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Drumming itself is a wonderful exercise. I have seen many people get excited behind the drumsticks, and they will be sweating profusely at the end of everything.  

Today, you will see people using anything as drums, from bottle tops to pots and pans. You will meet many playing their drums on the street corners, some on the subway stations, and many others anywhere else.

Cardio Drumming
Cardio Drumming

That should tell you that drumming is more than just a hobby. It’s how most people make a living, and most importantly, it’s how they work out.

However, recently, there seems to be a new trend that has attracted a wide range of fitness enthusiasts and perhaps those interested in drumming as a full-time career.

This new type of anaerobic has been growing since 2012. It mixes the fun of playing drums with an intense cardio exercise.

And the whole world has embraced this new idea. Programs such as DrumFit and Drums alive bring cardio drumming to life.

It is easy and its’ recommended for people of all ages and sizes. It is not expensive and yet highly effective. You don’t even need to be a drumming pro to get started with this routine. It’s drumming of a completely different kind.

What is Cardio Drumming?

Cardio drumming can be defined as a type of workout that brings together different types of standard cardio exercises with a fun drumming routine. You have two routines combined into one full-body, incredible cardio workout that gives you more than just good exercise.

As you can see from its name, the exercise has something to do with the heart. It raises your heart rate too high levels, enabling your body to function much better.

And because of this, it might not be a good idea to do without proper guidance. As much as it’s good exercise, you would not want to hurt yourself.

Cardio drumming programs

Drums Live

Carrie Ekins founded drums Alive after having suffered a bad hip injury, leaving her in a long physical rehabilitation process. She started drumming on boxes and realized how much this helped her mind and body.

This was the first program, one that has inspired many others to come up.


Another good program is the DrumFit, which attempts to bring the exercise into schools. It is a full curriculum teaching kids the importance of exercise.

Children love making noise and hitting things. And this is why this program best fits them.

The best thing about this program is that it offers children everything they need to get a starter. Parents and teachers can get these children on drumming right away.


Here is another beautiful program designed for adults seeking for extremely high-intensity cardio drumming workout. This program will take your body to the limit.

This is one of the best programs I have ever used.

The difference between POUND and other programs is that it does not come with stability balls or buckets. Instead, you will be hitting the ground with your drum sticks.

Cardio Drumming at Home

Cardio drumming is the cheapest type of workout. You don’t even have to buy anything if you don’t have the money.

And that is what makes it perfect for your family. You can do it together at home with everyone in your family.

This program is safe for everyone, from kids to adults. And it does not require them to have any drumming experience.

As long as you are interested in a high-intensity cardio exercise, you have qualified for cardio drumming. There are many programs set in place to help your family with everything they need to get started.

Benefits of cardio drumming at home

There are many ways to get into cardio drumming. Search online, and it will not take long to identify your local cardio drumming groups. This is the best way to get motivated – working in groups.

But not everyone has the time to make it into groups. You can therefore do the exercise right from the comfort of your home.

You can get everything you need from online stores. Besides, you don’t really need many items or spend a lot more money on cardio equipment.

One can do cardio with or without drums. The most important thing is that you should do it.

There are a lot of health benefits to this exercise. You stick to a good cardio routine, which only gets better with time.

Cardio drumming will get your body pumping blood to the muscles much better, which increases oxygen retention in your cardiovascular system. As a result, you will enjoy better general health. It can even beat off depression.

The exercise has proven effective in clearing the body of carbon dioxide and other waste material.

It is good for your heart and lungs. These are the most vital organs in your body that require proper care. They are just like any other muscle in your body. Hence, you should exercise and train them if you want them to be stronger.

The more blood you get flowing in your heart, the better you can relax when resting. And the benefits of keeping your lungs in good health are just immense.

What do you need for cardio drumming at home?

As stated above, cardio drumming costs almost nothing to get started. The most important item is drumsticks.

You can then get a balance ball and a bucket, or just start hitting the ground. Programs like POUND don’t call for anything else other than just you and your drumsticks.

Another crucial thing to keep in mind is doing it with someone else. I am sure there must be someone at home who would be interested in having a lot of fun with you. It is all about staying motivated. And since you cannot get into cardio drumming groups, having someone to hold your hand seems good enough.

Most importantly, cardio drumming at home has to be fun and exciting. Sooner or later, you will realize the importance of this exercise.

You need a good working space too. It does not have to be too big, but it should be free of any disruptions, allowing you to reach maximum potential for your body.

Cardio Drumming Equipment

I can never emphasize enough the importance of cardio drumming. It is more than just drumming and exercising because it takes everything to a whole new level. Since it’s proven to have health benefits, it would be best to get everything you need.

