Paulina Villarreal and the Power Behind The Warning

Paulina Villarreal was born in 2002, in Monterrey, N.L. Mexico and she has been drumming since 2009. She is one of the youngest female drummers out there. She is currently a Sabian drummer.

She showed her interest in music early on and was put on an Early Stimulation Program. Her parents initiated her into piano lessons at the age of four. And that is how she found a way to grow her passion and work on the skills that made her an excellent drummer.

One day, her parents came to watch her innate skills and coordination as she played Rock Band’s video percussion. She played every to precision and perfection, making them buy her a real drum kit. She was seven then, and this decision would change her life forever.

Paulina Vilarreal
Paulina Vilarreal playing drum on the stage

Paulina started attending drum lessons, got interested in watching music concerts, and started working on favourite bands.

When she was just 7, Paulina showed an eager interest in music. Her parents initiating her into piano lessons at the young age of 4 and noting how well-coordinated their daughter seemed when playing Rock Band’s video game drums to perfection caused them both to steel themselves for what would come next: getting a real-life drum kit!

But it wasn’t until these two events happened that changed forevermore from this point on -First watching concerts by artists such as Linkin Park or Coldplay while studying why each song made sense after listening only once; then secondly, discovering.

When Paulina Villareal was born and when she started to play the drums?

Paulina Villarreal was born Monterrey, N.L. Mexico, and she has been drumming since 2009.

Her love for rock music led to playing covers from bands she followed and posting them on YouTube. A few years later, her rendition of Metallica’s Enter Sandman went viral around the globe receiving so much attention that Ellen DeGeneres invited her as a musical guest for The Ellen Show in 2015 where they performed live together!

In 2013 Paulina recorded an EP with five original songs, which was a glimpse into what would eventually become Pau’s process; recording albums all while learning how much work goes into creating one plus improving upon techniques seen earlier, like collaborating with others or producing videos independently

The warning is a band that has been gaining popularity through its social media channels, and they were eventually invited to give a TEDx Talk in 2016. They repeated this feat again just last year when they shared the stage with other musicians at various venues around Boston, including Hard Rock Café & House Of Blues, while also performing live during Anaheim’TimeOut Music Festival 2018 – Austin SXSW F

2 songs from a masterclass by Pau Villarreal / 2 Canciones de la masterclass for Pau Villarreal

When Def Leppard included The Warning in their October 2017 concert, it seemed like a distant dream for Paulina. But six months later, she found herself on stage with some of rock’s most famous musicians at the Mother Of All Rock Fest – which also happened to be held here in Mexico City!

Hardworking and diligence are two words that describe Paulina perfectly. She has spent a lot of time honing her skills, evolving as both musician and drum player over the years while always being dedicated to improving herself in whatever she does – whether it be practising or playing with different brands/models drums such an AAX series by Sabian (which is what she currently plays).

Paulina Vilarreal Performing
Paulina Villarreal Performing live

Her favourite one? The 18″HHX EVOLUTION O-ZONE CRASH!”

Paulina Villarreal continued these activities for many years as her sister joined. In 2012, they formed their own band called The Warning towards the end of the year.

The three girls loved rock to the core, and that was the force that fueled their activities. They continued playing covers from their favourite bands and posted them on YouTube.

A few years later, her work on Enter Sandman by Metallica went viral across the world.She then got so much attention that Ellen DeGeneres invited the team as guests on The Ellen Show of 2015.

What is Paulina Villarreal biggest influence?

Paulina Villarreal biggest drumming influence is Neil Peart. She loves his style

At this time, Paulina was already penning her own lyrics. She had become a pro in music, joining her sister in recording an EP, Escape the Mind. They used five original songs, all of which became hits. It was her first glimpse of what would happen during the recording.

Later, they improved the album when she and her siblings received a scholarship to join Berklee College of Music for a five-week program. In the same year, another major event happened in her life. One of her songs was selected to be part of Rock Band IV.

In 2016, The Warning was invited to share their knowledge and experience through TEDx Talk. This was an excellent time for the team to grow and become even more famous. They have played in several other live venues, including Boston’s Hard Rock Café and Anaheim’s House Blues.

Paulina has such a creative mind. This is a special trait that makes her the pillar of her band. Her songwriting started while she was still a piano player. However, her passion rests in drums; that is where she has always been.

By the end of 2017, The Warning released their first full album, XXI Century Blood.   She sang the lead on all the songs and worked on the drums and the piano tracks. A staggering opportunity came her way in October of the same year when Def Leppard included The Warning in their Opening act at Mexico City Concert.  

Paulina is one of the hardest-working female drummers around. She spends most of her time practising and sharpening her skills. She is fast, strong, and aggressive behind the kit.

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