Celeste Spina, The Gifted Drummer Of Little Hurricane

Celeste “CC” Spina is an American drummer from the duo blues band Little Hurricane.

Celeste Spina’s drumming and vocal are a few reasons the public listens to the band’s music. Her unique drumming style is also something that most people point to. It is shown by the smoothness of Spina’s drumming style.

Spina has done great for the genre in drum aspects, making her one of the best female drummers in the industry. She inspires many people and has a significant impact on the community.

Spina’s Early Life

Celeste Spina Is Singing While Playing Drum
Celeste Spina is singing while playing drum

Celeste Spina has already liked music since she was a child. She had an opportunity to attend a music class when she was a fifth grader. At that time, Celeste got the first instrument she wanted, a drum.

Spina officially started playing drums when she was ten. Since then, she has practiced drums with her band teacher, who greatly inspired her. The band teacher helped her to reach the place where she’s now. Moreover, Spina knows how hard it was for the teacher to teach her drumming. That’s why she respected him so much.

Although she has a blooming career now, she ever stopped playing drums when she was still 15.

It was because she was also interested in cooking and wanted to pursue a career in that area. She attended a culinary program at the college. However, she went back to drumming again and became the founder of Little Hurricane in 2010, precisely when she was in her mid-20s.

Spina as Little Hurricane’s Drummer

Celeste Spina performs “Haunted Heart”

Little Hurricane is an American duo band that has blues rock as their genre. Technically, this group is formed by Celeste Spina, who wants to back into the music industry.

She was looking for a musician with the same views as her, and Anthony Catalano caught her attention. He’s a former studio engineer who ever played in a jazz band during high school. Both thought that they had the same idea of music, so they chose to form a music group together.

Many of their songs are loved by the public. Some of them were even played on a television show or become the soundtrack for movies, like Get By on the TV show Revenge season one, Crocodile Tears on the film Two Hundred Thousand Dirty, and Bad Business on the video game MLB The Show 16‘s soundtrack.

Spina and Catalano also received several awards from the San Diego Music Awards as Little Hurricane, such as Album of the Year (Same Sun Same Moon, 2016), Song of the Year (Heart Skips a Beat, 2015), Artist of the Year (2014) and many more.

A Drummer Who Cooks

Celeste Spina As Little Hurricane'S Drummer
Celeste Spina as Little Hurricane’s Drummer

Just like I said before, Celeste Spina is also interested in cooking. Before forming Little Hurricane with Catalano, she was in the cooking industry as a professional chef. She was on hiatus from drumming when she was 15. She started to learn to cook more by attending a culinary camp at a college and getting a degree in it.


The band Little Hurricane can’t be left out if we’re talking about the blues music scene. Although it only consists of two members, its music successfully reaches many people.

As the co-founder, singer, and drummer, Celeste Spina is one of the reasons why the public keeps following their discography. The smoothness of Spina’s drumming style is that she takes her time when playing and truly enjoys it.

Her love for her craft translates into every performance, making audiences feel satisfied after hearing her play. She’s truly one of the best drummers who sing in the blues music industry.

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