Stephen Perkins, Skilled and Eclecitic Drummer

Hard rock and metal drumming require energy, speed, and precision. And that is why there very few drummers who have mastered this skill.  Stephen Perkins is one of them.

Born on September 13, 1967, Stephen Perkins is an American musician and songwriter known for his unique skills. He is also a drummer and percussionist who plays for Jane’s Addiction and Bellflower. 

Stephen Perkins
Stephen Perkins

Early life and career

Perkins, like many other great drummers, started his career at a young age. He always seemed to have an obsession with drums, and he followed that passion until today. He attended Notre Dame High School in Sherman Oaks, California, where he found a chance to practice his music skills even more. He is an innovative musician who uses his skills to entertain the world.

After the dissolution of Jane’s Addiction, he continued to work with frontman Perry Farrell in another rock band called Porno for Pyros. Also, he worked on a solo project titled Banyan. In 1990, Perkins was involved in Lil’ Pit with Mike Watt. He has always been a drummer who goes out of his way to deliver quality performance. There are very few drummers who have such an experience as Perkins’.

In 1992, the drummer appeared as a percussionist on Rage Against the Machine’s piece “Know Your Enemy.” Red Hot Chili Pepper hired him to work on their song “One Big Mob” and “Warped” in 1995. There is a song on the album ‘One Hot Minute.” He also played drums on “The Downward Spiral,” an album from Nine Inch Nails. His drums are all over the track “I Do Not Want This.”

That is not all; Perkins also worked with Dave Navarro, a guitarist from Jane’s Addiction, and bass player Chris Chaney. Together with singer/guitarist Steve Isaacs, they worked on a project called The Panic Channel. Member of the Suicidal Tendencies has also enjoyed working with the drummer in their side project ‘Infectious Grooves’. His drumming is also on some works by an LA-based I Stooges cover band called Hellride.

Stephen Perkins Performing
Stephen Perkins Performing

Over the years, Perkins has continued to be a significant influence on the world of rock and metal.  When he is behind the drums, he became one with the kit. “Perkins plays as though he is just talking to the drums, and they obey him.” One of his fans heard saying. “There is magic in his hands, and it makes the sounds come out so good. In 2008, Jane’s Addiction reunited during the NME Awards, and Perkins was there on the throne. He has since played for a few club shows, showcasing his skills and prowess in speed and power.

Many drummers have found his work quite inspiring. He is not just talented but also greatly experienced in what he does. Currently, he plays in Bellflower as well, a band he has helped grow from strength to strength. His personality helps keep the team together. Perkins will always remain a great source of inspiration for young drummers.  His skills are on another level as far as drumming is concerned.

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