Danny Carey, from Natural Sounds to an Alt-Metal Juggernaut with Tool

When talking about the novelty band Green Jelly (Danny Longlegs), the name Danny Carey comes.

Danny Carey stands as the defined member of the group that rocked the world in the late-eighties. To Carey, drumming was not just some needed to do every day; it flowed in his blood and defined who he was.

Danny Carey On Stage
Danny Carey On Stage

When asked how he started, Danny said, “I don’t really know, it just happened that when I held the sticks, I was good.” And this may explain why his innovative styles have been so instrumental in shaping the music industry.

His dedication and energy to drums elevated him to incredibly high levels, crowing him as one of the most sorts after drummers of his time. At some point, it seemed as though he held the Green Jelly together.

Danny career took a different turn for the best in 1990 when he joined the future alt-metal juggernaut Tool. He then becomes very instrumental in shaping the music industry. It is his energy when he lands each hit that makes his work recognizable from anywhere.

He was able to build his career with a better exposer since joining the new group. It may have given him an opportunity to tap into his creative mind and form pieces that would ring the ears of many listers for years to come.

Danny’s height of 6 feet 5 inches contributed more to his power. One of his bandmates once wrote, “When Danny held the sticks, it felt as though his height and power intimated the drums, so they responded to his every command.” And there is no better way of defining how the drummer worked his magic.

Danny Carey 1
Danny Carey 1

It was simply incredible to watch him perform. Today, many of the works he worked on have been recorded, which creates an incredible imagination in the listener’s mind.

The Kansas native set his roots down as the obvious heir to 70s prog giants like Neil Peart and Bill Bruford. His style was very similar to theirs, or perhaps better, according to his generation’s needs. His style is generally a combination of brainy ambition with uncompromising adrenaline.

In other words, he delivers every gig with a knack of polyrhythms and odd meters that can only be described as incredible. He did not just play because there were other drummers who played so too, but because he was inspired to deliver something more.

He was known to possess the gift of making instrumental sounds natural, with all the emotions and feelings. And when he was asked what his trick was, Danny says, “It does not mean anything if you just hear the drums doing tricky things…” To him, it was not just enough that there was ther sound coming from the drums.

Danny Carey Performing
Danny Carey Performing

He never wanted people saying “that guy burning.” Instead, he wanted them to say “that reminds me of the Moor running…” he wanted the music to provoke something in them, and he managed to deliver that effect. Danny has been, therefore, crowned as one of the greatest drummers of all time.

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