Dave Grohl, from Nirvana to Foo Fighters, one of the best rocker ever

“Drumming requires more than just energy and knowledge.” Said Dave Grohl, “it is an art that calls for creativity and innovativeness.” And that is the kind if the drummer Dave Grohl was.

Dave Grohl
Dave Grohl

Dave Grohl creativity and ability to innovate new approaches whenever needs arise, placed him at the top as one of the greatest drummers of all times.  Every time he gets behind the sticks, you can be sure to hear something new.

He played with so much energy and enthusiasm that it felt good just watching him perform. And the volume of records he has worked on the show how much his skills were needed

Dave’s relentless, brawny drumming, he had learned and practiced in Washington, was all that Seattle’s Nirvana required to grow. Within a short period since his joining, he was able to help the group grow from an independent grunge band to multi-platinum icons.

He always had a way of making every sound come out new and clear, even those that were not very new. Anyone who listens to his performance with the team would agree it was his aggressiveness that defined the band. And for this reason, his contribution and footsteps have always remained visible.

Dave Grohl Performing
Dave Grohl Performing

When Nevermind producer Butch Vig was interviewed by Grohl’s biographer Martin James, he ‘found the best drummer in the world.’ He was referring to Grohl’s energetic drumming, which he said: “was better than anybody I have ever met.” And Martin was able to prove just how good the drummer was.

At one part, he wrote, “there were no microphones on the drums, in the room, but they sounded as loud acoustically as though containing amplifiers.” These are some of the statements that came from some of the fans who had a chance to listen or watch his performance.

Grohl started his drumming career in D.C. When Spin interviewed in 1997, he stated, I started playing suburbs using pillows with thick matching band snare sticks.” And this is the reason he was able to play so hard. Pillow does not produce any sound unless to strike them really hard. And when you transfer the energy into drums, what comes out is sound beyond reproach.

Grohl would hit drums so hard it would sound like a thundering locomotive coming from a steep. And it is was amazing just how every strike he landed was so precise and calculated.

Grohl also says it was his dedication to practicing and bettering the skills that got him in the right place he wanted to be. He kept “… playing on pillows, pushing down and pulling … listening to ‘Violent Pacification,’ but D.R.I.,” until he mastered the skills.  And he continued doing this with vigor and energy until his sweat caused condensation to drip from his windows.

Dave Grohl Drumming 1
Dave Grohl Drumming 1

Grohl was not only able to drum hard; his speed and mastery of time were beyond what anyone else could compare to. He has offered great inspiration to many other musicians all over the world as his work rings across generations.

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