Drummers always have their tastes in the type of sound that they require. Mapex saw it better that they give each drummer their preferred tastes. We have a variety of items; thus, make your own choice.

Mapex Piccolo snare is a kind of snare that produces high-pitched sound from their snare. The piccolo snare produces a high tone because it has a narrow depth compared to the marching snare or set snare. The higher-pitched “pop” is much associated with the Piccolo snare.

You can get this type of a snare drum on our website, Amazon or Sweetwater. It will give you the highest pitch that you have never heard. Thus, if you are looking for your piccolo drum, you can get it from Mapex.

Things to look at in Piccolo snare drums

You cannot just buy any Piccolo drums without having sufficient knowledge of the product. Thus, these are the factors you should look at in the best Piccolo Snare:


It should be made of quality material that can last for an extended period. It is good to research the type of material that is used to make durable drums.

It won’t be wise to purchase a drum that won’t withstand hard hitters and vigorous drummers. The type of products used to make a snare also affects the quality of tone produced.


Always purchase a product that is of good quality. It is not acceptable to buy a product that will make you lose your money. It is not fair to buy a product that comes at much lower prices because they can be of low quality.

But that does not imply that all the underpriced products are of low quality. Also, high priced products can affect your budget. It is recommended that you go for quality instead of considering the price so much.


Some brands are well known for the manufacture of the best Piccolo snares ever. Thus, you need to consider a brand that is well rated by the majority of the customers.

But at times, the brands that are not well known can also be of acceptable quality and durable. Thus, you need to make a lot of considerations to get the best.

Here are some of the different types of Mapex Piccolo Snare Drums:

MPX Steel Piccolo Steel Snare Drum

Mapex Piccolo Snare Drums are the best snare drums that you can get. It offers a beautiful cut and projection and provides an excellent balance to the main snare used to support the drum.

This piccolo snare drum accessories offers a simple way to use an auxiliary snare drum, which gives a high sound crack that supports any other snare.

Its poplar shell offers a warm and dry pop that is awesome for drum and bass playing. The steel shell gives a high-frequency crack, which always doubles as a timbale sound when the snares are off.

The drum stands out because of its high polish steel shell chrome finish. It will match with any drum set that you have at home. The piccolo snare drum is 14-inch by 3.5-inch in size. It gives you a wide surface for your performance.


  • 14″ x 3.5″
  • 1.0mm Steel Shell
  • Single Point Contact Lugs
  • Remo UX Drum Heads
  • Chrome Finish
  • Chrome Hardware
  • Fully Adjustable Throw-Off
  • Triple-Flange Hoops

Mapex Steel Piccolo Snare Drum 13-inch x 3.5-inch.

This excellent piccolo snare drum offers vast types of cut and projection with a gorgeous chrome furnish. This drum has a 20-strand snare wire, and Remo heads for a fantastic sound from the first day of use.

This snare drum has a 13-inch by 3.5-inch drum head. The drum head offers you a wide surface for you to perform on. However, it is somehow smaller than its earlier counterpart. It is covered with steel chrome; thus, it can remain shiny for an extended period.

It has Remo heads that will give you a lot of comforts. It is a fantastic type of piccolo snare drum that every drummer needs.

It produces a sharp cutting crack of the whip and very responsive. Also, it comes at an affordable price. This snare can be used as a main snare or a side snare. It produces a quality sound that you will surely like.

It has eight lugs that enable you to fine-tune it. You can tune it well to get the best sound out of it. You can’t doubt this type of snare drum.


The above-discussed piccolo snare drums are the best so far. It will give you the highest pitch that you have never heard. You can get it only if you are considering having high pitch sounds from your snare drums.

Although it can be a bit disturbing if you play it around people’s residence, its high-pitched-sound can cause a great disturbance in your residence. Thus, consider the play site first people buying it.

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