Juanita Parra, an Amazing Drummer of Los Jaivas

If you follow Chilean music scenes, you probably know this fantastic drummer from the Chilean progressive rock–folk group Los Jaivas, Juanita Parra.

Juanita is considered one of the best female drummers in Chile and has been active in the industry as a drummer since she was a teenager. Her works with Los Jaivas are the most noticeable ones to the public.

Biography of Juanita Parra

Juanita Parra Performs On The Stage
Juanita Parra performs on the stage

Juanita Parra Correa was born in Santiago, Chile, on November 19, 1970. Since childhood, she has been close to music as she’s the daughter of Gabriel Parra, who was the original drummer of Los Jaivas but died in 1988 due to a crash in Peru.

Grew up in the Los Jaivas community gives her an environment with an atmosphere of high music production and concerts. Hence, she had the opportunity to watch and hear bands practice from a very young age.

Music Career

Los Jaivas’ Drummer Juanita Parra

Although Juanita started to work in the industry when she was 17, she officially worked as Los Jaivas’ drummer when she was 21.

The band members felt that she was the fated replacement for her dad. She initially declined the request but reconsidered it and became the group’s drummer. She had to fill her father’s shoes after he passed away, which was not an easy task.

Besides Los Jaivas, she also has other projects as a musician, including Huaika, a music band that only consists of children. 

Juanita Parra also joined a side project with Besos Con Lengua. It’s a project that gave her a chance to share scenes with some of the great musicians, like Chemene Cubillos, ex-La Dolce Vita, and Colombina Parra, the singer of the group Los Ex.

In those projects, she didn’t only perform or recorded as a drummer but also vocal and played other instruments like the tambourine, maracas, and many more. It shows how talented she is as a musician, and makes her on the list of drummers who sing out there.


Juanita Parra As Los Jaivas Drummer
Juanita Parra As Los Jaivas Drummer

Juanita’s debut CD with Los Jaivas was Hijos de la Tierra in 1995. This album quickly became a staple for those who appreciate traditional Mexican music, and Parra’s vocals are truly stunning on these tracks. Since then, she has kept releasing albums with the band, including Trilogia: El Rencuentro (1997), Mamalluca (1999), and Arrebol (2001).

She also debuted as a vocalist in the album that was released in 2001, where she performed on the tribute to Violeta Parra. She recorded Adiós que se va Segundo with Gato Alquinta and Mario Mutis as well as Álvaro Henríquez himself, who was the producer.


Juanita Parra Is Playing Drum
Juanita Parra is playing drum

Juanita Parra is definitely an amazing drummer in the Chilean music industry. She started playing the drums at a young age and has been touring with the band for over 25 years.

Her skill on the drums is truly remarkable, and she continues to inspire people all over the country with her music. Juanita Parra has had an incredible journey as a drummer, and she definitely will continue to wow us with her talents in the years to come.

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