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Looking for the best kid electric drums? Well, you are in the right place.

But before we think about getting something for your kid, how much do you know about electronic drums?

What are electronic drums?

If you are new to such a dream kit, then we must do a little introduction.

Ordinary drum kits come with the loudest acoustic instruments in the world. But the electronic drum kit  is almost silent. 

An electronic drum kit has somehow different items from the common ones. For instance, the drum pads on the electric drum sets are quite durable. When you play this drum kit, people around you can only hear a soft thud or a click. 

However, if you put on ahead of headphones, then these drum kits will give you the best sounds. You will not believe how wonderful the music from the electronic drum pads sound.

What is more, you can choose the kind of electronic drum sets to listen to with a press of a button. In other words, this drum set is perfect for any environment.

Even better, electronic drums are the best for kids and beginners. With an electronic drum kit, you will practice from home without disturbing anyone.

Another great advantage of having such a kid drum set is the self-contained studio. Most of the new electronic drum sets for kids come with these features. Your kids can connect the drum set to a computer seamlessly and produce the best music. They are merely exceptional.

The Best Electronic Drum Sets For Kids in 2021

Despite the benefits of having an electronic drum set for kids, you need to know how to choose your sets right. There are so many electronic drum manufacturers on the market today that choosing may be overwhelming.

Well, there is no denying that electronic drum sets make an excellent gift for kids. But if you want them to learn, then you should be careful about how you choose the drum.

To make your work easier, here are our top electronic drum recommendations. They all come with features that will make your kid feel great while playing.

Alesis Forge Drum Set

Image of the Alesis Forge drum set

This is our favorite electronic drum kit. It is among the best electric drums kit for beginners and kids on the market.

Sometimes we see many kids coming put ready to play, but they never get a chance to practice. So the parents but the great sets to help them play, but they never do. The drum set may just sit in the basement with no one to use.

A close look reveals the problem may not even be the kids or their parents. It is the drum set. And that is why we often recommended to parents to try buying inexpensive, easy to use electronic drum sets.

And one of the best manufactures for kid electronic drum sets is Alesis. You can get a good electronic drum set for just about $300.

You may be wondering how such a great electronic drum can be so cheap. Well, one thing you can be sure of, it is not a toy. Your kid or a beginner will have the best time of their life.

The electronic drum set comes with the following features:

  •  It is the perfect small size for your kid, but big enough for an adult beginner too. As your kid plays, you can join in and learn, too, if you are fun.
  • Built-in feature s for practice. It allows your kid to learn from a great variety of functions, including practicing skills.
  • This set offers a wonderful USB connection. You kids can connect the sets on their computers for sound recording.
  • Headphones jack. Your kid can practice from this electronic drum sets without disturbing your neighbors. The fact that you can connect electric drum sets to the PA system, amplifier, or recording console makes them very interesting.
  • It comes with 8” rubber drum pads. Your kids may be playing the loudest, but you will only hear a thud.  

With the USB recording feature, this electronic drum set lets you make great music for your kid. They can practice with the pieces until they get the right tunes.

Excellent Table-Top version by Pyle

Pyle Pro Pyle Portable Tabletop Set

The best thing about electric drums for kids is their portability. And this is on such an item. When you don’t have space for a compact full drum set, this table-top electronic drum kit should be the best option. The earlier version of these drums offered an excellent time for beginner kids. At the moment, the drums seemed to provide endless possibilities. And the new drum is even better.

 This drum kit is not a toy; it can serve just like drum kits from other musical instruments. Here is the feature of this set:

  • Fully compact and portable electronic drum sets.
  • Your kids will sound like the best player through the earphones.
  • It allows for recording and saving of different musical sounds. This feature gives beginners and kids space to learn from the mistakes they make. This means you will be walking with a recording studio right in your hands.
  • USB connection to the computer allows you to unlock more sounds, beats, and excellent recording capability.
  • It comes with a drum trainer. This learning module is perfect for beginners.
  • It features foot pedals and drum sticks.

The seven touch-sensitive drum pads offer a wide range of realistic outputs. Like all electronic sets, you only hear a soft thud unless you have earphones plugged. It feels are though you are using a full drum kit, complete with great effects.

Alesis DM Lite Kit

Alesis Dm Lite
Alesis Dm Lite

There is so much variety in price and features when it comes to kids’ drums electronic drum sets. And this particular set brings out this aspect.

You may need up to $3000 for a quality electronic drum set. But for kids and beginners, such an amount may not be worth it. Hence this kit is an excellent feature.

This Alesis set if built for older kids. It looks as cool as it produces excellent sounds. This set comes with a 4-post rack mounting, which enables the drummer to experience a more realistic drumming experience. It is pre-loaded with more than 200 drum sounds, standing as a beautiful drum coach; hence you don’t need a teacher.

You can connect the DM Lite kit to your PC through USD. And with this, record as many programs and MIDI as you want.

It features:

  • Complete 5-piece kit with three cymbals
  • It is LED illuminated, even on the cymbal pads.
  • Build-in drum couch with 30-plus play-along songs
  • Collapsible 4-post rack
  • Storage slot on the integrated drumstick
  • Audio recording software and virtual instruments, connected through USB.

And the best part of the set is the pressure-sensitive kick drum pedal. So when you hit harder, it sounds louder and vise versa.

The First Act FD213 5-Pad Electronic Drums

The First Act Fd213 5 Pad Electronic Drums
The First Act Fd213 5 Pad Electronic Drums

This drum kit is an excellent product for kids from 3 years and above. It comes like a toy, but a great for learning. It helps them to get started learning about coordination. This early training brings put the musician in them.

The kit is equipped with several features, like a real electronic drum set. The drum kit has pre-loaded sounds and rhythms and recording capability.

So if you are looking to gift the little one today, consider this set.

The Roland TD-1DMK V-Drums

Roland V Entry Electronic Drum Set Td 1dmk

Roland is a great powerhouse for electronic drums. And here is another great model from the manufacturers. For years, they have been producing top-quality drums, and there is no doubt they have continued doing so.

It is a nice compact kit with a great response. It comes with tunable mesh heads that can replicate the feeling from a real acoustic drum.

It can also serve as a great practice option for a new and intermediate drummer. One can quickly become a pro, starting with set and grow to become great drummers.

Rabing Kids Drum Set Beats Flash Light Toy

Rabing Kids Drum Set Beats Flash Light Toy Adjustable Microphone

Talk about kid’s toys, and everyone will think about the Rabing Kids Drum Set. The company is quite famous for producing kid’s mini-drum set. Their low prices make them even more popular.

If you have a toddler in your house continually hitting on household items, you can get them this toy.

Take it straight from the box and start playing. It features several loops. But you can set them off to allow free-style playing.

Do you need more information about kids drum kits?

Facts that make electric drums a big deal today

  • Drumming does not have to be loud. Electronic drums have brought in a new approach to drumming. Where it was assumed they have to sound loud; today, drums don’t have to.
  • Beginners can practice near silence. You can only hear a thud when someone is playing. The idea behind them is striking a drumstick to trigger an electronic sound. This same idea has been applied in electronic keyboards. As such, a beginner can practice and perfect their skills without making loud noises.
  • New technology in drumming. There is no doubt technology has taken over the world. Only those ready to embrace it can make it, especially in the music industry. And there is always a new thing with electric drums.
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