Haruna, Lovebites sensational and prolific drummer

Yosai Haruna, famously known by her stage name Haruna is a Japanese female musician. She was born on 23rd January 1996 in Shizuoka, Japan. She is an exceptional lady who can play drums and back vocals. She does these two roles perfectly, and that makes her good for any band.

Haruna began playing drums when she was a young girl. At the age of thirteen, she was already playing drums very well. However, when she was fourteen, her parents bought her a keyboard. She started writing songs on a keyboard when she was only fourteen.


This early engagement with musical instruments made her yawn for more. When she was in elementary school and high school, she loved listening to a Japanese band known as B’z. The first song that she ever bought was from this Japanese brand. The songs from the B’z band had a significant influence on her, and she admits that in many interviews that she has attended.

Haruna has a large fan base, especially on social media platforms and YouTube. She has many supportive subscribers on her channel, with about one million subscribers and over ten million viewers. She has gained all these fans because of the beautiful job that she is doing.

She bought B’Z’s album known as ‘Pleasure,’ which was her best because it had the best singles for their tenth anniversary. In this way, she became deeply in love with their music, which pushed her to do even more. The first songs that she ever wrote and played with her keyboard are still fresh in her mind. However, she has now grown up and started working with different amazing people.

Currently, Haruna is a member of a famous Japanese all-female band known as Lovebites. However, before joining Lovebites in 2016, she was a member of the Destrose band. She joined the Destrose band in 2012 when she was still fresh from school. Haruna joined Destrose on 1st January 2012 after meeting Miho. They released a single called ‘Fenix-To-Revive’ on 28th March, and the song was on the top of the Indie chart.

Haruna Lovebites
Haruna Lovebites

Haruna and Destrose released their album in 2013, and they supported it with a nationwide tour. The album became so famous, and many people loved it. Dextrose performed in the US several times after their new album. However, dextrose was disbanded in 2015, and all the members had to find their new groups.

Haruna joined hands with the bassist Miho in 2016, and they formed the band, Lovebites. The band was formed as a proper metal band. They recruited Watanabe Miyako – guitarist, Asami-singer, and Tatematsu Midori – guitarist and vocalist. They started their work after getting this incredible lineup. The band has recorded a good number of albums and singles to date.

They released their first single in 2017 and named it the Lovebites EP. They have worked on several live albums that include Five of a Kind, Awake Again, Daughters of the Dawn, among many others. The song that Haruna likes the most is Bravehearted from her band. Lovebites is now her home, and she admits that the band has a great potential of rocking the world. The band is currently working on some albums and singles. Haruna believes that her fans love the heavy metal music that she plays.

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