Mapex Tornado Set

Several things have been preventing young people from starting drumming. One of the obstacles is the cost of drum kits. It can be quite costly to buy new drums for a young child. But in Mapex, we have heard your cries.

Another obstacle to drumming is insufficient knowledge of starter pack kits. You might land yourself in low-quality beginners’ drums if you lack knowledge on drums.

The worst thing in this world is starting your career on inferior quality products. You might end up thinking that all drum kits are of low quality.

With those issues arising, Mapex saw it better to help amateurs get a memorable first time experience with drums. Therefore, they designed the Mapex tornado that is a fantastic set for the young generation of drummers. You can get these drum kits for your child.

Mapex has received a lot of endorsements from well-renowned musicians and drummers. Therefore, you have no reason to worry. I will guide you through the review of the Mapex tornado. Get through with me and learn.

Is Mapex tornado good?

The tornado drum kit is made by the most trusted and well-renowned company in the world. It provides drums to all sets of players, from amateurs and students to professionals. This series has turned into the best-selling kit in the UK.

It is the best choice for beginners due to its affordability, quality, reliability, and durability. The kit consists of:

  • 5-piece drumkit with 9-ply poplar shells (Kick Drum, Snare, 2 x Rack Toms, Floor Tom)
  • 200 Series Hardware Pack & Throne (Hi-Hat Stand, Cymbal Stand, Snare Stand, Kick Pedal, Throne)
  • 2 Piece Cymbal Set (Hi-Hat top and bottom, Crash)
  • Pair of Drum Sticks (Size: 7A)

Five-piece shell pack

The tornado Mapex drum set has three different available sizes. These sizes are 22-inch Rock, 20-inch Fusion, and 18 Compact. Therefore, you can decide on the size that you need. The different sizes above determine the diameter of the kick drum.

Mapex tornado drum sets are fitted with Remo heads that last for an extended period and produce

fantastic sound. Let us look at the different sizes in detail.

20″ Fusion Kit

A 20-inch fusion kit is a big size for a beginner but can be a good option for you. It provides an excellent balance between power and the tone of the drums. You can easily tune down for a rockier sound or tighten it up for a jazzy and funky sound.

 The 20-inch fusion kit consists of:

Bass Drum: 20″x16″; Rack Toms: 10″x8″

& 12″x9″; Floor Tom: 14″x14″; Snare: 14″x5″

22-inch Rock kit

The 22-inch Rock kit is the recommended and the standard size for a drum kit. It offers a compelling and big sound.

Bass Drum: 22″x16″; Rack Toms: 10″x7″

& 12″x8″; Floor Tom: 16″x14″; Snare: 14″x5.5″

18″ Compact Kit

This kit produces a tight and punchy sound because it leaves a smaller footprint. It is a bit smaller, thus make your size considerations more wisely.

Bass Drum: 18″x16″; Rack Toms: 10″x7″

& 12″x8″; Floor Tom: 14″x12″; Snare: 14″x5.5″

200 Series Hardware Pack &


200 series hardware pack has all the stands and hardware accessories needed by an amateur

drummer. Other manufacturers sell their ‘Shell Packs’ without this hardware.

Therefore, you need to make comparisons to determine the best. But for sure, this one is cheap.

This hardware series offers a sturdy base to your instruments; thus, you will be comfortable

practicing. The Mapex hardware is well-designed with double bracing construction and a locking snare stand.

While practicing, you do not have to worry because everything is stable and will remain in their positions even if you are a vigorous player.

The series hardware pack includes:

  • B200 Boom
  • Cymbal Stand
  • H200 Hi-Hat Stand
  • S200 Snare Stand
  • P200 Kick Drum Pedal
  • T200 Drum Throne

2-Piece Cymbal Set & Sticks

You can start playing your tornado drum set once they are out of the box. They come with 14”

pair of hi-hats and 16”crash/ride cymbal. It also has a pair of 7A drum sticks.

Are tornado drums good?

With the above characteristics of tornado drums, you are good to go.  The drum kits are in different sizes: 22″

fusion kit, 20″ fusion kit, and 18″ compact kit. These sets have a bass drum, a floor tom, a snare, and two rack drums.

Thus with the Mapex tornado drum set, you got to make your choices basing on the sizes that.

suit you. You can’t get beginner drums like the tornado type.

Is CB a good drum kit?

The CB Mapex tornado drum kit is the best for your child or young group of drummers. Let us study its features.

Mapex Tornado III 22” Rock Fusion Complete Drum Kit – Blue

This drum kit is made of 5 sets of drums and its hardware. The kit is the best in the market as far as amateurs are concerned. It comes with Ball Style tom arms for precise adjustments. The drum kit is the best-selling beginners’ pack in the world.

Some of its features include:

Its drum shells are made of basswood ply’s that are durable. All kits have ball and socket tom holders that keep all drums in the right positions. The drum kit has a well-printed badge and logo head so that you can quickly identify it.

It comes with the 200 hardware series that is double braced. Thus, you need not purchase the hardware separately.

They also have a matching wood shell snare drum, hi-hats sticks, and crash/ride cymbals to give you all that you need to start drumming.

The accessories that come with this drum kit include hi-hat cymbals, crash/ride cymbal, drum throne, kick pedal, and pair of drumsticks. The drum sizes are as follows:

Kick: 22″ x18″; Snare: 14″ x 5″; Tom 1: 10″ x 9″; Tom 2: 12″x 10″; Floor Tom: 16″ x 16″

Mapex Tornado Review


It is the right kit that I will have for my young boy. It will make him want to learn more. It will make him have the best foundation ever.

Get this kit for your child or your students, and I am sure their futures will be brighter.

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