Mapex Wraith

I was going through online reviews about the discontinued Mapex Wraith snare and realized this is one of the best and most affordable snares drums the company has ever created. I am not sure why they discontinued production, but I guess they have a good reason for this.

I now about Mapex because every product they bring out on the market is designed to meet the needs of a modern drummer. And this snare is not different.

I was lucky to get my hands one.

And so, if you are wondering what makes the snare so special, you have come to the right place. I will be reviewing this snare, just in case, you would like to find one of these affordable pieces.

About Mapex Wrath

If you know drummer Matt Halpern and the incredible Black Panther range of snare drums accessories, then you know what this piece is all about. It’s a result of a union between one of the biggest drum manufacturers and a drummer that has been inspiring many people in the industry.

Mapex has grown to be among the main players in the world of drums. They mainly make high-end snares, which then inspire full kits.

The Mapex Wrath comes as a great option for those who require professional sound at the most affordable prices. These drums come with everything good you can hope for in a drum. And the best part is their low price.

Mapex Black Panther is a high-end line of snare drums that harness the unique sound and character of great drummers and drum makers. They are top on the list of top drums for most drummers, and there is a good reason for that. It is the quality and experience of the brand and the general sound that comes from the drums themselves.

Mapex Wraith Snare

Mapex Wrath 14 by 6-inch snare drum comes from Mapex’s new wave of highly accepted Black Panther line of snares. It is made from brass, which gives it a unique appearance and sound, compared to other products in the same line.

It is one of the new selections of Artist signature models. This particular one is designed to harness the unique character of the artists that endorse them. Hence, giving you an opportunity to add some of their sounds to your collection as you like.

As stated above, the’ Wrath comes as a result of a union between Mapex brand and drummer Matt Halpern from the Periphery. And if you know the band, then you may have guessed that this snare is a hell of a screamer – and you are right.

The Wrath gives out an explosive dry sound that comes from its 1.2mm thick vented I brass shells. The shells are built with nine vents that let the drum breath loud and clear with every strike.

The snare is also defined by its bone-splintering attack, which is covered by a tone that features and underlying warmth and meaty punch.

With such a versatile and complex tonal mix, the snare does not just scream, you can play it at lower volumes too, and the result will be the same – satisfying. It produced whispering ghost -notes while picking up your subtle intricacies with great clarity.

I would say this a pretty wonderful snare that makes good use of its Black Panther line statues. It is fitted with a wide range of professional features that will make you want to feel great throughout every performance.

It features the Black Panther cylinder-driven strainer that uses a self-lubricating bearing. This means you get to enjoy the strainer’s smooth motions without having to lubricate all the time manually. Mapex has tried to offers a solution that many other brands have failed to deliver.

Efficiency and ease-of-use have been used as the inspiring features to create this awesome snare drum. Even the snare tension and an adjustment dial let you create a fully customized motion of the strainer. There is nothing that would make a drummer happier and full-filled than a drum that bends to their needs.

It comes with Mapex in Sonic Saver hoops that seal the sonic gap between the flanged hoops and the die-cast hoops. Also, the drum features Matt’s favorite snare wires and drum heads.

This is a personalized snare included with a signed picture booklet from the artist.

Therefore, if Matt is one of your favorite drummers, you should have every reason to smile.

What I liked

Ultimate snare

I cannot deny that I am a huge Periphery fan. But this has very little to do with why I purchased this snare. I always compare my drums with other brands before buying, and this was no different.

There was nothing that could stop me from investing after comparing all the features and understanding what I was looking for. This snare is versatile enough to perform both in-studio and gigs. I have heard many engineers ask what I am playing, and perhaps they go on to but one.

It is one of the heaviest snares you will find out there, though. So, please don’t drop it on your foot. But it’s this weight that ensures you get a dry attack and great power you will need for a thunderous performance.

And the best part is you can even catch the nuance of ghosting, which is something special. Well, you can never complain about the price once these features hit you.


The Mapex Black Panther Wraith snare could be one of the best sounding snares I have ever come across. It has all the characteristics needed in such a drum.

The Mixed cut, warmth, and throatiness of a mid-heavy brass shell in a 6 by 14-inch configuration is more than what you may need. A perfect balance of the body means nothing will stop you from getting the most of it.

You can easily say this like the modern Black Beauty with contemporary hardware and setting.

Mapex has included nine vent holes in holes that dry up the drum up to the right degree. Hence, you can hear only the slightest overtones and rings, but more of a focused sound.

Great attention to detail makes this snare a potential market-winner. A sound engineer I was working with in-studio recently asked me to A/B this snare against the Ludwig Black Beauty, Supraphonic, DW collectors maple, and Tama Charlie Benante signature versions. I don’t know where this idea came from, but there was no difference in their quality.

Apart from the other being wood, and this one being metal, there is nothing much to keep you away from enjoying its sound.

MAPEX Snare Drum

Mapex is a top drum manufacturer and a name to note in the modern industry. They focus on making some of the best snares that inspire full drum sets.

This Mapex Snare Drum (MPST4558H) is one of the best snare drums in the world of the affordable snare. Both professionals and beginners will find it very applicable in any drumming environment.

Steel Hammered snare

A 14-inch by 5.5-inch Mapex Steel hammered snare should be enough to get you on the right path as a drummer. These drums are designed for all-purpose, affordable solutions.

Mapex says they are focused on bringing down the high-end sounds into the mid-range market. This snare carries the message.

It delivers a well-balanced tone with crisp highs, a focused mid-range, and fat loss. In addition, the hammered dimples ensure a drier sound while maintaining its metallic crack.

Available sizes and tuning ranges give the drum abilities to perform incredibly in extreme music genres. Such versatility means you get to enjoy playing anything from light rock to heavy metal.


This Mapex snare drum comes with a good number of features you may want to see in any drum set. The top features a 1.0mm steel shell that rings loud. Chrome finish and low-mass lugs give it the looks.

Remo UX drumheads and a fully adjustable throw-off are more than you can ask for in drums at this price range. In other words, it’s a perfect snare.

Mapex MPBC4550BMB MPX Series 14″ X 5.5″ Birch Snare Drum 

The MPX birch snare drums are known for delivering a crisp and bright attack. They also offer a balanced tone and shorter sustain that ensures the best overall projection.

 Mapex’s MPBC4550BMB MPX snare series is designed for this purpose. They allow the sound to ring loud through the rest of the band, giving you an opportunity to be heard loud and clear.

Among the features you will love about this snare is the availability of the size and tuning ranges. This simply means the drum can perform in a variety of styles. A piece will not sound great when this snare is in your setup, from funk to hard rock.

Good first impression

From first glance, you will agree that this drum looks good. It was designed to attract users to the good quality of its sound.


I will be honest here; this is not the most playable snare out there. It looks pretty, but it comes with a nasty ring that cannot be tuned out. You will need to install a muffled ring to get rid of this nuisance.

Generally, however, you cannot expect anything better at this price range. Besides, once you find your way around these issues, you can enjoy this drum fully.


Mapex’s Black Panther Snares are no joke. Therefore, Mapex Wraith Snare is one hell of a snare that you can rely on. Apart from the brass shells, there is nothing to complain about them.

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