Marco Minnemann, The Master of Stickwork

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Marco Minnemann could easily be the best rock and metal drummer you have ever seen. The drummer is known for his aggressive and yet smooth stickwork no other drummer can achieve.

Many who have worked with Marco Minnemann describes him as someone who knows what to do when to do it. Marco started showing real interest in music at a very tender age. At six years old, he played the organ before switching top drums and guitar at age 11.  But he did not become famous until he was 19 years old when he was noticed as an extraordinary drum player and a composer.

Marco Minnemann
Marco Minnemann

This discovery led him to Munich, where he started making a serious contribution to the music industry and growing his career. The best way to describe Marco is through his style.

The crossover band, Freaky Fukin’ Weirdos, was the first to offer him a position as a drummer. That was back in 1992, and he took that chance to grow. This group is the original creators of the so-called crossover music. 

The Weirdos have gigged with Nina Hagen on the “Mao Mark Maa” album. They created an excellent cover version of “Hit Me with Your Rhythm Stick” by Ian Dury. Marco stood out as an outstanding drummer, earning him a position to play on a Nina Hagen tour.

Marco’s reputation as one of the best drummers in history breaks borders. He has gained a global reputation over the years with his incredible and unique styles. To him, every project is an opportunity to bring something new to the table. And he has always tried to discover new playing tricks.

Ultimate Play-Along Drum Trax Marco Minnemann

The most prominent works from Marco are his solo workshops.  A good example is his performance at the Frankfurt Music Fair and PASIC in Dallas. Also, a solo performance at the Modern Drummer Festival in Toronto brought his skills to the global market.

He featured in the festival as the first German to show his talents.  In the eyes of professionals and music trade magazines, this was one of the best performances. It catapulted him into the Top Ten of the best in the drumming world.

Marco did not stop there. He continued to make his mark on the market, producing more music and improving the industry. After the Drumfest, he produced four albums with his own band called the Illegal Aliens. He has since released 14 solo albums, all of which have been widely accepted.

Marco Minnemann Performing
Marco Minnemann Performing

The drummer has worked with some of the biggest names on the market, including Paul Gilbert, Eddie Jobson, Steven Wilson, Trey Gunn, and Adrian Belew.

Apart from drumming, Marco works as an educational book author. Along with Rick Gratton, he has published two award-winning books and featured in many top-ranking magazines. Besides, is DVDs “Extreme Drumming” wins many hearts as the best ways to learn drums.

He released “Normalizer 2” in 2012, featuring Mike Keneally, Trey Gunn, Alex Machacek, Mario Brinkmann, and John Czajkowski. He remains one of the most influential drummers in the world of metal music.

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