Mapex Armory Studioease Drum Set Best Review of 2023

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I have been reviewing Mapex drums for a long time, and I must agree that this is one of the brands every modern drummer should consider. And today, I will be looking at the New Armory Series Studioease shell packs.






Sound Quality


Value for Money



  • Best features
  • Affordable price
  • Perfect environment
  • Best sounds
  • Highest quality materials


  • Need large space

About the Mapex Armory Studioease

Mapex Armory Desert Dune 6 Peace Studioease
Mapex Armory Desert Dune 6 Peace Studioease

Studioease is a new line of drums kits from Mapex’s Armory line. They come as the latest realization of the bvMapex hybrid shell idea.

Mapex has always been on top of discovering new ideas and technologies to better their drums. And now they have taken their popular Armory series and added on it a few beautiful veneers. The result is one of the most amazingly beautiful and drum kits at this price-point.

The shells are a fusion of birch and maple, delivering a great tonal expression. They are similar to their predecessor Armory Series finishes.

Also, they come with SONIClear ™ bearing edges, which allow the drum head to sit flat. This brings out the best response by optimizing the relationship between the head and the shell.

With these new features, Mapex has created something that not many brands have reached. They bring the best features at an affordable price.


Mapex Armory Series 6 Piece Studioease Shell Pack Black Dawn
Mapex Armory Series 6 Piece Studioease Shell Pack Black Dawn

The drums kit comes with drums measuring 22 by 18-inch, 10 by 7-inches, 12 by 8-inch, 14 by 12-inches, 16 by 14-inches, and 14 by 5.5-inches. All shells are birch/maple/birch, 6-ply 7.2mm. It comes with SONIClear tom suspension, which creates a perfect environment for generating the best sounds.

This also features on the highest end drum sets by Mapex. In addition to the drums, the kit feature Ultramarine (Chrome) and Black Dawn (Black) finishes and hardware.

Besides, you get low-contact bass claws that help in setting up the kick with ease. These claws will hold the piece strongly in place while ensuring you can play all you want without much trouble.


Mapex Armory 6 Piece Studioease Fast Tom
Mapex Armory 6 Piece Studioease Fast Tom

The first thing you will notice on the Mapex Armory Studioease is the attractive visual presence it has. Mapex knows how to create beautiful drums, and they have not disappointed in this one.

I would say this a luxurious kit designed for professional performance. And looking at its price, I cannot think of any other better way of getting the most out of the drums.  

The shells are made from a fusion of birch and maple, which delivers an ultimate tonal expression. And then, you get the SONIClear bearing edge that allows the drumhead to settle flat, ensuring the player gets a maximum response. This feature optimizes the relationship between the head and the shell, giving you the highest performance.

Birch/maple/birch 6ply v7.2mm shell, inserted with SONIClear Bearing Edge, creates a direct sound transmission. This feature also ensures that you don’t get any unwanted frequencies, apart from offering a strong fundamental pitch.

Tuning these drums is even easier with the SONIClear. Lower tunings are especially the easiest, ensuring the user has faced the least struggle in the whole process.

The 6-ply shell pack I received features 10 and 12-inch stand mounted to racks, 14 and 16-inch floor tomes, a 14-inch snare, and a 22-inch drum.

The tom suspension and the floor tom feet deliver better resonance by preservation vibrations in the shell. This also keeps the stress away from the tension rods. As a result, the heads will stay in tune no matter how hard, and long you play the drums.

In terms of finishes, my Emerald Burst Shell Pack came with Redwood Burst on the shell and chrome on the hardware. Anyone who understands what quality means in the drums will easily notice that this is the best in the industry. Mapex uses innovative features to give drummers the best performance.

An Armory Tomahawk Snare drum is included in the package. This offers a higher-end drum kit.

Sonic features

The SONIClear tom mounts and the low-contact bass claws make it easy to set this kit in place. It took me a very short time, and I was ready to go. All the hardware and the drums come from the highest quality materials.

In terms of sound, you can check out this video to listen to its clarity. The 6-ply 7.2mm shells deliver a focused, tonal, and responsive kit.

The kick sounded sweetly low as the snare rank through other instruments in my setup. I did not know the SONIClear bearing edge would be that effective.

The contact between the shells has been improved to ensure better response and resonance. I enjoyed the clarity of the overall sound of this kit.


The Mapex Armory Studioease is one of the best shell packs a modern drummer can have. It features fast shells – ultramarine, made for wonderful studio performance. You will not regret investing in one.

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