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Monika fikerle – Great Drummer with Quirky Drumming Style

Monika Fikerle is an Australian musician and multi-instrumentalist, most noted for her “energetic” and “quirky” drumming style. Monika began playing drums at the age of 10 and was soon gigging with various local bands.

Monika Fikerle Early Years

Monika Fikerle began her music career in Hobart in 1995, becoming Sea Scouts‘ drummer after having taken up the drums ‘about a week’ earlier. After that, she played in Surgery and 1001101 before rejoining Sea Scouts.

During her early years in Hobart, Fikerle’s drumming style featured a lot of tom work, and used cymbals only to accent the end of the bar, creating a thunderous wall of tribal pounding.

Monika Fikerle
Monika Fikerle

Monika is a Melbourne-based drummer who has been playing in underground bands since the mid-90s.  She has toured extensively throughout Australia, North America, and Europe. Monika endorses Remo drum heads and Zildjian cymbals.

Monika Fikerle’s Debut Album “The Waiting Room”

In 2012, Monika Fikerle released her debut album “The Waiting Room” which featured her original songs as well as her own arrangements of traditional tunes.

The album was praised by critics for its “fiery intensity” and “exuberant rhythmic grooves”.

Monika Fikerle is best known for her drumming in the bands The Mess Hall, Red Riders, musoship, and the John Butler Trio. Fikerle’s drumming features “driving beats”, minimalist improvisation, ostinatos, double bass pedal work, and non-standard playing techniques such as drum kits with only one drum and mallets.

ikerle has also toured internationally with several of the bands that she has contributed to, including Sea Scouts, Baseball, and Love of Diagrams.

When not performing or recording, Monika teaches drums, percussion, and music theory privately and at a few Melbourne music schools.

Musical Influence

Monika Fikerle has said that she is influenced by drummers such as Faith No More’s Mike Bordin, Nick Mason of Pink Floyd, Stewart Copeland from The Police, Matt Helders from Arctic Monkeys, and Brann Dailor from Mastodon.

Monika Fikerle is a drummer best known for her fiery and quirky drumming style. She also endorses Remo Ambassador Drumheads and Zildjian Cymbals.

She is best recognized for playing drums in the bands The Mess Hall, Red Riders, and musoship.

Drumming Style

For her drumming style, Monika Fikerle features driving beats, minimal improvisation, ostinatos, double bass pedal work, and non-standard playing techniques such as drum kit with only one drum and mallets. She is based in Melbourne, Australia where she performs regularly with various bands.

Monika was asked to describe her drumming style. She replied “I would say my playing is quite energetic and quirky. I like to play with a lot of dynamics and groove, and I love experimenting with different sounds and textures.”

Fikerle’s Side Projects with Australian Musician

In 2015, Monika Fikerle began a side project with Australian multi-instrumentalist and composer, Brooke Russell. The duo released their self-titled debut album in 2017. Also in 2015, Monika released her follow-up album “The Promise” to positive reviews and strong radio airplay. The album was nominated for Instrumental Work of the Year at the 2016 APRA Screen Music Awards.

Monika Fikerle also appeared on the John Butler Trio’s 2016 album “Flesh & Blood”, which was nominated for an ARIA Award for Best Blues and Roots Album. Furthermore, in 2018, Monika was featured on the album “Rise of the Shadow Stealer” released by Swedish metal band Amaranthe.

Monika Fikerle Performance
Monika Fikerle’S Performance

Her favorite part of playing music is when she is playing live. For Monika, it is great fun and such a kick. She feels recording can be satisfying, but it is stressful. Touring is excellent fun and she has had some amazing times and seen a lot of the world that way.

Since relocating to Melbourne, Fikerle has continued to work in more than one band concurrently, including her current projects Love of Diagrams, Baseball and Miniature Submarines, and her previous projects The Bites, The Grimm, and Jihad Against America. Although she is best known for her drumming, Monika has contributed to bands on bass, melodica, and piano accordion, and has also featured as a vocalist.

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