Jim Gelcer – America’s most famous jazz drummer

Jim Gelcer is one of Canada’s most intriguing musicians, combining traditional Indian kirtan with modern influences like R&B and jazz. He is a professional musician who was born and raised in South Africa before moving to Canada. He attended the prestigious Eastman School of Music, where he studied drums with Ray Ricker as well vibraphone among other things such as arranging or improvisation from Bill Dobbins & Dave Ratajczak (both also instructors there). In 1984 Jim went on study jazz at York University which is when his career took off because these skills plus more made him a one-of-a-kind artist able to play anything.

Jim Gelcer has been a passionate musician his whole life. He started off playing the drums and then went on to study music at Algonquin College in Ottawa, Ontario before moving out westwardly toward British Columbia. He is now sitting amidst an array of volumes containing all sorts of songs from many genres that he’s composed or co-written for various artists across Canada including kirtan (a type of spiritual Indian chants) blended seamlessly within modern day rock ‘n’ roll beats. One example is R&B legend Miki Anthony’s 2013 album “In My Blood.”

Jim Gelcer
Jim Gelcer

Jim Gelcer Jazz

The drummer and singer Jim Gelcer are described as “a hidden gem on the Canadian jazz scene”. He lives in various genres, from jazz-rock to klezmer and kirtan. He is also working with Lorne Lofsky. In addition, he has written several films and television credits as a composer. Many people describe him as “like Chet Baker”.

Gelcer is also an award-winning Canadian jazz drummer, singer, and musician who has blended traditional kirtan with modern influences to create his own genre of spiritual music. His music is a journey through many cultures and countries, drawing inspiration from his roots in Cape Town. He has performed with artists like Ray Ricker or Lee Musiker while at York University where he studied jazz under David Mott.

In 2013, Gelcer released his second album Bhakti Groove Machine which was recorded with Grammy-nominated producer Ben Leinbach. This recording marks a significant step for him as it features songs in several languages including Hindi and Tamil from India; Arabic vocals on “Ya Law La” performed by Saidah Babu (the singer also known as Aziza Mustafa); English lyrics to “Baba” written by Gurcharan Chaurasia–an Indian classical musician who’s been called ‘Theischinger’ due to their ability.

Gelcer also has experience at Noank Media Inc., a digital media start-up in Harvard University. Gelcer’s experience at Noank Media Inc. has given him a deep understanding of how to run an efficient content business, which he applied later on with his time working as the Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for Harvard University’s digital media start-up.

Jim Gelcer as One of America’s Most famous Jazz Drummers

Jim Gelcer Drummer
Jim Gelcer, Jazz Drummer

Jim Gelcer is one of America’s most famous jazz drummers. He was an original member and contributor to Thelonious Monk Quartet, playing with them from 1957-1961. His sound has been compared by many musicians as similar in style or feel to the music made during that era when Miles Davis first started exploring beyond modalism into more relaxed but no less challenging harmonies under Communist-era Siberiantracks. Jim later went on tour Around Europe before settling down again at home where he continues working tirelessly today awaiting the day all these years.

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