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Debbi Peterson, a killer Garage Drummer

No killer garage band does not have a killer drummer. They can do without any other team member, but a drummer always has to be at the center of it all.

Debbi Peterson Performing
Debbi Peterson Performing

And that is how The Bangles can be described in the formative days. The bands were regular covers of The Seeds and The Yardbirds onstage. But it would not have been so was it not for the drumming of Debbi Peterson.

She always seemed to know what to do at the right moment, which is why her playing skills magnified as the band branched out. Nevertheless, she always kept her roots in mind, taking into account how far she had gone and how much she wanted to change the industry.

The best way to know what she has really done is to listen to “Hazy Shade of Winter.” The power that comes from this piece will make you think there were several drummers working together to hit one single drum. Yet that is not all, Peterson’s singing backup or lead vocals influences every tune she works on. She has been cemented as one of the best female drummers of all time.

Early life and career

Debbi Peterson On Drum
Debbi Peterson On Drum

Deborah Mary Peterson was born on 22 August 1961. She did not start strongly as the strong American musician and drummer known today. But she started showing her talent at a very early age. Peterson says she was born a musician, which has been the main force behind her success.

Unlike many performers, she took the time to educate herself on most of the things she knows about music and drumming. Her passion grew as she gained exposure and started playing with major performers on the market.

Besides drumming, Peterson brings out some of the most incredible vocals in every piece she works on. When the Bangles released their singles “Going Down to Liverpool” (1984) and “Be With You” (1989), it was her vocals that brought the band to light.

As the younger sister to one of The Bangles’ members, Vicki Peterson, she was always working hard to make sure her sister was impressed. She strived to become a better drummer and an even better singer with every opportunity that came up.

Sometimes it is tempting to think the band would not have gone far if she was not part of it. Her playing skills have not been matched with any other female drummers.

The Bangles
The Bangles

Petersons established her first band in high school. This made it easy to embark on her solo career when she separated from The Bangles in 1990. Her duo with Siobhan Maher, Kindred Spirit, did not last long. But that did not stop her from wanting to become the best version of herself.

She is a mother of two children and a husband to engineer Steven Botting since 1989. It is quite amazing how she is able to juggle between these duties and remain one of the best female drummers in history. She will always be an inspiration.

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