Scott Travis, The Towering, Long-limbed drummer

Scott Travis is well known for his extraordinary speed and drumming prowess. There is so much power in him that it makes the ground shake where he is playing from. The drummer was born on Sep 6, 1961. He plays for the English heavy metal band Judas Priest. He also works with the Irish rock band Thin Lizzy and Racer X, and an American heavy metal band.

Born in Norfolk, Virginia, he was one of the best-known drummers during the early 1980s. He played with a wide range of bands in Norfolk, Virginia Beach, and Newport News. Travis started drumming at an early age in his life. This helped him develop the important skills that would take him to the highest levels of his career.

Scott Travis
Scott Travis

During the mid-80s, Travis moved to Carolina, where he played with bands like Hawk, before joining the much-acclaimed Racer X band. Also, he briefly played Saints Or Sinner, which was later known as The Scream. But it was not until he joined Judas Priest after their drummer’s departure that his career picked. It took him a long time to get this spot, but it was the best move to get him on the road to fame.  

Travis had for long wanted to drum for this band. As a teenager, he imagined setting up his drum kit in the parking lot at Hampton Coliseum just so he could get noticed. However, he decided to wait back and play for other bands as he waited for the right time. When Holland left Judas Priest in 1989, vocalist Jeff Martin heard the report and shared it with Travis. That was an opportunity he had been waiting for. And so, he went on and auditioned for the vacant position.

Travis has remained with the band ever since as their main drummer. Aside from that, he handles some duties for Racer X too. Between 1992 and 1995, Travis also played for Halford’s band Fight. But today, he is best recognized for his role in Judas Priest. He has worked with the band since the 1990 album Painkiller.  

It was Travis who was responsible for hiring Tim ‘Ripper’ Owens to replace Halford in 1996. Working with the band, he has helped them grow from glory to glory with every release. He co-wrote the song “Cyberface,” which is one of the band’s 2011 Demolition album. It was his first and only contribution to the band, and it became an instant success.

Scott Travis Performing
Scott Travis Performing

Travis joined the reformed Thin Lizzy in their reunion shows. He has remained with the band as an official member ever since. Many people mistake Travis as being left-handed. But he plays an open style, something that is not very common among drummers.  

The drummer has also endorsed a number of brands in his career. He played Tama drums until 2008. And then he played Pearl kit later. He was also seen switching to a DW kit for the second leg at the NAMM show. He has remained a great influence in the world of hard rock metal.

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