Dave Witte, The “Thrusher” for Municipal Wave

When Dave Witte joined party thrashers Municipal Waste in 2004, it marked a new road in his career.  He put his name on the radar for a lot of metal fans. But that is not where he began. Witte’s stickwork goes further back. He has played for more than two dozen bands throughout his career, making him one of the industry’s most experienced drummers.

Some of his best works came out when he was with Human Remains and Cult grind legends Discordance Axis. These are some of the most reputable metal bands, and it’s impressive how Witte has helped them grow. David Witte, playing drums is not just a career, but a passion. “When I watch Witte playing, it feels as though he is one with the drums.” said one of his fans…. “it feels as though he is talking to the drums, which can hear and answer him back.”

David Witte
David Witte

Well, there is no better way of describing what Witte can do. By the time he joined Municipal Waste, he was already an experienced drummer ready for the market. His work with a wide range of bands is just and addition to what he already was. 


Dave Witte is a professional drummer well known for his work with numerous bands. He often works with many different bands at once. The drummer is best known in the underground zone for his blast beats and rolls, technical fills, and speed in his style. “I love the speed aspect of drumming,” he says. This is one of the reasons he has maintained a spot in the metal world. He plays Trick drums, Paiste Cymbals, and Vic Firth drumsticks.

Witte’s career started early in his life, but it picked in the 1990s when he started playing with numerous bands. He has never worked with just one band in his career. There have always been five or six bands at any given time. Also, he has recorded many studio albums with all these bands. He has toured with even more bands or formed his own groups just to keep busy with music.

It is with Municipal Waste he joined in 2004 that Witte’s name has been shining. He joined the band after the exit of drummer Brandon Ferrel.  When the band released their first album in 2005, it was Witt who was on the throne.  Since then, the band has released other albums, including the 2009 Massive Aggressive.

There most recent release is the Fatal release that came out in 2012. Dave Witt says this is the best album from the band ever. Witte worked with Burnt by the Sun between 1999 and 2009. He formed this band because he was tired of buying records.

David Witte Performing
David Witte Performing

In 2013, he formed Deny the Cross, a band he has worked for until today. He co-founded the group with vocalist Carlos Ramirez, guitarist Dan Lactose and bassist Ramon Salcido. It is his personality and unique playing styles that make him an asset for each of these groups. He will go down in history as one of the greatest influencers of today.

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