spiritually, sensitively, honestly, and loyally. These are the pillars upon which Brian Blade Fellowship is built. His idea is to have music as a fellowship. He wants the world to experience the same fellowship and bond with his music.

“I want to project that kind of togetherness,” he says. Fellowship is an idea Blade grew up with and intends to spread the message to the whole world. His drumming style and dedication to excellence have never lacked inspiration. He is one of the best drummers today.

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