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Drummers’ Gloves Best Review 2020


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One of the biggest issues drummers face is pain holding drumming sticks. And chances are you have already experienced such, whether you are a beginner or long time drummer. It is all because drumming sticks, wooden, or plastic are never easy on the hands.

But such things are part of a drummer’s life, and they cannot hinder you from doing what you love. Although they can make you play badly.

And therefore, you need gloves. These are drummers accessories you should not miss on your list.

So, how do you decide on the best drumming groves? In my experience, this is a very critical question than one must answer.

There has been debate among drummers on these issues glove use in drumming. Some say drumming gloves are a necessary accessory. While the purist believes gloves have no value. So, it is all about your stand.

One thing is certain; gloves have become very important. For this reason, there are so many products on the market.

Sometimes it becomes overwhelming to choose the best.

In this guide, I have reviewed ten of the best gloves on the market. This should make it easy for those having trouble deciding.

Who Needs Drumming gloves?

If you have ever seen top drummers like Stewart Copland, Carter Beauford, Phil Rudd, Dave Grohl, and Tommy Lee, you may have noticed all use gloves.

In my situation, I like gloves too. A lot of people don’t like the use of gloves, and they will criticize them at any given chance. But gloves work really work well in many situations.

Consider when you are on tour. For instance, chances are, your hands will be drying out a lot more. This causes you to calluses breaking open, which is a lot of pain.

Some people turn to some bandages to wrap their hands before they start playing. Why not just use gloves to avoid the problem all the same.

And the good news it, gloves are not that costly. Even so, they differ in quality and brand considerations.

You, therefore, still need to get the best drumming gloves. This can be a bit confusing for an average drummer because of the many brands available.

The bottom line, drumming is important for many drum players, and you might be among those who need them the best.

And there is a solution for you here. In the list below, I have picked some of the top products, all of which are highly appreciated on the market.

The Best Drumming Gloves Reviews

1.      Vic Firth Drum Gloves

Vic Firth Drum Gloves
Vic Firth Drum Gloves

Vic Firth makes the best leather glove. The company is quite reputable in terms of creating high-quality items.

These gloves are made from the finest leather – Cabretta. Hence, they come with a feel beyond imagination.

Also, they are long-lasting; hence you can be sure your investment won’t go to waste. Synthetic gloves beat fast, although some are really sturdy. I love most of Vic Firth’s products.

The gloves offer an enhanced grip on the thumb and index finger. This is a big plus because they are the finger responsive for movement and control. You will hold your drumsticks with more strength and be sure they won’t be falling off.

2.      Tama Gloves

Tama Gloves
Tama Gloves

Who does not know Tama in the drumming industry? It is one of the most reputable drum brands. And they also manufacture gloves.

Perhaps you have never heard about their gloves. Well, they are not mentioned a lot on the internet. I can’t tell why.

But they have become a favorite choice for many drummers. It could be because a drum brand produces them; hence they are made specifically with drumming needs in mind.

They are made from synthetic fiber. Even if you are not fun of the material, you will love these ones. Speaking from experience, I never like synthetic fiber either, and perhaps that is their only limitation.

The bottom line is, they are high-quality drummer’s gloves. They offer a less slippage and a large grip.

3.      Vater Gloves

Vater Gloves
Vater Gloves

I first heard about Vater Gloves when I was looking for quality drumsticks. This is a brand well praised for producing the best.

And when looking for drum gloves, “quality” is vital. Well, perhaps a pair of Vater gloves is all you need to enjoy your drumming experience.

Unfortunately, I did not find the same quality in the gloves as I did in the drumsticks. I have a problem with their grip. It was not as nice as I had hoped.

With that said, they are highly breathable. You can play for long and still have cool fingers. They are made from synthetic leather. And they tend to feel more flexible than other brands.

But as stated above, their limitation is low quality and the synthetic material.

4.      Promark DG

Promark Dg
Promark Dg

This is my personal pick. Perhaps you already know Promark for their reputation in producing quality drumsticks.

Many drummers will come in for this brand. And their drum gloves come in the same quality.

Most drum gloves do wear out pretty first. You may be shocked to discover you haven’t used a certain pair as you wished.

The Promark DG gloves might be the longest-lasting gloves you will ever use. They are constructed from thin-cut Cabretta leather, which is the best on the market.

They have eight pads on the finger and palm, each strategically placed. Also, they are highly breathable. Besides, they come a hook and loop wrist strap so you can wear them as tight as you want.

5.      Zildjian Drum Gloves

Zildjian Drum Gloves
Zildjian Drum Gloves

Many users have found Zildjian Drum Gloves a favorite. This could be because they are the cheapest gloves you will find on the market. They are made from soft lambskin, making them quite soft and applicable.

They have a vented back, which lets in air to keep the drummer cool on the stage.

The gloves feature Velcro, which is sticky and keeps the drumsticks well gripped in your fingers. Also, they have wrist support bands to keep them on as tight as you like.

However, a few drummers have complained the stitching begins to come out after a few months of playing. But that is normal for all gloves with stitching.

Other drummers have also noted their hands come out with black marks after wearing the gloves. 

6. Meinl Half Finger gloves

Meinl Half Finger Gloves
Meinl Half Finger Gloves

Meinl is a reputable brand in the percussion and cymbal realm. Their quality is quite unmatched. And for a long time, they have focused on making drum accessories, in this case, drum gloves as well.

Meinl Half-finger gloves are different from others because of their fingerless and design. They will cover only part of your hand that requires protection. This leaves the rest of your finger free.

Hence, using the gloves feels like you are playing without any gloves. And that is one of their biggest advantages. Even those who don’t like playing with gloves with like them.

Besides, there is another breathable feature built-in these gloves. It reduces sweating and allows in more air. With them, therefore, you are guaranteed a wonderful drumming experience.

7.      Ahead gloves for Drummers

Ahead Gloves For Drummers
Ahead Gloves For Drummers

I was compelled to buy the Ahead Gloves simply because I was curious. They are not among the most popular products, yet surprisingly very high quality.

They come with great wrist support and an excellent grip on the drumsticks. This is a design every drummer looks for in drumming gloves.

They are made from quality material to offer superior protection against blister and calluses. And for this, any drummer will appreciate them.

The biggest limitation is its size. They feel a bit bulky in the hands, which may make holding drumsticks feel a bit out of shape. But this depends on the user anyway.

8.      D’s Drummer Gloves

D’s Drummer Gloves
D’s Drummer Gloves

D’s drummer gloves have been on the market for quite a while. However, some drummers have complained they are not able to feel the drumsticks when using these gloves.

Well, I think that is normal. Globes are a barrier between your hands and the stick. And this is why many critics say they are not good.

But the D’s Drummer Gloves are made to cover only part of the hand. Any other part is left open, which makes them great products for all types of drummers.

They will give you great control and grip for your drum sticks. With the rest of the fingers free, you can easily control the stick.

Besides, the mesh and leather design make them breathable. They are generally high quality drumming gloves.


Drum gloves may be a necessary accessory you need on your list. Many drummers complain, however, that they are not able to touch the drum sticks. And this is normal because that is what gloves do.

And I know drummer’s gloves have both their pros and cons. I never take sides on this issue because this is a personal choice.

But I find the benefits of gloves for drummers to outweigh the negatives. They are used for grip, blister, and calluses, as well as shock absorption. You can learn to control the lack of feeling and control and nuances.

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