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Carla Azar – Drumming Beyond Drums

Carla Azar is a fantastic American Drummer from Alabama. Over the years, she has built a well-curated professional career in various niche fields.  She is a member of the band Autolux and well-versed in playing keyboards, bass guitar, and even sings. Born in 1972, she has successfully navigated her professional realm in various genres, including electronic and alternative rock.  

Carla Azar boasts playing drums on Jack White’s albums Boarding House Reach, Blunderbuss, and Lazaretto. Most interestingly, the drummer has played with Jack live on tour. Her steadfast determination in achieving success saw her collaborate with Painter Mark Whalen from 2009-2011 on art exhibitions, developing music for various installation rooms. 

Carla Azar
carla azar

Additionally, Carla Azar played an integral role in the film Frank starring Domhnall Gleeson and Michael Fassbender. She has also worked with Ednaswap playing drums for an E.P. and two albums. Autolux was initiated in 2001 in Los Angeles. But wait, the drummer met Greg Edwards while still performing in his previous band, Failure. She also encountered Eugene Goreshter while scripting the score for Accidental Death of Anarchist.  

The three eventually started Autolux with Eugene Goreshter on vocals and bass, Greg Edwards on vocals and guitar, and Carla Azar on vocals and drums. The band Autolux made its first debut in 2000, performing two shows at the Silverlake Lounge.  A year later, the band released a self-produced E.P. featuring five songs.  The band’s brilliant and insightful performance attracted T Bone Burnett hence signing the band in DMZ.

Carla Azar’s abiding admiration in her career saw her merge with Josh Klinghoffer to support Vincent Gallo and his album “When.” In addition to drums, Azar showed her prowess in playing mellotron and guitar on tour. Of course, the drummer has leveraged her drumming skills on various tours and stages. She plays drums on “Curtis” (2005) by John Frusciante and “True False Identity “by Burnett. In May 2011, Carla collaborated with Jack White is recording his first solo album, Blunderbuss.

Indeed, the drummer has the personality and the marking of a rock star. She has mastered the drumming ropes for more than a decade with her renowned sound-heavy L.A. rock Band, Autolux. Besides working closely with the band Autolux, Carla has also kept herself busy with a series of activities. The North American musician is recognized mainly for being the drummer of the trio Autolux.  

Carla Azar Performing
carla azar performing

She has also augmented her footprints on the global scope by featuring Frank taking the role of a drummer in the film. Amazingly, she is a multi-instrumentalist and has collaborated with heavyweight names in the industry. Carla Azar’s steadfast ambitions have landed her a wide range of opportunities. Over the years, she has invested much of her time in drums and music. Her fascination with drumming has seen her intensely involved in band Autolux activities.  

Since joining the band, she has scaled beyond various stages and carved a well-curated reputation. Carla Azar is well known for being an outstanding drummer of the trio Autolux. And yes, her interaction with drums from an early age has paved a significant path in her acclaimed career.

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