Sjc Custom Drums Pathfinder Series 3 Piece Shell Pack Black Satin

If you are looking for your first drum set, I would recommend you try out SJC’s drums. This is a reliable company that has been on the market since 2000.

I recently wrote an SJC Tour Series Drum Kit review explaining why these pieces have made such a huge impact on many drummers. It is not every day that you will find a company that makes high-quality affordable kits.

In this article, I will be reviewing the SJC Custom series drums with a focus on select products. For those who are not sure where to start, this should be your best chance to get a great drum kit.

SJC Custom Drums Pathfinder Series 3-Piece Shell Pack – Black Satin

I have never seen a better price in a drum kit than what this 3-piece shell pack from SJC offers. It features a pro-grade recipe and a new modern rock sizing.

The Pathfinder kit is a sure way to get that SJC style and substance without breaking a bank for it. It is crafted from 7 plies of maple/mahogany blend, promising great warmth, bite and sustain.

Whatever music you are playing, this kit is sure to deliver performance. From pop to metal, drummers have acknowledged the versatility of this kit.

A vogue satin and black finish both on the shells and the hardware gives it a look that everyone will admire. This feature complements its sound just right, allowing it to ring through the mix of your band.

Another incredible feature is the SJC iconic hardware that comes with the Pathfinder series. You get whisper-quiet shield lugs, tonally transparent 1.3mm triple-flanged hoops, and sustain-maximizing suspension on tom mounts. They make setting up your gear easy and straight.

SJC’s shield bass head makes the sound you would expect from any professional drum kit. And then there are the matching teal badges that complete the design.

The kit is configured with a 12 x 8-inch tom, a 16 x 14-inch floor tom (with floor tom legs), and a 22 x 18-inch bass drum. it does not include an SJC snare drum. These pieces have been perfectly blended to deliver a professional performance.


• Excellent construction

• Durable

• Pro sounding affordable kit


• It does not come with everything you need to start playing


SJC’s Pathfinder series promises a good blend of pro-sound, excellent design, and durability. You will love it, especially at this price range.

SJC Custom Drums Paramount 3-piece Shell Pack – Tuxedo Silver (no snare drum)

When looking for a good drum kit, it’s always advisable to go for something from a reputable brand. SJC is one company that does not disappoint.

SJC Custom Paramount 3-piece shell pack is a Tri-color maple kit that comes ready to rock. It was built in the summer of 2018, which explains its multi-color features.

This rock-sized kit is made from 7-plies of North American Maple, assuring a dazzling look. It’s then dressed in SJC formal attire, with polished chrome bands, badges, hoops, and hardware, helping you enjoy every beat.

The Tuxedo Silver shell pack will give you a memorable performance no matter your playing style. It promises a great punch and projection, filling any venue with a clear definition of power.

Matching chrome hoops, low-mass hoops, and hardware bring everything together. Evans drumheads make this kit a winning combination of everything you need to make good music.

The kit is configured with a 12 x 8-inch tom, 16 x 16-inch floor tom, and a 22 x 18-inch bass drum. They are handcrafted in Taiwan and tuned to all types of modern music.


• Excellent construction inspired by a 2018 SJC Custom kit build

• Versatile

• Affordable


• You may have to replace the factory heads.


The Paramount series brings the true face of SJC to the stage. This is a brand that lives up to expectations, and why they used a team of expert builders to craft this kit. You get all company’s marks from the Paramount Tuxedo kit. At this price range, I am sure every drummer will want to try it out. So, go ahead and you will not regret it.

SJC Custom Drums Pathfinder Series 3-Piece Shell Pack – Teal Satin (with bass drum and floor tom legs)

If you are like most drummers, choosing the perfect drum kit goes beyond the kit. But beginners have the hardest time choosing because many cheap drum kits don’t offer the best sounds.

Luckily, there is SJC, which produces a wide range of handcrafted drum sets at an affordable price.

A good example is this SJC Satin Drums Pathfinder series 3-piece shell pack – Till Satin. It comes with a pro-grade shell recipe and a modern rock size, that delivers style and substance at the best price on the market.

The 7 plies of maple/mahogany bland promise warmth, bite, and sustain. It’s then complemented by a Teal Satin finish with black hardware, completing a kit that every drummer would be proud to have.

SJC’s iconic hardware, including super-quite shield lugs, tonally transparent 1.3mm triple-flanged hoops, and a great suspension tom mount, give users the freedom to play however they want. Besides, its SJC shield bass head and matching teal badges assure completeness.

You get a 12 x 8-inch tom, a 16 x 14-inch floor tom, and a 22 x 18-inch bass drum from the box. Handcrafted in Taiwan, every piece is perfectly tuned to ring through the mix. The toms are perfectly tuned, creating an incredible blend of looks and performance.


• The SJC Pathfinder is built from select plies of maple and mahogany. They are quick to speak and quick to leave the way.

• They are tailored to suit modern music

• Powerful projection and a crisp, even tone


• Some users have complained about its durability


You are off to a great start if you buy this SJC Pathfinder series kit. It’s for those who need the great looks and sound of modern rock and punk music. Simply put, it’s a perfect beginner shell pack.


Are SJC’s Drums any good?

Yes. The pieces reviewed above are some of the best SJC drum sets. The company has been operating since 2000, offering a perfect blend of looks and performance in their drums.

They come with several unique parts, like butcher hoops and original finishes that you will not find in any other brand. You can find links to videos on the company’s official website.

The shells are the same as what you would expect from other bands. However, they charge more for labor since most are handcrafted.

Also, the prices seem a little higher for most wrapped kits. But they are good deals, considering SJC has a good reputation in Europe and America.

Generally, SJC does flashy kits that sound good too. If you need something custom shine, SJC is sure to provide it. They offer the same level of quality on the UK market.

What drummers use SJC Drum sets?

SJC has been crafting a wide range of solutions for all types of drums since 2000. That is why any SJC drum kits review will have more positive comments. Musicians like Lady Gaga and Green Day are known for using SJC’s handmade drums.

Famous drummers that use SJC drum sets include:

• Green Day Tre Cool

• Slipknot Jay Weinberg

• Twenty-One Pilots Josh Dun

• Sum 41, SDC Frank Zummo

• Imagine Dragons Daniel Platzman

• Rancid Branden Steinecker

• All Time Low Rian Dawson

The drums are designed for a wide range of modern music. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, there is something for you from SJC.

What does SJC Drum sets stand for?

SJC stands for Scott J. Ciprari, who is the co-founder of SJC Drum kits. The company was launched in 2000 and has grown into one of the biggest drum manufacturers in the world. They have set a record for making excellent alternatives for every drummer out there.

Who owns SJC Drum company?

The company was started and is owned by brothers Mike Ciprari and Scott Ciprari. The partners started by building drums as a hobby from their grandmother’s basement. They never imagined SJC would someday grow into an international brand that rock drummers like Imagine Dragons and Lady Gaga played.


SJC drums are good. Even though they are highly priced, compared to the competition, they are still a worthy investment.