Georgia Hubley a Wife, Drummer and Visual Artist

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Yo La Tengo is a group that has been together for more than a quarter-century. They have therefore established trust and synchrony that many bands would die for.

Georgia Hubley
Georgia Hubley

And it is the unity, harmony, and strength that get them into the mystic improvisational zone on a regular basis. When the band was beginning, Georgia Hubley was seen as a Moe Tucker-type drummer.

She approached drums with simple parts for the perfect feel. However, with time, she has developed it with jazz flexibility that was never seen in her role model. When Hubley is behind the throne, everyone around will appreciate that she was indeed one of the best.

Early life and career

Georgia Hubley Performing
Georgia Hubley Performing

Hubley was born on February 9th, 1960. She got interested in drums from an early age and always took the time to try out different approaches. At first, she practiced with simple tools she could find on her way, which explains her subtle approach.

She never stopped looking at other drummers who were improving the music industry altogether, something that made her feel there was more to her than just what she might have thought.

 She is one of the two founding members of the indie rock band Yo La Tengo.  She is married to the other founding member, Guitarist/vocalist Ira Kaplan with whom they have been together for very many years.

Hubley is also a visual artist, one of the skills that enable her to tap into ultimate drumming creativity.

It is not just the way she drums that amuses her listeners, but how she makes it seem as though the drums are listening to her. Everything she does has been well calculated to perfection, giving her a reason to create more incredible sounds. Whenever she is on the throne, she understands perfectly what the listener wants and will do everything together.

The couple would often meet in record shops and the same shows. It is this common ground in music that gave rise to a long-lasting relationship. They started hanging out and jamming together until they formed the band in 1984.

Yo La Tengo
Yo La Tengo

Their first album, Ride the Tiger, came out in 1986 on the Coyote label. Hubley has been the designer for the covers of every release from the band. Apart from this, she is also a talented guitarist, keyboardist, and drum machine. Several of the band’s recordings have her signature on these instruments.

If you want to know what the drummer can really do, try listening to YTL’s jammier tracks. The energy that power that flows through these pieces will take you on another level of discovery. You can feel her subtle brushwork on their ballads.

As an artist, Hubley approaches everything with beauty in mind, and she has transferred the same in her songs. The emotions that flow through every strike will make you want nothing less than what Hubley has done.

She is an innovator who creates beautiful sounds from nothing in her mind and transfers the same into her stick work.

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