George Hurley The Frenetic And Counter-Intuitive Drummer

“When it comes to great music performance, it takes more than mere talent, and perhaps many hours of practice.” Said George Hurley.

George Hurley
George Hurley

“The world is changing so first with all the technological innovations being witnessed around.  For this reason, one needs to look at what is happening around and adapt appropriately.” And this is what Hurley has always done.  His mind is not set on working with just the ordinary; he seems to invent a new style every time he is behind the kit, just to meet the demands of the moment. There are very few drummers who have such power, and it is the mark of greatness.

In 1980, the monumentally innovative trio, the Minutemen, created their recorded debut. At this time, hardcore punk was barely visible in this San Pedro, California crew. However, they had already started transcending it, mixing funk, Avant-rock, and folk sounds, and building beautifully crafted blast of knotty revelation.

It was all a new approach to a new style that would later change the face of the music industry completely. The band faced a frenetic and counter-intuitive creation of sounds that sounded weirdly natural. It seemed funny, yet incredibly satisfying at the moment when many musicians only noticed the styles that existed then.


However, it should be noted that this success came majorly because of the influence of George Hurley. It was his innovative approach to drumming that saves the group from sounding terribly chaotic. As a jazz fan, Hurley’s impossible speed, versatility, and nuance presented him as the most inventive drummer originating from the American indie-rock scene in the 1980s. For most of this period, few talented drummers would make a real impact on the industry.

There are very many beautiful albums that come with Hurley’s signature. For instance, the biting swing on “Search” and “The Big Foist,” is uniquely delivered to offer a subtle approach to these pieces. You can always notice how easily they transcend into one of the most attractive pieces you can listen to. 

Hurley makes the listener feel like they are part of the music by using the drums’ emotional instincts. In other words, the sounds that come out are almost close to vocals.

The fleet syncopation on “I Felt Like a Gringo” brings out certainty within the music. Listening to it makes one feel like the performance was really made for them. As if that is not enough, the pummel in “Easy Wind/Faith” gives the audience a sensation of great satisfaction.

George Hurley Performing
George Hurley Performing

All these tracks come with punk rock’s rare drum solos. Hurley says his inspiration came from his love for R & B. This music genre is characterized by space and relaxation. 

He also loves jerky and pieces staff as well. And when he combines the two, the result is quite incredible. He compares this style to corn nut soup. George Hurley is one drummer whose work you can never miss. He takes up every challenge and turns it into something appealing, with every piece nicely knitted together for wonderful sounds.

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