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Charly Antolini was born on May 24, 1937, in Zurich. He is a Swiss drummer who has been playing the instruments for many years, and hence, a vast experience. Antolini started his music career when he was still a young boy. His first instrument was the traditional Swiss Basler drum. And in 1956, he moved to Paris, where he was exposed to many great artists. 

Charly Antolini played alongside Sidney Bechet, Bill Coleman, and many others. He was then a member of the Oldtime Jazz Band called The Treble Kids. With trumpeter Oscar Klein and clarinetist Werner Keller by his side, they made great music for the days. In 1962, Antolini moved to live in Stuttgart, Germany, where he stayed for the next five years. He met with bassist Peter Witte and Pianist Horst Jankowski, playing together in the SWR Bigband under the leadership of Erwin Lehn.

Charly Antolini
charly antolini

Antolini has always been considered a friendly and outgoing person. This personality has made him a favorite in many of the bands he has played for. And he has worked with many of them. He played for NDR Bigband alongside Kurt Edelhagen, Peter Herbolzheimer and Max Greger. All these are excellent artists who have made a name for themselves in the industry.

In terms of skills, Antolini is one drummer who you can never tell his exact playing style. He is an innovative drummer who finds something new with every project he is tasked with. And that is one of the reasons he has stayed on the list of best drummers for all these years. The drummer embarked on a German tour in the 80s, which extended to Italy and Denmark alongside Benny Goodman.

He was also in the company of Lionel Hampton, Barbara Dennerlen, Albert Mangelsdorff, Earl Hines, and Art Farmer, among others. This tour could have been one of the most important times of his career as it allowed him to explore other parts of the world while sharpening his skills even further.

As the 1980s came to a close, Antolini recorded three live albums. This project extended to the early 90s, and it involved Dick Morrissey, a British tenor saxophonist. In 1994, he started a band called Super Trio. The team included Pianist Dirk Raufeisen and Bassist Jimmy Woode. It became a successful band over the next several years as he was dedicated to making sure it went afar.

02.09.2010 Foto: Bjoern Kray Iversen, Landau, Am Westbahnhof: Charly Antolini
02.09.2010 Foto: Bjoern Kray Iversen, Landau, Am Westbahnhof: Charly Antolini

As the year 2004 ended, Herman Rarebell, Pete York, and he formed another group to work on a drum project. It was called Drum Legends, with which they released Live CD and a DVD.  It was a great moment for the trio as they played drums for a wide range of audiences in different parts of the region.

Antolini has always been an explorer.  He also made a tour of the Soviet Union, carrying his throne around with him. Today, Antolini lives in Munich -Germany and makes constant tours with a band he formed called Jazz Power. Indeed, he has been a significant force in the world of music.

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