Marina Bozzo, A Drummer With A Great Style

In the world of hard metal and rock drumming, very few women have made it. And one of them is the Aldious drummer Marina Bozzio. She is considered one of the fastest and most experienced female drummers around. Her work in life and as a drummer has inspired a wide range of up-and-coming musicians.

Marina Bozzio is the daughter of Terry Bozzio, one of the most influential musicians in the world. It is through his influence that she became a reputable drum player. She got interested in music at a very young age and always worked hard to ensure success in everything she set her mind on.

Marina Bozzio 1
Marina Bozzio

One of the most amazing traits about Marina is her personality. She is charismatic and quite outgoing. Those who know her say she has a way of making people around her happy. It is no wonder that she remained a significant member of all the bands she played for.

Marina’s career picked in 2015 when she released her first singles, Die for You, Dearly and Believe Myself. It was not easy at first, but her dedication and hard work ensure she succeeded in her venture. In the same year, she worked with Radiant A, playing drums.  This was one of the biggest turning moments in her life.

In 2016, she released Radiant A Live at O-East. She took that chance to grow her skills and become the drummer she has always wanted to be. She also released Female Warrior in the same year, as well as Fragile. These singles set her on a whole new level in her career. In 2017, she released Unlimited Diffusion, Live Unlimited Diffusion (video), and We Are (EP). In 2018, Marina joined the Aldious Tour “We Are” live at Liquidroom. 

She also worked on ‘All Brose (EP)’. Another project for the year was the Music Video collection. At the start of 2019, the drummers were completing the “We Are” tour, releasing the final video. And then came 2020 Evoke and Evoke II. This is a project she had been working on since 2010.

Marina Bozzio Performing
Marina Bozzio Performing

Her debut 10th anniversary, “No Audience Live video closed her year in 2020. In all these projects, she was playing drums, creating incredible pieces with every work. She has made a mark on the market as one of the most influential drummers. What amazes many people is her speed. Marina plays drums as though there is a metronome in her arms. She is smooth and efficient in her moves.

Marina is also quite innovative. Every project she works on seems to be different from another. And that is why it’s a bit hard to predict her style. She features among the most aggressive female drummers of the modern age. With all the demanding nature of hard metal and rock, she has remained solid and true to her passion. She is a real inspiration for young female drummers who need a boost to follow their passion. Marina will go into history for her contribution to the music.

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