Joey Jordison, All Rounder Guitarist, Drummer, and Percussionist dies at 46

Nathan Jonas ‘Joey’ Jordison is a songwriter and American musician born on April 26, 1975, co-founder and drummer of the nu-metal hardcore band Slipknot.

With all his contributions to the rock world, many musicians and music fans grouped him as one of the best drummers of all time.

According to his family, he died at age 46, and the cause of death has not been immediately disclosed, although the statement says he died “peacefully in his sleep.”

The Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison

Joey was born in Des Moines, Lowa, USA. He has specialized in several music genres, including heavy metal, industrial metal, nu-metal, alternative metal, groove metal, thrash metal, extreme metal, and horror punk. Apart from drums, Jordison also plays percussion and guitar.

The family said: “We are heartbroken to share the news that Joey Jordison, prolific drummer, musician, and artist, passed away peacefully in his sleep on July 26, 2021. He was 46,” as the statement reads. “Joey’s death has left us with empty hearts and feelings of indescribable sorrow. Those who knew Joey understood his quick wit, gentle personality, giant heart, and love for all things family and music. The family of Joey has asked that friends, fans, and media understandably respect our need for privacy and peace at this tough time. The family will hold a private funeral service and asks the media and public to respect their wishes.”

Joey Jordison
Joey Jordison playing

Joey Jordison started practicing with drums at eight after receiving his first drum kit. Apart from receiving his first drum, his parents significantly impacted his love for music. His parents could sit in front of a radio to listen to music rather than sit on a couch and watch television. Before playing the drum, Joey started with a guitar. He started his first band while still young at elementary school.

However, his parents separated when he was young, and he had to live with his mother. This never killed his dream, and he started another band called the Modifidious, in which he played the drums. This band helped him develop roots, and local bands recruited him to support them. He had an opportunity to perform at a bowling center belonging to his family on a night known as Rock and Roll Bowl.

Joey Jordison drumming solo

Before joining large bands, he performed with several bands. In 1995, he joined a big band called the Pale Ones, which later changed its name to Slipknot. However, his career started in 1991, and he is still active in the music industry to date. Slipknot was a group of nine members, and Joey was the third member to join the group. However, Jordison worked for the group for only 11 years, and the group announced his departure in 2013. They said that his departure was because of personal reasons. 

While playing at Slipknot, Joey performed on four studio albums with the group and later produced a live album. Apart from his major projects, Jordison has also performed with Metallica, Otep, Rob Zombie, Ministry, Korn, and Satyr icon, among other major heavy metal groups. Apart from performing in several groups, Joey has also worked with artists in their albums. He has used several drum brands such as Pearl and ddrum.

Joey Jordison Image
Joey Jordison’s heavy metal

While on tour with Ozzfest in 2001 to play for Slipknot, Joey met a musician Tripp Eisen. The two discussed working together on a side project. However, Jordison decided to revive his band ‘The Reject’ in 2002. He renamed it ‘The Murderdolls and became the band’s guitarist. He recruited several other professionals to join his team. The Murderdolls worked with Roadrunner Records, and they released an EP called Right to Remain Violent. In 2002, the band produced its debut album ‘Beyond the Valley.’ The band released several other outstanding albums that made them famous in the music industry.

However, the band was dissolved in 2013. However, after Murderdolls’ dissolution, Jordison was said to have joined a new band that featured Kris Norris and Jed Simon. Little information was released except that Joey had played a significant role in the band’s projects. In 2016, Joey announced that he had formed a new band, the Vic. This man has continued bringing a significant influence on the music industry, especially the metal music genre.

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