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Dawn Richardson – A Drummer With a Vision

Throughout her entire life, American drummer Dawn Richardson has been playing drums. She began playing drums at the age of thirteen and has played throughout high school and college. Her diversity is evident in the various bands she has played in. These include rock bands, orchestra, marching band, concert band, and percussion ensembles. 

Dawn Richardson graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Arts from Cal State University. In college, she focused on percussion, where she studied with Greg Goodall and Steve Houghton.  Through a mutual friend, Dawn met the 4 Non Blonde band in 1991. The band had gained popularity in San Francisco. After her auditions, she was hired to replace the band’s former drummer. She then relocated from Hollywood to San Francisco. 

The 4 Non-Blonde’s album Bigger, Better, Faster, More was released in 1992, right after joining the band. This album earned group recognition all over the United States, receiving Gold and Platinum awards. Later in 1993, one of the band’s songs became the top song in twelve countries. However, the band split in 1994 after touring Europe and North America.

Over the years, Dawn has also delved into teaching drums and writing books. Due to a lack of kids’ drumming resources, her sole focus has been on writing kids’ books. She is incredibly proud of her most recent publication Kid’s Rock Drum Method. Her book aims to make learning drums easy and much more fun for beginners. With its audience being kids, the book is equipped with a CD to aid home learning and practice.

Although she writes books for kids, she trains people of all ages. She encourages her students to reach their full potential with different approaches. Moreover, the drummer boasts of working with some of the most esteemed artists. Some of these artists include Shana Morrison, Penelope Houston, and Toby Beard.

One of Dawn’s most exciting projects was when she worked with Tracy Chapman. She describes Tracy as a talented artist and a creative performer. Furthermore, Tracy is dynamic, using elements that interest Dawn as a drummer. Most of the shows that she performed with Dawn’s band were exciting and successful. In all the bands that Dawn has worked with, the drummer has always been a team player. 

Although she is a good drummer, she does not overlook the essence of other instruments in the band. She recognizes the fantastic talents of her band members like Joe Gore and Patrick Warren. According to her, Joe Gore is the most talented guitarist she has seen, ranking high with PJ Harvey and Tom Waits. Dawn has recorded kid’s songs and heavy songs with a touch of everything in between.

In addition, Patrick Warren’s hands on the keyboard leave her in awe. Patrick has recorded with famous artists like Michael Penn and Aimee Mann. This mixing has made her drumming experience much more enjoyable. As a result, it has been easier for her to express her skills and techniques more musically. Dawn, over the years, has greatly influenced the music industry bringing new skills to the table.

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