Cherisse Osei, The Simple Minds’ Clever Drummer

Cherisse Osei is one of the most skilled drummers who are popular with her rock-solid technique when drumming. Even though she has many experiences playing drums with several acts, her work with Simple Minds is the most known one by the public.

She started playing drums at age 11, which resulted in her becoming one of the greatest drummers of her era. These skills make her trusted to perform with many famous musicians, including Paloma Faith, Mantsas, Bryan Ferry, and Kelly Jones.

Cherisse Osei’s Early Life

Drummer Cherisse Osei
Drummer Cherisse Osei

Cherisse Osei was born in London, England, on 23 December 1986. Young Osei was interested in pursuing her dream of becoming an actress or dancer, but her parents were heavily influenced by the punk rock scene of the 70s, jazz, and soul music. Thus, as time went by, Cherisse grew enjoyment in music.

She began to ‘officially’ play drums at age 11, the age when she joined the school drum club. She started performing with bands at age 12.

A few years later, or when she was 15, she worked at a local music store in Wembley. Cherisse Osei’s experience working in the shop gave her more information about drumming, which led her to know some of the best drummers in the world.

Later that year, professional drummer Cherisse Osei started to work as a touring drummer at age 17.

Her Performances with The Faders and Simple Minds

Cherisse Osei As Simple Minds' Drummer
Cherisse Osei As Simple Minds’ Drummer

Simple Minds is probably her best-known work. However, before she joined them, Osei performed and recorded with other artists, including The Faders, Paloma Faith, and many others. In fact, The Faders was her first band when she started playing drums professionally. She was their drummer from 2004 to 2006.

With The Faders, she released hits like No Sleep Tonight and Jump, reaching numbers in the UK albums chart. The band even appeared on the TV show Veronica Mars and their music was featured as the soundtrack.

Cherisse Osei joined the band Simple Minds in 2016. She started as a recording and touring drummer for the band. Osei was chosen to record the acoustic phase that the band wanted to go through for their albums and tour.

In 2017, she became the band’s full-time drummer. Osei replaced their former drummer Mel Gaynor. Cherisse played drums for Simple Minds and has recorded their studio album regularly since then.

Acknowledgments from Musicians

Cherisse Osei performs with other bands

Critics and musicians have acknowledged Cherisse Osei as one of the best female drummers of her generation. She has also proven herself as a great drummer by joining and performing with some great artists and appearing on major American TV shows like Veronica Mars.

She also performed in some of the world’s best music festivals, such as Coachella, Fuji Rock, South by Southwest, Roskilde, and many more.

Osei also won first place in the best Live Session Drummer category in Rhythm Magazine’s and Music Radar’s polls.


Cherisse Osei In Her Drum Lesson
Cherisse Osei in her drum lesson

Cherisse Osei is one of the most talented drummers in the world. Her performances with Simple Minds, The Faders, Paloma Faith, and other musicians are proof of it. She has been acknowledged by critics and musicians across the globe for her talent, as well as her ability to connect with audiences through music.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When did Cherisse Osei join Simple Minds?

Osei joined the band in 2016. The first album she recorded with Simple Minds was called Acoustic. From this album, their music became more of an acoustic genre.

Who is the drummer in Simple Minds now?

Cherisse Osei is still the drummer of Simple Minds. She’s actively recording and touring with them. However, she also takes on projects with other great artists and industry legends.

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