Dino Danelli, Splendid Drummer from The Rascals

Dino Danelli is a musician from The United States. He was the founding member and the drummer of the Young Rascals, a hit-maker rock group from the US. Some popular hits you might know are People Got To Be Free, See, Groovin’ and many more.

Besides being the group’s founder, he is also famous as “the greatest unrecognized rock drummer of history”. If you want to know more about Dino Danelli, scroll down this article to find more of his details and current updates.

Dino Danelli Biography

Best Drummer Dino Danelli
Best Drummer Dino Danelli

Dino Danelli was born in Jersey City, New Jersey, on July 23, 1944. He came from an Italian-American family. He started his path in music as a jazz drummer in training, then officially started his music career when he was still 21. In 1961, he played for the legendary Lionel Hampton and was playing R&B songs in New Orleans.

The following year, he returned to New York with a band called Ronnie Speeks & Elrods. Other than as a musician, he’s also a visual artist and has already designed album covers for his groups, the Rascals and Little Steven & the Disciples of Soul.

Danelli also had experiences working with some legendary performers like Eddie Brigati and Felix Cavaliere as Little Willie John in 1963. Later that year, Danelli decided to form a band called the Young Rascals with them and Gene Cornish as the members, which later the group name changed into the Rascals.

Dino’s Bands

Dino Danelli Drumming Solo

We can say that Dino Danelli is one of the most famous among the members because he was part of the Rascals’ founders, who were also drummers in 1964 and 1970. He met his members in some situations.

Like, he stumbled across Eddie Brigati, who was working for a pickup band in his hometown and Felix Cavaliere, who studied classical piano before converting to R&B. In early 1963, Danelli and Cavaliere migrated to Las Vegas and played with house bands. Later, they formed the group with a Canadian-born guitarist named Gene Cornish and debuted at the Choo Choo Club in Garfield, New Jersey.

Danelli was on the Rascals until 1970. He was there for seven years as the original member. Two years later, he formed a group called Bulldog with Cornish. With this group, he released two albums before disbanding in 1975.

After joining two bands, Danelli joined a group called the Leslie West Band for a short period with the former bassist of Gang of Four Busta Cherry Jones. Danelli and Cornish then joined the music group Fotomaker in 1978, with ex-Raspberries Wally Bryson as one of the members. In 1980, Danelli joined Steven Van Zandt (Miami Steve) ‘s Little Steven & The Disciples of Soul group. 

Reunion with the Rascals

Dino With The Rascals
Dino Danelli with The Rascals

On May 14, 1988, Danelli performed at the Atlantic Records 40th Anniversary concert with Cavaliere and Cornish. There was a short-lived Rascals reunion tour later that year without Brigati after that concert.

Finally, The original members came together to perform at their induction at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1997. They performed again at the Tribeca Grill in Tribeca, New York City, on April 24, 2010, for the Kristen Ann Carr Fund dinner. Their reunion performances reminisced their fame in the back days and made them want to make music together again after a long time.

Dino Danelli’s net worth

Dino Danelli One
Dino Danelli Drumming

For someone who’s called one of the great unappreciated rock drummers, Dino Danelli’s estimated earnings are as huge as what appreciation he should’ve got. Below are some examples of the income he earned during his last year. Currently, Dino Danelli is worth approximately $450,000.

Let’s take a look for more details about how rich Dino Danelli is.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Dino Danelli Doing Now?

Dino Danelli is a drummer, and he is still a drummer today. He continues to work on his profession and has been performing in the music industry until now. Dino Danelli is a legendary performer while playing the drums. Dino is considered one of the hottest artists and musicians ever. He is definitely one of the best drummers in the world.

How Rich is Dino Danelli in [currentyear]?

Dino Danelli’s primary income sources are mostly from his music fans. He owns about $10 million of his net worth. Meanwhile, he also brought in $3 million net worth and $5 million from his footwear. At the same time, he had been exaggerating the extent of his business, and the income he made from his work was contributing to making him one of the biggest celebrity cashouts for a long time.

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