Leah Shapiro, Black Rebelist Rocking the Drums

Leah Shapiro is a dedicated, talented, and all-rounded female drummer. She was born in Aarhus, Denmark, about three decades ago. She started focusing on drumming playing when she was a young girl, which has led her to her big goal. While in high school, she dedicated a lot of her time to playing drums. She perfected different techniques and learned the different sounds and moves that the fans need.

However, after completing her high school education, Leah Shapiro made a sharp turn into her career. She joined a music school in Nottingham, Boston, and New York. These schools opened her mind more, and she got the idea of what she needed to do. However, during this time, she was involved with various projects that include Dead Combo and The Raveonettes.  These two projects led her to her current band, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (BRMC).

Leah Shapiro Performing
Leah Shapiro

Shapiro joined Black Rebel Motorcycle Club in 2008 when the club was going for the UK and European tours. She also supported the band in the project Stone Temple Pilots in the United States. After finishing the support tours, Shapiro went into the studio to record their album, ‘Beat the Devil’s Tattoo.’ She was also involved in writing other songs available in this album.

However, how did Leah Shapiro join BRMC? The band recruited her after Nick Jago, who was the drummer, left the band. Shapiro released her debut album with the band on 27th October 2008, and it was named ‘The Effects of 333.’ The biggest album that Shapiro released with BRMC is ‘Beat the Devil’s Tattoo.’ They later released another one after two years and named it Live in London.

However, in 2014, Leah Shapiro was faced with a complex health condition. She needed to undergo brain surgery to eliminate an abnormality that had left her almost incapacitated. She was diagnosed with Chiari malfunctions, a structural defect in some brain and skull regions responsible for body balance, muscle strength, and other vital roles. However, Shapiro received a lot of support from her bandmates and the large fan base.

Shapiro resumed her roles in the band in 2015, and she started recording different songs. Shapiro admits that her band engages a lot in tours, and at one time, they were in tours for about one year and a half. Shapiro admits that the tours make her have a large fan base who loves her techniques and entire music.

Leah Shapiro
Leah Shapiro Performing

Leah Shapiro endorses and uses Paiste drums and cymbals. She likes the sounds produced by this fantastic product. The thing that makes her outstanding despite the surgery is her love for music and the passion for succeeding. Her bandmates immensely love her because of the way she handles issues. She is frenetic and vigorous, making her the right choice for any band.

Apart from playing for BRMC, Shapiro has a few side projects that keep her busy when she is not on the band. Since her young age, she has been a hardworking person, and she doesn’t think anything will ever drag her behind. She is so grateful to all the fans and band members who supported her during her hard times.

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