Scott Amendola, the Most Ambitious Drummer

Scott Amendola looks at a drum kit as a musical portal. To him, it’s not just a musical instrument but something more. Scott has established his career as an ambitious composer, a savvy bandleader, and a capable creator.

Many world-known artists have used their talents in their projects. He can apply his capable drum rhythms to any setup, and that is what makes him unique.

Scott Amendola has worked with figures like guitarists Nel Cline, Jeff Parker, Charlie Hunter, and Hammond B-3 organist Will Blades.

Ask violinists like Regina Carter, and they will tell you the incredible work Amendola has been doing. All these players have set their careers in and out of the jazz boundaries.

Scott Amendola
Scott Amendola on his snare

Amendola started playing drums early. He describes himself as someone who has always had a passion for drums since his birth.

And this energy drives him to create relationships with other musicians and make them part of his lifelong career. Amendola has worked on many projects over the years. But the one that truly describes his keen ear and ambitions in music is “Fade to Orange”.

This orchestra piece was a commission with the Oakland East Bay Symphony’s Irvine Foundation-funded New Vision and New Vistas program. The work received many positive reviews from Oakland Theater on April 15, 2011. The drummer has also worked on several projects as a sideman.

A long list of artists has sorted his services in this regard: Bill Frisell, John Zorn, Mike Patton, Bobby Black, Sonny Simmons, Phil Lesh, and more.  The list is extensive, and we may not mention them here. One thing that stands out with Amendola is his creative ability. 

As an artist, he draws a picture of how he wants the drums to sound and brings it to reality with his stockmanship.

He has been a key player in shaping the world of jazz music and other related genres. Apart from that, he has always been keen on establishing long-lasting relationships. Perhaps that is one reason he has quickly grown into the great drummer we all know today. 

Amendola takes music seriously and uses any channel available to communicate his message. Amendola has grown his career through dedication and focus on doing what he loves the most.

For more than 30 years of his career, he has created deep ties across the nation and with other artists from different parts of the world. 

Scott Amendola Performing
Scott Amendola performing live on the stage

He is not just a gifted drummer. Amendola is also an ambitious composer, experienced leader, electronics enthusiast, ready-to-go accompanist, and creative foil. These skills have earned him huge projects with world-class performers.  He is a versatile performer who uses his talents in an extensive array of settings.

With such skills and power behind the throne, Amendola is also an inspiration to many young musicians. He is always close to a powerful musical deal, which has earned him the respect he deserves.  His work sounds musical and inspirational.

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