Chad Smith, creativity to create anything from nothing

Chad Smith was born on October 25, 1961. He is an American musician who has been part of the incredibly famous band Red Hot Chili Peppers since 1988. The group was included in the Rock Hall and Roll Hall of Fame in 2012.

Chad Smith started drumming at a very early age, developing his skills at any given moment. He was also a member of hard rock supergroup Chickenfoot born in 2008. Smith is one of the most famous drummers, having recorded with Glenn Hughes, Johnny Cash, John Fogerty, and the Dixie Chicks, among many other artists.

When it comes to music knowledge and creativity, Smith is among a few best drummers who can create anything from nothing. He has been very instrumental in making the best songs across the region.

This is why Dick Van Dyke joined him in 2010, and Leslie Bixler to release “Rhythm Train.” This children’s album features Smith singing and playing different instruments. He followed the same trail to co-write and perform part of the 2020 backing band on album Ordinary Man by Ozzy Osbourne.

Smith has been recognized by many for his energetic approach to drum sounds.  He is a musician with a great understanding of different instruments.

This is one of the reasons the Spin magazine placed him at number 10 on their list of “100 Greatest Drummer for Alternative Music” in 2013.  Fans of the Rhythm, a UK-based magazine also ranked him and the band’s bassist Flea, fourth-greatest of all times in rhythm sections. 

It is not just his drumming skills that put Smith in the spotlight. It is his personality too. He is highly recognized for his charity work, especially when it comes to supporting young musicians.

He has also been actively involved in supporting music education in all U.S public schools. As the PBS concert series. Landmarks Live in Concert that began in 2017; Smith has contributed a lot to different programs.

Smith joined the RHCP in 1988, who was then looking for a replacement drummer after firing D.H Peligro. The team was in the process of producing their fourth studio album. They held open audio for a new drummer, in which Smith was the last performer. 

When he stepped on the stage, he looked more hair-metal than punk, which would have easily set him aside as a wrong fit. But by the time he was through, the band was really impressed, inviting him to join a band that he has worked for ever since. 

Chad Smith has been consistent in mixing the quick-footedness of classic funk the power and volume of an arena-rocker.  Sammy Hagar, who recruited him into the band Chickenfoot, was heard commenting on the drummer’s impressive energy.

The biggest thing that keeps him going is how he implements his power and speed. It is never easy to play hard at the same time keeping time, but Smith somehow does it. Fellow drummer Cliff Martinez calls home “a monster virtuoso.” He has never left the band and continues to keep it scaling higher.

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