Kristina Schiano, The Most Influential Drummer in Social Media

Kristina Schiano is a renowned drummer who has built a well-curated professional career. The professional drummer has augmented her footprints on YouTube by surpassing 1 million subscribers. Sure, she is sponsored by leading music companies worldwide and has carved a name for herself as a session drummer for various artists on tour and in the studio. 

Over the last few years, Kristina Schiano has navigated her career within a solo tour, opening for Frank Zummo. She has also featured in various prominent events, including a Yamaha commercial. Kristina has journeyed across the United States and performed in dozens of events, for instance, Google private events.

Kristina Schiano
kristina schiano

Kristina Schiano is an incredible freelance drummer located in Brooklyn. The Professional drummer has played an integral part on social channels within the last few years. Her YouTube videos featuring drum covers, e.g., Carol Of the Bells, Beethoven, and My Chemical Romance, have garnered millions of hits. Of course, Travis Barker is one of Kristina Schiano’s all-time favorite drummers. 

The drummer grew up getting a load of punk music and was engrossed by Travis Barker’s style. She holds that it is admirable to nurture your own style. She has risen through the ranks throughout her professional journey by leveraging a myriad of gears such as Zildjian Cymbals: A Custom Hi-Hat, 16” and 18” A Custom Crash, 20”, A Zildjian Sweet Ride, and A custom China. 

Most interestingly, Kristina Schiano flaunts an extensive range of endorsements. Of course, the professional drummer is endorsed by Vater, SJC Drums, Remo, and Zildjian. She is passionate about partnering with several online creators for upscale productions. Her professional journey began eight years ago when she began playing the guitar. Realizing that the guitar did not meet his utmost interests and passions, she asked her parents for a drum set which she began playing and teaching herself ever since. 

Today, the fantastic drummer is very inspired by countless online drummers such as Matt Mcguire, Anika Nilles, Cobus Potgieter, Luke Holland, and many more. Of course, Kristina Schiano appreciates the need to develop a routine for practice. Up until a few months ago, the professional drummer didn’t have a detailed practice schedule. This notion saw her realign her endeavors and make it a point to practice for at least 1-2 hours daily. A piece of advice from the guru is that try not to weigh yourself with others. 

Kristina Schiano Performing
kristina schiano performing

Kristina told that you just need to have fun and avoid worrying about what other individuals are doing. So far in her professional trajectory, Kristina has experienced multiple events where she felt total delight. She has often worked towards her goal and accomplished bigger things. The drummer is intrigued by the prospect of completing her desires and staying on the right path. 

Equally, she maintains that failure is highly significant for various reasons. It teaches you discipline, unleashes the fire in you, and allows you to cherish when things are fortunate. Making it in the industry has never been a piece of cake. Kristina Schiano presumes that females contemplating venturing in this arena should walk with their heads held high and show the world how it’s done.

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