Mapex Cymbal Stand B600

Cymbals stands are one of the most important pieces of hardware a drummer needs to have. But when putting a drum set together, many drummers only focus on their drums’ quality, forgetting that accessories and hardware also matter.

And therefore, if you are looking for perfect cymbal stands for the best cymbals to match the value of your kit, consider the brand you buy from.

Mapex has been on the drum market for a long time offering high-quality and affordable solutions. Every hardware and drum they bring on the market is designed to offer the best performance with great durability.

In this review, I will be looking at some of the best Mapex Cymbal stands out there. With so many products to consider, it may be a bit overwhelming for some people to choose a product that meets the needs.

If you are in such a dilemma, don’t worry, you will have a Mapex cymbal stand that you will love.

Mapex B800EB Armory Double Braced Boom Cymbal Stand

There are so many cymbals stands on the market today, which makes it hard to choose if you don’t know what you want. But with Mapex, there is something for everyone.

The Armory stand delivers enhanced stability for a drummer who needs advanced-level use. This line is therefore dedicated to professional drummers who wish to have a perfect drum set.

This series features heavyweight tubes, memory locks, and a super-glide step-less cymbal tilter. And they are available in black and chrome. In terms of performance, the Armory series boom stands to deliver great adjustability for every player.

This stand comes with all the features to make your work easier. I bought one just to try it out and see what they can do. So, I set my gear in place and place the cymbals where I wanted them to be.

After playing for a while, I checked to see if any of my cymbals were loose and was gland. They were all stably in place. At this price range, I was expecting much less, but that did not happen.

It is what you can call a weight stand, as it can hold a heavy stand.

Mapex Cymbal Stand (B600)

The Mapex B600 is one of the cymbals you can use and never feel like you have had enough. They are built to handle all forms of hardships, which is one of the best things about Mapex – they care more about quality.

It comes with a multi-step boom and cymbal tilter that allow for easy positioning. Setting your cymbals in place will take a shorter time than it would if you were using any other stand.

They also come as Mapex B330 Double Brace Boom Stand that been widely accepted by drummers from across the globe. The knurled hideaway boom arm means you can enjoy a convenient position and use it at any given time.

This should be everything you need in a cymbal stand. Many users have given positive feedback about the cymbal, saying they like it very much. It is durable and much lighter.

The adjustable locking tilt features mean you can set the cymbal in place with ease, without any issues. Besides, the stand is made from durable material that lets you use it for a long time.

This cymbal stand could easily be the only stand type you will need in a long time. And since they come from one of the top manufacturers, you have nothing to worry about.

Mapex Cymbal Stand (B800)

Mapex is a drum and hardware company that understands where to touch in terms of quality. The B800 cymbal stand is among the products every drummer will be glad to have.

It comes with Super-Glide Step-less cymbal tilters that allow you to adjust the cymbal angle. Among the many features, this is one of my favorites. You can set it however you want with fine details.

Mars Double brace medium weight two-tier boom in with ratchet tilter gives it a perfect design for great performance. It is black-plated for incredible beauty.

Another wonderful feature is the Falcon series quick release cymbal lock. This makes them sturdy and easy to set up.

The only limitation could be that these are not the cheapest cymbal stands on the market. However, this should not be an issue if you are looking for a sturdy piece of quality hardware.

Mapex promises durability. And from the features this cymbal stands present, they have tried their best to deliver.

Mapex B200-RB Rebel Double Cymbal Stand

Mapex has never disappointed me when it comes to offering quality hardware and drums for drummers of all levels. And this entry live cymbal boom stand is a perfect example of what you can get from them.

It is a light-duty construction cymbal for easy and portable use. This is an excellent feature for gigging drummers who can carry it anywhere they want.

Double-braced legs with Mapex mirror chrome finish is another beautiful feature to consider. It makes a stand look good while ensuring stability and durability.

With this design, this Mapex cymbal stand can handle the strain of constant setup and teardown. Many stands at this price range will not hold for long, but this Mapex product is different.

It’s made of high-quality and durable components. Placing your cymbals on this stand should not be a hustle because it is designed for easy use.

I have several Mapex cymbals stands that I have been using for a long time. They are instrumental. And even this entry-level stand can still be used in a professional environment.

But they are too light and can fall when the adrenaline starts rushing. Hence, do not expect a lot from it.


Buying a good quality cymbal stand is part of being a good drummer. Some drum sets come complete with this hardware, but that will not be very helpful. Try these Mapex cymbal stands, and you will see a significant difference.

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