Earl Young “the drum machine” before The Drum Machine

Drumming may seem easy for those who listen to or watch the songs. However, there is so much that goes on in the drummer’s mind that it will surprise you just how stressed they can become. 

Earl Young
Earl Young

To be good, you need talent, and most important, and an open mind to invent new ideas. This is the best way to describe Earl Young, who was among the most influential drummers in the 1970s. He was not only a drummer but an inventor who wanted to bring new ideas into the market.

Whenever he was working on a project, he always looked out for the best approach to deliver satisfactory results. The drummer always sorts to ensure those who listened to the music picked up something new.

In 1973, Harold Melvin and Blue notes produced the Number One R & B hit,“The Love I Lost.” Earl Young played an active role in his peace, which led him to invent the disco beat. It was an ingenious way of making all four beats of a bar to be played on a kick drum.

This is something that has never been tried before, and no one perhaps thought it could work. Young was never afraid to come up with new ideas and try them out in every project he worked on. This is one of the reasons he becomes a very important part of the musical era.

The disco beat, for instance, is today used in producing many great pieces. That is just how influential the drummer was. The beat has become an endlessly adaptive rhythmic pattern that was first the pulse of the decade. Today, it has remained omnipresent in any area with dancers displaying their skills.

Young was a very important member of the session crew MFSB. It was through this team that he was able to lay the musical framework for Philly Soul. He also contributed to the records by O’Jays, the Spinners, and his own band the Trammps. 

There are very few drummers who can compare to the way Young made his music. It would feel as though the ideas were written on the drums, and he was only there to pluck and use them. His innovative mind contributed majorly to the success of his career. When he was live on stage, he made sure those listening to the performance noted the drummer’s work.

Earl Young On Drum
Earl Young On Drum

Another thing that made Earl Young very successful was his dedication to what he loved. Many drummers do it just for the money, but Young people made good music because that is what defined his personality.  He always had something new for his audience, which made them love him even more.

His singular contribution lives on today. You can always hear his work’s loud sound, presenting more than three decades of house music heard in festivals around the globe. And whenever he speaks about the times, there is still pride in his voice. Young says he did not have a drum machine, but he was “the drum machine back then.”

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