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Every part of a drum kit plays its role. A drummer cannot enjoy his/her drumming without having some set of drums. They all work collectively to produce a quality sound that is always appealing to the ear. Thus, no one should overlook the significance of some parts.

Professional drummers might know the type of bass drums that are required for quality sound. But for amateurs, that might not be the case. Therefore, it is essential to educate them n the best designs of bass drums.

Thus, I saw it wise to educate the new generation of Mapex drummers to have a fantastic drumming foundation. We shall look at the best bass drums from Mapex.

Things to consider when buying a bass drum

Getting the best bass drum isn’t a walk in the park. Therefore, these are the characteristics of a right bass drum:


A fantastic bass drum must be made of the best material. Thus, before purchasing your bass drum, you should know the material used in its manufacture. To get this information, you can search online or contact the manufacturer through email.

But it is usually advisable that you get your drums from a trusted brand. Therefore, always go for a brand that you can bet your life on. The cost of replacing drums can be relatively high; thus, you must be careful.


Bass drums come in different sizes, and different sizes provide different sounds. Thus you need to be careful during the time of purchase.

As a drummer, you must know the correct size that produces the best quality. Thus, before buying any bass drum, know your band’s type of bass sounds or audience needs.

Going for any size can land you in unnecessary expenditures. You will have to purchase another one that suits your needs.


Always go for a brand that you are sure you will get quality. But this does not mean that new companies do not produce the best drums. Do your research well before making any decision.


Always the price of a product plays a significant role. You should never overlook the prices of the bass drum. It is good to go with your budget, but at the same time, considering the quality.

Do not buy overpriced products because they might affect your budget. Also, do not buy underpriced products because they might be of low quality.

Here are some Mapex bass drums for you:

Mapex Quantum Mark II Marching Bass Drum

Mapex Quantum Bass Drum is quite an improvement and advancement of the previous types. It is well-designed to suit the current drum needs. It has a progressive air vent and width differences that provide a steady sound and feel during the entire session.

This bass drum is tailored with chambered aluminum hoops that give strength and solidity while removing the requirement for extra rim protection. Also, it has aluminum tube lugs with threaded inserts made of stainless steel, which reduces shell contact while providing the best possible alignment of tension rods to keep tuning the stress of the shell.

One fantastic feature that keeps this bass drum above the rest is a few easy, yet extremely functional design features fused into the diverse range of bass drum sizes. As the bass drum’s size increases, so should the bass drum’s number of air holes and it’s not only accessories.

The 14-inch drum has a single air hole, but this number increases as the drum size increase with the larger drum having 12 air vents, that is, for a 30- inch drum. The different weights of bass drums with their sizes are as follows:

  • 14-inch bass drum = 14.2lbs
  • 16-inch bass drum = 15.4lbs
  • 18-inch bass drum = 17.2lbs
  • 20-inch bass drum = 19.8lbs
  • 22-inch bass drum = 20.9lbs
  • 24-inch bass drum = 22.7lbs
  • 26-inch bass drum = 25.1lbs
  • 28-inch bass drum = 26.2lbs
  • 30-inch bass drum = 27.7lbs

Thus, you now have the weights that your bass drums. Make sure that you choose the one that you can handle.


  • 6-ply Maple Shell
  • Black Chambered Aluminum Alloy Hoops
  • Tube System Lugs
  • Remo UM Smooth White Heads
  • Increased Air Vents by Size
  • Increased Width By Size -Adjustable Eye Bolts Without having to Remove Heads and Hoops


Mapex Quantum Bass Drum has a maple shell and chambered aluminum rims, which eradicates the need to buy rim protectors for clicks and bass shots. Also, it has an advanced air vent placement that provides the whole bass ensemble a steady, balanced fell and sound.

The larger the bass drum, the more vent it possesses. Another fantastic feature of this Mapex drum is the lightweight tube lugs that reduce shell contact for full timbre with a photographic technique unique to the Quantum line.

This bass drum also comes with a Remo UM Smooth White heads to improve its quality. The 22-inch bass drum is much standard drum 2 or 3, depending on your line’s age and size.

These Mapex drums are available through online ordering with a Gloss Black furnish and Gloss Chrome hardware. An extra wrap finish, lacquer finish, and custom hardware finish are also available as special orders. 

If you need to make a unique order, you should contact us through email, or please call us through 1-866-792-0143 for more details on our products. The prices are affordable, and our shops are always open. All our products have a Mapex sign.


  • Maple Shell
  • Chambered
  • Aluminum Hoops
  • No Need for Rim
  • Protectors
  • Lightweight
  • Lugs
  • Remo UM Smooth
  • White Heads Included
  • Progressive Air
  • Venting System


For Mapex drummers, ensure that you get the best bass drums from any Mapex shop to get quality music. It is always vital to get the best type because you might get frustrated by other brands. You now know the different sizes that are available together with their weights.

The bass drums are essential for your needs; thus, you must make your decisions well to enjoy your music. For parents who want to get the best for their children, this is the best brand for your child.

It is good to make the right considerations on weight and size. These two factors affect the quality of sound that you will get. Thus, you can get advice from experts in case you do not know much about drums.

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