Mapex S800Eb Armory Double Branced Snare Stand

Setting up a quality drum set begins and ends with getting high-quality components. And every drummer knows the importance of the snare.

Since the snare is highly the most struck drum, you need to treat it right. A high-quality snare stand will give you all the best performance you need.

The stand should stand the test of time while keeping you snare easily adjusted to the right position.

Mapex makes some of the best snares stands on the market. I have been using a Mapex snare stand for a very long time, and therefore I know what the company can offer for drum accessories.

Follow me as I review some of these stands.

How to choose the best snare stand

Every time I talk about drum hardware, I go for the best quality. And this is the same with snare stands. It is best to find something relatively heavy duty.

One important thing you must know is that snare stands don’t come cheaply. They may seem simple because of how they are made, but that should not fool you into thinking they come cheaply.

A sturdy stand for your snare will generally last longer, even with the most intense use. All the mounting and dismounting work gets some of these components fast worked up. And you don’t want cheap gear that will disappoint you.

Apart from that, here are another few ideas to help you pick a good stand.


Every drummer has their favorite position for setting up the snare drum. We adjust this position based on the tilt.

Therefore, it is important to consider how the snare stand can tilt keenly. Once you get on that stage, you need something that can handle performance pressure while ensuring easy tilting. If you are struggling with the gear, then it’s not worth it.

The tube height

The snare stand you buy should not be too short on the tubes. This is one of the reasons some stands get uncomfortable.

Pick the height that fits your needs. It should not be too tall, either making it hard to strike the drum.

Easy setup

No drummer can say that they enjoy setting up drums, and that is just the way most of us feel. Hence, it would be best if you went for a snare stand that is very easy to set up even without a manual.

Setting drums in place can be quite hard. But this does not mean you have to go struggle with the setups.

You Snare size

There are a lot of snare sizes on the market today. Each of them is designed for a specific purpose, which is why you should pick your snare stand carefully.

If you have a large snare, you will need a bigger and stronger stand. Gigging snare wants their gear to be light-weight, which goes for the snare stand as well. It would be best if you kept things as simple as possible.

The Mapex Snare Stand

 Mapex is one of the main players in the world of top-end drum sets. The company has been on the market for a long time, creating some of the best drums and hardware.

If you are wondering what Mapex snare stands are the best for you, this list should be good enough. I have it together based on what many users have said.

Mapex Armory Series Boom Cymbal Stand + Mapex Armory Series Snare Stand 

The highest quality products define the Mapex Armory series of hardware and drum. Any drummer with experience will tell you there is everything to love about this line.

This Mapex Armory series stand packages come with sturdy cymbal stands and stare stands. They are designed with great beauty, attracting users from the first impression.

It comes with a hideaway boom arm, clamp memory lock, quick release cymbal lock, and double-braced legs. It is, therefore, everything you need to enjoy an uninterrupted playing experience.

The black snare drum stand included also features double-braced legs, with Offset Omniset ball tilter, and a clamp memory lock.

In simple terms, it is one of the strongest and most useful cymbals stands on the market. The black color finish makes it stand out from many other stands at this price range.

The biggest advantage of using Mapex snare stands from the Armory line is its durability. They are made from the highest quality materials and designed to withstand long years of constant use.

Black-plated snare stands that can be used for a wide range of applications. It does not matter the music style you are playing; this piece of hardware will get you there.

Mapex Armory Series Snare Stand + Roc-N-Soc Nitro Hydraulic Throne

Mapex Armory series is considered one of the best lines any drummer can have. If, therefore, you are looking for something that will withstand the test of time and keep you going, consider this snare stand.

For experience drummers, snare placement is the most vital step of setting up a drum set. You don’t want to leave anything to chance.

Investing in the Armory S800 snare stand is a great idea to ensure you have everything you need in place. It makes it easy to position the snare, with wonderful consistency so that you can play night after night without getting tired.

It comes with features like Offset Omni Ball basket adjustment that gets rid of the binary tilt of many snare stands. Hence, the snare basket tilts in all directions for perfect placement of its movement once you sit down to start hitting.

This is a rugged snare stand constructed from gig-proof, heavy-duty metal tubing.

This feature ensures you get to hit the snare as hard as you want without worrying about the setup falling apart.

Besides, it comes with Mapex S800’s double-braced, slip-proof feet for stability. It would help if you never worried about the snare shifting out of space during intense moments.

Mapex S600EB Mars Double Braced Snare Stand

Mapex Mars is a medium-weight hardware line featuring a wide range of double braced products at a great price. It comes in chrome or black-plated finishes to suit every drummers’ unique needs.

It features the Offset Multi-step filer that allows players to tune and find their ideal angle for playing the snare. At the same time, the die-cast adjuster is made to last for years. You may never need to, but another snare stands for a long time unless you are looking for something more specific.

The line comes with Mars double-braced ratchet adjuster on the stands, which is in chrome finish. It’s, therefore, beautiful as it is useful.

Mapex has not left anything to change in terms of quality, ensuring the user only gets the most useful features. The S600EB Mar Double-braced snare stand come strong at an affordable price.

It is in Mapex’s higher-end line, and therefore you should not expect it to come very cheaply.

Mapex S800EB Armory Double Braced Snare Stand

Besides the beautiful appearance, Mapex S800EB is a sturdy snare stand made to last for many years while offering quality at the best price.

The basket on this stand can hold 12-inch and 14-inch snare drums with comfort, letting play with great ease. It also comes with a die-cast tilt-adjuster and not like the plastic one found on most stand. This feature keeps it stable and durable.

It features heavy-duty tubes that can take in a lot of punishment without breaking. 

Double-braced legs and memory locks do not feature you will find on many stands at this price range. But Mapex cares enough to include it even in its most affordable stands.

Chrome and black finishes are available, with another unique finish bearing chrome tubes and black plated fittings. And with its rubber feet, the stand holds the ground well through the performant,

Innovation Percussion does not disappoint when it comes to quality and innovativeness. This stand is all you may need to start drumming.

One limitation is that it’s not the best quality stand. This is why it’s very cheap.

Mapex Snare Drum Stand (S600)

On the lower end of the Mapex lines of hardware is the S600 snare stand. However, do not let the price fool you; this is one of the best stands you can get out there bother for beginners and experienced drummers.

It features an Offset Multi-step tilter that lets a player fine their snare angle according to their needs and preferences. It also has the die-cast adjust that will give you many years of service without cracking or stripping.

The S600 snare stand is an ideal gear for beginners. Its Die-Cast basket adjuster can hold snare of different sizes according to your needs and drumming style.

As if that is not enough, this one of the lightest stands out there. It comes weighing about 3.9Kg, which is perfect for gigging drummers.

Rubber legs ensure the stand can hold ground during intense sessions without slipping.  

It comes from Mar medium-weight line of hardware from Mapex that delivers durability and versatility at an affordable price. And drummer will be happy to have one of these.


Using any Mapex snare drum stand from the list above will not disappoint. It all comes down to how much you are willing to invest.

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