As much as it’s inexpensive, there are different benefits to cardio drumming. And it all requires just a few things to get you on the road.

Cardio Drumming For Kids
Cardio Drumming For Kids


Since you will be drumming and at the same time exercising, I recommend that you get a high-quality pair of drumsticks. Note that this is a high-intensity routine, which might not be achieved with your hands.

In other words, drumsticks are mandatory. Even if you don’t get other equipment, you will need to get good drumsticks.

There are various products out there designed for this exercise. Well, most of them are just like regular drumsticks, but they are much stronger since you will be using a lot of force.

Among the most popular approaches to cardio drumming is the one where an inflated exercise ball is placed into a bucket. You play by hitting the ball, the sides of the bucket, or the ground using your drumsticks. This is something you cannot do with bare hands.

Since the drumsticks are probably the only thing you are going to invest in, don’t go for something cheap. Most sticks on the market are inexpensive, but they will break much faster.

Body balance ball

If you join your local cardio drumming class, chances are that you will see people working with giant inflated balls and putting them in buckets. This is one of the most common methods.

Buy a relatively larger balance ball made from anti-burst material. It should also be much easier to refill and take a constant beating from the drumsticks.

A Bucket base

It will not be easy beating your balance ball from the ground. It bounces around in all directions, and that might even discourage you.

The best way to get it in one position is using a balanced base, like a bucket. But that is not all the bucket can do; you can also tap on the sides to get a different sound.

Cardio Drumming Routines

Cardio Drumming For Health
Cardio Drumming Routines

Cardio drumming is much more effective if you have a proper routine to follow. Remember that this is more than just hitting the bucket or your balance ball. It is one of the most effective cardiovascular exercises you can ever find, making it a worthy investment.

So, what is the best routine for this exercise? There are lots of options online. YouTube has a wide range of videos that you can follow from home. Or you can join a workout class where the routines are used for exercise.

I would advise that you get a friend to work with if you will be using the videos at home. This does not mean you cannot do this at home alone. But it’s better if done in a group setting. Research has revealed that exercising with other people makes one more motivated.

Here are some excellent routines you can try out:

I Got a Feeling

I Got a Feeling cardio drumming routine is the perfect way to have fun while working out. You can be sure to burn a lot of calories with this song. It comes to a point where the tempo picks up speed, and that is where it gets even more exciting.

Poker Face cardio drumming routine

This YouTube video follows a free cardio drumming class from Cage Nutrition. The song “Poker Face” by Lady Gaga is a perfect fit here. It starts off slowly with a step-like beat before changing into a marching band routine.

Rolling in The Deep

 This cardio drumming routine is ideal for beginners. You can use it when you are alone at home as an excellent way to work out. It only gets more intense as you hit the ball harder.

Gangnam Style

Almost everyone knows this song. And what a brilliant idea to have it as your cardio drumming routine. It is more common in group settings since it’s faster and calls for multiple exercise balls.

Whatever routine you pick, there is always something more you can get from cardio drumming.

Cardio Drumming Workout

Cardio Drumming Workout
Cardio Drumming Tools

Cardio drumming has been gaining a lot of fame over the past few years, especially in the U.S. One can start drumming with a “drum stand” as a sturdy base and the “drum” as an exercise ball. Good drumsticks set you right in the mood.

Hence, this is not just a regular drumming routine, but something extra awesome. It’s fun as it helps build body muscles.

Certain features make it a good workout.


The equipment you need for cardio drumming is different from what is required for regular drumming. Even the drumsticks have to be stronger.

You will need an exercise ball and a sturdy base. These are things you will easily find online.


Cardio drumming is more effective when you stick to a specific routine. These drummers use tunes like “Uptown Funk,” which have remained strong over the years.

At first, you might think it’s a silly thing. But by the end of the day, you are going to burn calories, and you are going to sweat. It’s more than just having fun or playing around with drumsticks.

Cardio drumming involves getting in rhythm with everyone singing and dancing.

Full body workout

You might be wondering how hitting the exercise ball gets one into a full-body workout. Here is what you should know.

One plays while standing instead of sitting. Their ball exercise ball waist is close. You will also be slightly bent, but with a straight back, a position that gets the abs engaged. It also includes squats.

Everyone will be doing this in a different position for more than an hour. As said earlier, it’s more fun working in groups since you can even change to your neighbors’ ball.

The real workout comes from the intensity of drumming, which depends on how the music feels.  

Just like any other workout routine, the focus is on building power, focus, and endurance. These are crucial elements of good health. Cardio drumming will get you there, whether you are doing it just for fun or you wish to be a professional drummer.

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