Jamie Morrison – A Producer and Drummer Of Stereophonics

Jamie Morrison also known as Pop Morrison is a British musician and producer from Scotland, best known as the drummer in the Welsh band the Stereophonics. He is also known for his playing with Noisettes, Drewford Alabama, and Ninjas & Wolves. He was born on 30 June 1983.

Jamie Morrison Early Music Journey

Jamie Morrison grew up listening to bands such as Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and The Smashing Pumpkins. His drumming influences include Matt Cameron and Dave Grohl. In April 2010, Jamie was asked to step in as drummer with Noisettes, who were without a drummer for their European tour. He toured extensively with them until the end of 2010 and played on their second album “Wild Young Hearts”.

Jamie Morrison
Jamie Morrison

When he was a kid, Jamie bought every drum magazine, watch every drum video, and he also had drum lessons every week. At the time, he practiced obsessively. To put it simply, he was dedicated to becoming the greatest drummer he could be.

In 2006 Jamie was asked to play drums on new material by Nineties band Mansun. He featured on the record “Kleptomania” which reached number 9 in the UK album charts. Later in 2009, Jamie played drums on the debut album “Drewford Alabama” by singer-songwriter Matt Cardle. The album was produced by Guy Chambers and released on SonyBMG.

Jamie Morrison with Noisettes

One day, Jamie got a call to work with an artist who was just about to be on the Jools Holland show, so the next week he was at the BBC recording. He was only 20, his dad came along and got talking to a guy there backstage called Charlie Francis, who happened to be REM’s producer. After that, they were playing the same show. He was just about to record with this duo and they didn’t have a drummer. These kids turned out to be Shingai Shoniwa and Dan Smith and the band was called Noisettes. So his dad actually made the connection with him that would end up with him joining the Noisettes.

Jamie Morrison finished with Noisettes around 2010 and started writing and producing and working on his own musical abilities, learning Pro Tools and guitar. But he was still playing drums with some people.

Jamie Morrison Joined The Stereophonics

Morrison currently plays with Welsh Rock band The Stereophonics, having joined in 2011 during their Graffiti on the Train tour. He also played drums for Skin when she recorded her album Love Life in 2010. Morrison regularly plays for The Noisettes when Shingai Shoniwa is occupied with her solo career. Morrison has also played for Ninjas & Wolves in their live sets in 2011, and in 2012 recorded drums for their debut album “No Sound Without Silence”.

In 2011 Jamie Morrison joined the Stereophonics as their new drummer. He played his first show in May 2011 and has been recording with them since in between touring commitments with his own projects.

On 2 September 2012, Jamie Morrison announced on Twitter that he had left the band. Jamie then returned as a Stereophonics drummer in 2013. However, Morrison is a highly respected drummer and has been voted one of the best drummers in the world by Rhythm magazine. He is in high demand as a session drummer and has played on many records over the years.

Worked With Some Other Artist

Jamie has also worked with artists such as The Noisettes, Matt Cardle, Mumford & Sons, Bryan Adams, Tom Baxter, and Skin. Jamie’s first solo album “Tender is the Man” was released in 2010. The release is a collection of songs written over several years with musicians such as Clare Bowditch and Johnny Marr, recorded by Morrison with his former band Noisettes

Jamie also plays drums in the electro-industrial band Ninjas & Wolves. They have played extensively throughout the UK and Europe and have released 2 EPs to date.

Jamie Morrison Performing
Jamie Morrison Performing

Jamie Morrison is An Extremely Talented Drummer

Jamie Morrison is an extremely talented musician who has achieved success in a number of different music genres. He is an excellent drummer and no need to question the ability of his drumming, he will be greatly missed by the Stereophonics. Morrison now works as a music producer, writing with artists around the world. He is married to Australian singer-songwriter Clare Bowditch and they have a son named Sonny. 

And now, Jamie Morrison is enjoying present success as the drummer with Stereophonics. He also has an amazing philosophy when it comes to recording his many varied solo projects.

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